Off Tha Strength – [Cheeno Ghee]

North Carolina emcee Cheeno Ghee is one of the best rappers in the state and puts that on display with her single entitled “Off Tha Strength.” I’m going to keep saying that 2019 is the year of women in rap because every day it seems as if we unearth a hidden gem. Cheeno isn’t gimmicky and doesn’t really use sex to push her narrative across. Although I love all sorts of varying styles that women emcees have to offer I feel as if the average listeners don’t get a chance to hear the ones showcasing bars and witty wordplay. For new listeners a comparison I can make for Cheeno and her music actually comes from her home state of North Carolina in Rapsody. There’s still so much room to grow as Ghee only has a few singles and one EP in ‘Child’ that was released on September 2018 on streaming services. As she continues to polish and grow her sound Cheeno could be on the national radar and pinned as one of the top lyricists if she continues to puts the work in. Check out Cheeno Ghee’s fresh offering “Off Tha Strength” for yourself below.

Night Shift – [MURS]

L.A. Native MURS is one of the most influential figures in underground hip-hop. Don’t believe me? Ask Ab-Soul, ask Rapsody, ask Kendrick, ask Cozz. Shit, just ask your favorite emcee; odds are they have, at the very least, brushed elbows with the West Coast gatekeeper (who you may recognize from The Breakdown series). He’s also one of the most influential figures for me personally. In fact, his collaborative albums with legendary producer 9th Wonder played a huge role in my love of and interest in hip-hop and there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for albums like Murray’s Revenge and Murs 3:16. A prolific partnership that dates back to ’03, MURS and 9th will wrap up there seven album saga with the release of The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over in July. One of two singles released last week, “Night Shift” is a good preview of what’s to come and a good history lesson for those who may be new to MURS. Atop a smooth, piano-driven beat from Kash (a member of 9th’s producer collective, the Soul Council) expands his place in hip-hop on what has sustained his 20+ year career; his work ethic. As always MURS’ …

Sojourner – [Rapsody] feat. [J. Cole]

The 9th Wonder owned label, Jamla Records is preparing for the release for their second installment of 9th Wonder Presents: Jamla Is The Squad. The second installment of the series has released their first single featuring two talented lyricist from the state of North Carolina, Rapsody and J. Cole. The gifted MC’s exchange bars on the slow-burning 9th Wonder produced beat that feels like prime time summer nights. Cole speaks on his upbringing and its effect on fame and his career to this point. Rapsody uses her spotlight to deliver a sermon on the hypocrisy in rap and growing up. The track quickly becomes a sermon that we are happy to attend. Saying we are eager for another offering from the highly anticipated album would be an understatement. Listen to the the 9th Wonder produced track featuring Rapsody and J. Cole below and tell us what you think in the comment section!

This Week in Hip Hop (5/12)

Hip Hop as a culture has made several leaps in the past week.  Chicago, being a hub for the culture, is showing early signs that it may be the best place to be for hip hop.  Kanye West has received his honorary doctorate degree from SAIC. Kanye fully participated in the graduation proceedings and gave a speech in accepting his award. You can check out the video below. This is a huge jump for a multi-Grammy winning artist that built his music legacy upon speaking about dropping out of school to chase dreams that hadn’t yet fabricated.  Kanye West was raised by a single mother that was a professor at Chicago State University.  For many artists that are attempting to get a degree while also remaining prominent in the street culture, this is a dream come true. The California State Senate honored Compton native, Kendrick Lamar with the Generation Icon Award for works done in his hometown. He has donated several hundred thousand dollars to the Compton school district. He has also worked with his own non profit organization, in partnership with other organizations to help rebuild parks around his neighborhood.  Kendrick humbly accepted the award with a quick speech, …