A Conversation With Kye Colors: Kansas City’s Potential Superstar

Kye Colors is a creative out of Kansas City, Missouri who I have been familiar with for almost three years now, I am a big fan of his material so when he was recently in Chicago for a performance, I invited him to the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a brand new visual/written interview for our website! Kye Colors is just barely out of his teenage years but you wouldn’t be able to tell with how good that his music is, he sounds like a seasoned veteran in the game but he’s truly just getting started. Kye Colors has the perfect mix of rapping skills & singing abilities within his style, not to mention that he produces all of his own instrumentals, this kid is a talent that you need to keep an eye on. Take some of your time to read/watch our new interview with Kye Colors, and if you enjoy his sound & style then follow him on socials below! Follow Kye Colors on Twitter and Instagram! *interview by Elliot Montanez + Mike Del Ro* — EM: What made you want to start rapping? Kye: — EM: What’s your usual process like when you are making songs? Kye: I …

Road Runners 2 – [Ray Muney]

Last week I had the pleasure of having Kansas City native Kye Colors stop by the Lyrical Lemonade office for an upcoming new interview, and as I was speaking to him he put me onto a few of the dope upcoming artists out of his city, and Ray Muney was one of the first that he named. Earlier today when I was working on the previously mentioned Kye interview, I was browsing through his Spotify, and I noticed that Ray Muney was in his ‘fans also like’ section so I decided to check him out, and lucky for me he just dropped a brand new song today titled “Road Runners 2”. I truly had no idea what to expect when coming into this joint, but it was a super smooth yet hard-hitting record that finds Ray Muney rappings over the addicting beat super silky, making an all-around solid track. Stream this brand new song via Spotify below to get in tune with one of Kansas City’s rising talents.