My Favorite Projects of 2021

2021 has very much been an up and down year for most, but it’s undeniably been a phenomenal year for music. In fact, I enjoyed listening to so many releases that I’d forgotten some even released this year. Not only has there been plenty of stylistic/genre variety, but also artists of all types (small, emerging, mainstream) actively releasing their art. To showcase my appreciation, I decided to put together a list of my favorite projects; (in no particular order) all of which remain in my rotation heading into the new year. I hope you discover an album, EP or mixtape that you might have missed! Last but not least, this list is also a token of gratitude to each and every person that has read a Lyrical Lemonade piece of mine. I wish you a happy and fulfilling New Year. – – – – – Issa Gold: Tempus (album) Genres: Introspective hip-hop, Conscious rap Favorite track: Cold Summer   Amaria – Bittersweet (EP) Genres: R&B Favorite track: Lose Control   Richie Quake – Voyager (EP) Genres: R&B, Indie Favorite Track: Sensitive   Jean Deaux – Most Wanted (EP) Genres: Hip-Hop, Modern R&B, Electro-Trap Favorite track: Stay Down Marlon Craft – How We Intended (album) Genres: Hip-Hop, Jazz …

Arigato – [Rejjie Snow]

Dublin, Ireland’s Rejjie Snow returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new song and accompanying visual titled “Arigato.” As one of my favorite artists, Rejjie has cemented himself as such thanks to his versatility and authentic expression. I thoroughly enjoyed his latest album Baw Baw Black Sheep, and was admittedly (albeit pleasantly) surprised to see Snow release a new track so soon. Whether intentional or not, “Arigato” serves as a post-LP ode to his fanbase. Simultaneously, Snow’s fans are thanking him for the music by way of support to maintain a wholesomely organic artist / audience relationship. Rejjie’s lyrical prowess is not only displayed, but also his signature levels of poise notably a sheer amount of calmness in flow. The jazzy, somewhat lofi hip-hop production would make MF DOOM immensely proud; not to mention the clever switch-ups and smoothness of transition. Overall, Rejjie Snow continues to quietly solidify himself as an S tier artist, which you can see for yourself via the Reuben Bastienne-Lewis directed music video below!

Disco Pantz – [Rejjie Snow] x [Tinashe] x [grouptherapy.]

Dublin, Ireland’s favorite Rejjie Snow returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a glorious new single titled “Disco Pantz.” The song is off his highly-anticipated new album entitled Baw Baw Black Sheep, which will release on September 7th of this year. Featuring the star-studded pair of Tinashe and musical group grouptherapy., the track employs a multitude of disco esque feel-good vibes. The hook in particular meshes brilliantly with the upbeat synthetic production, and Rejjie’s poised raps are seamlessly met with the smooth vocals of his featuring counterparts. As a huge fan of Rejjie, I absolutely cannot wait to hear his new album, and this record in particular will certainly be on repeat in the meantime. Listen to “Disco Pantz” below!

Relax – [Rejjie Snow] x [Cam O’bi] x [grouptherapy.]

Irish artist Rejjie Snow returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a calm and collected new track entitled “Relax.” Produced by the immensely talented Cam O’bi, the song features LA music collective grouptherapy. to create an undeniably refreshing, head-bopping banger. The creative beat provided by O’bi employs the subtle sounds of nature to blend with the chilled flow of Rejjie’s, which is then effortlessly passed in baton style to grouptherapy. “Relax” isn’t a conceptually deep song that’s meant to widen a listener’s eyes or broaden their perspective, but instead instill a feeling of calm that’s been lacking all week. Whether you’ve been particularly stressed about work, school, personal or family matters, Rejjie Snow simply wants you to breathe in this very moment and ‘relax.’ Listen to the single below!

Cookie Chips [Rejjie Snow] x [MF DOOM] x [Cam O’bi]

It’s hard to be believe that “Lost In Empathy,” the first song that I heard from Rejjie Snow, released six years ago. At that time, the Dublin, Ireland artist was just nineteen years of age, touring with prominent names such as Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, and MF DOOM. Despite garnering attention, the identity of Rejjie, however, was oddly compared through the scope of Tyler The Creator. In fairness, the Tyler being compared to Rejjie was during the WOLF era, including all releases prior. Now 2020, perhaps the only credible likening between the two is their nonconformist personalities amid a dull, undifferentiated music industry. When introducing a friend to Rejjie Snow, it’s better to simply let his work do the talking. The sound of Snow fascinatingly varies from dark to mellow, highly capable of interchanging between lyrical hip-hop and pure experimentation. “PURPLE TUESDAY,” an exceptional track featuring Joey Bada$$ and Jesse Boykins, masterfully captures a blend of Rejjie’s qualities, merging expressive lyrics with melodic instrumentation. When the record released in 2017, I was thoroughly impressed by the fitted mold of the collaboration, despite Bada$$’s differing skill-set. Three years later, Snow’s latest collaboration with MF DOOM has provided a déjà vu like listening experience. …

KAPISKATE – [Safario]

While 2018 housed a seemingly endless number of music discoveries, one artist that remains at the top of the list as one my favorites is a Norwegian act by the name of Safario. Explosive in his energy and always asking for others to join the party, this rising talent mixes a capture-the-room vocal presence with legitimate technical skill, and the result is an artist whose slated to have a massive 2019, especially thanks to his latest release: an EP called KAPISKATE. 8 tracks long and bursting with talent, this project is a notably cohesive release for Safario. He directs all of his abundant energy toward illustrating the ways in which his mind thinks, and using only one feature from Rejjie Snow, it goes without saying that the EP achieves its purpose with flying colors. KAPISKATE is filled with replay value, and even more clearly apparent is the amount of potential that it shows for Safario. Norway has a star on its hands, so get hip and check out this budding star’s latest at the link below!

Yung Bans Vol.4 – [Yung Bans]

Atlanta native & Lyrical Lemonade regular Yung Bans is back with the fourth installment in his self-titled EP’s, and by just taking a glance at the tracklist, it might just be the hottest tape of all. Featuring a handful of his latest releases including Mood Swings with JBan$2Turnt and Different Colors with Yachty, the 6-track effort also includes an impressive joint in Don’t Milly Rock with Rejjie Snow and arguably the standout Brent Rambo-produced track titled Yung Xan featuring Lil Xan. Following the predecessor Yung Bans Vol.3 back in January, the promising 18-year-old seems to level up with each record as the quality, and not-to-mention the feature lists seem to improve drastically every time. While we’ve already been graced with two projects this year, expect this to be just the surface of what Yung Bans accomplishes as we move further into 2018, with maybe even an XXL Freshman spot to cap it off in the near future. With that said, let loose the Yung Bans Vol.3 EP immediately and let us know which song was your favorite in the comment section below!

Dear Annie – [Rejjie Snow]

Taking to our pages twice throughout the past few months to gift fans with two teaser EPs, Dublin artist Rejjie Snow is finally here to bless us with the entirety of his debut album, Dear Annie. The project is 20 tracks in whole, but with smooth, seductive melodies and soft vocals to marry one another in a brilliant meshing of sounds, it certainly doesn’t feel that long. After my first listen, I must say that Snow’s debut flows seamlessly from the first second to the last, maintaining attention and focus throughout while painting complex images of the love-minded life that he leads from the highs to the lows. It’s an honest offering in this light, and with features from artists such as Amine, Cam O’bi, Anna Of The North, among others, Snow was able to select just the right faces to complement his style and wrap the album together with a bow on top. Overall, Dear Annie is a spectacular debut from the Irish MC, so be sure to give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Dear Annie: Pt. 2 – [Rejjie Snow]

Just over two weeks ago, Dublin rapper Rejjie Snow blessed our pages with the first taste of forthcoming debut album via Dear Annie: Pt. 1, a 4-track EP that has quickly become one of 2018’s finest releases as of yet. Today, Snow is back on our pages once again to fulfill his promise of a second 4-track EP, Dear Annie: Pt. 2. Much like the first offering of sounds he gave us, this mini project’s infectious cadences and stellar production make it an easy listen from start to finish. Each song carries a certain chemistry with its follow-up, and in regards to lyricism, the Irish artist simply outperforms himself with each successive verse, becoming increasingly illustrative line-by-line and painting some truly beautiful soundscapes for the listeners to enjoy. At this rate, Rejjie Snow’s Dear Annie is on track to be noted as one of my early favorite albums of 2018, so I highly recommend trying it out for yourself and listening below. Also, be on the lookout for the release of the full project on February 16th via 300 Entertainment / Brace Face.

Dear Annie: Part 1 – [Rejjie Snow]

Dublin artist Rejjie Snow’s long-awaited debut album has been in the works for some time now, but today, he’s finally ready to return to the light a 4 track EP that will act as the unveiling of the project’s first 4 songs titled Dear Annie: Part 1. In all of its funky yet relaxed, colorful energy and smoothly-cut sounds, this EP acts as the perfect introduction to the work that Snow has been quietly putting in since we last heard him on the hard-hitting track “Milk & Honey”. Just as he always seems to deliver so well, each of these 4 new songs creates a beautifully vivid atmosphere that meshes seamlessly with its peers, crafting together a common string of sound and personality for fans everywhere to resonate with and absorb. Personally, my favorite track on this mini project is “Desole” with its alluring keys and warm melodies, but don’t take my word for it, be sure to check out the EP for yourself and let us know what your favorite track is in the comments below.