Yellow – [Rich Brian] ft. [Bekon]

One of my favorite artists is back with a new sound. Reflective and emotional, Rich Brian talks about the anxiety and pressures that come with being famous on his newest single, ‘Yellow.’ Right off the bat, a very thought provoking question is asked, ‘How do I disappear without anybody knowing? Will anybody even miss me when I’m gone?’ Folks, Brian is getting older… in a good way. With his past album reaching number one on the charts, the young artist has risen to fame at an alarming rate. Brian has quickly evolved into an artist, and not just a rapper with a fanny pack (big fan of fanny packs by the way). With sporadic and unpredictable production, and an incredible feature from Bekon, ’Yellow,’ is a incredibly transformative offering by Brian. Only time will tell where he takes on his next musical venture.

Watch The Game’s brand new interview with Power 106

The Game is a west coast icon and a hip-hop legend, so when I saw that he sat down with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk I had to take about half an hour out of my day to see what gems he was dropping. You can find the three of them talking about tons of stuff including his new song “West Side”, Nipsey Hussle, DJ Quik, working with Ed Sheeran & Miguel, his relationship with Dr. Dre, his next album Born 2 Rap being his last album, his favorite food, Will Smith, considering retirement after his fifth album and now being on his tenth, recording his early music in bathrooms, the beat for “In Da Club”, what inspired the title of his next album, being a father, his catalog, what has kept him motivated all of these years, his first son, his mother, his longevity, Los Angeles, the importance of Dom Kennedy, the Lakers & more! Watch this entertaining new conversation below.

Waltz In – [StayGoldenSwerve]

Coming from the small town of Harrisburg, PA, rapper StayGoldenSwerve has a chip on shoulder. With aspirations of putting his city on the map, the young artist recently released an EP titled, ‘Midnight Vibes.’ The entire project happens to be a vibe with a concise and entertaining sonic landscape, but there is one song that I particularly enjoy called, ‘Waltz In.’ The song permits listeners to turn all the way up or reflect to rougher times in their lives. To quote Swerve, ‘I remember money wasn’t everything.’ Produced by the rapper’s brother, Drew Tyrell, the song has the ability to blast the roof off of your car. After hearing StayGoldenSwerve, I confidently say that the dynamic superstar in the making will be around for years to come.  


If you’re looking for extremely high energy, look no further. Young rapper, Egovert and frequent collaborator Kil go absolutely crazy in the music video for his previously released, ‘HEY!’ Produced by Morteh, the song has every element necessary to make an undeniable head banger. With a sound similar to that of XXXTENTACION (on his, ‘A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL,’ EP), the vivacious emcee is just having a good time. Both Egovert and Kil deliver extremely impressive flows with a delivery that can get any crowd jumping. The visual, directed by Holy Manny and shot by Nash Browin, perfectly displays the absolute mayhem the song is intended to cause. TWITTER:

Show & Tell – [B. Aull] [ft. Shang-High]

Fresh off a string of college shows with KYLE and Young M.A, Portland, ME-based rapper B. Aull is back with a hot new song and video titled, ‘Show & Tell.’ Alongside L.A. rapper Shang-High, he flows expertly over a suave and hard-hitting beat from Alpha Pup Records producer God.Damn.Chan. The beat has an incredible sample chop over banging 808s. The joyful energy brought by B. Aull and Shang-High makes this song a strong contender as one of the summer’s hottest tracks. Keep an eye out for more new music from B. Aull this summer. Watch the music video for, ‘Show & Tell,’ here: TWITTER:

Sucker for Love – [HeyDeon]

The highly-anticipated wait for Long Beach native HeyDeon’s newest project, Sucker for Love, is finally over. The lyrically proficient rapper and underrated singer showcases dynamic range on an album that is littered with superb bars, dreamy vocals and an array of production elements that echoes its themes of optimism and self-reflection. The album opens with “Gelato,” a guitar-riddled introduction that is a defiant marker of Deon’s journey as an artist; ups, downs and much-needed reflection. Despite the song’s darker tones, sonically speaking, Deon manages to conclude the record with a powerful message that resonates in each record, “Can’t break what’s inside me / I put my pride to the side / I swallow these fears / I know I’ll be fine.”  The mood changes instantaneously, with the upbeat drums of the albums next track, “Important.” This is one of several records on the 32-minute album that resonates a bright energy, finding Deon at his best, rapping and singing atop of bubbly set of orchestration. Taking into account the albums lively first half, its true marker of achievement is in its B-Sides, with records like, “Mind N’ Soul” and “Better Days.” HeyDeon isn’t afraid to slow things down, highlighting his still ever …

Cookies Freestyle – [Nelsongang]

Coming straight out of North Carolina, Nelsongang delivers a concise slapper for us to turn up too. On his newest single, ‘Cookies Freestyle,’ the rapper nonchalantly delivers memorable and easily repeatable lines. Produced by Milan Torne, the song has a murderous 808 line and a banging kick. Simple, short, and satisfying is the best way to describe, ‘Cookies Freestyle.’ Drawing comparisons to the likes of Chief Keef and other drill artists such as Lil Reese, Nelsongang brings a new vibe to the scene.

Wayy 2 Kritical – [K Camp]

“Kritical” is just the word to describe K Camp’s latest project which dropped June 21st. The Interscope Records member is no rookie to success, and his discography shows for it. His newest project, Wayy 2 Kritical starts with a vibrant hit off the rip called “Suicide,” that sets the tone for the whole album. A personal favorite throughout the work comes through “Marilyn Monroe Pt. 2” which is a sequel to a joint that he dropped in 2015 off his project One Way. His tenor heavy vocals are something that always have brought me back to his work, and this album exceeded my expectations. He features artists like Marlo and Young Dolph, which supplement Camp’s soothing tones with their distinguished ATL flows. Year after year he provides the hip-hop community with offerings of a different flavor, something off the beaten path. Camp’s work goes much under-appreciated in my opinion and I’m hoping this project will open a lot of people’s ears to the brilliance he has to offer. Stream Wayy 2 Kritical below!

Lil Yachty Freestyle | The Cave – [Lil Yachty] x [Kenny Beats] x [30 Roc]

As of late, Kenny Beats has hosted one of my favorite mini-series in “The Cave” on YouTube. This bi-weekly (or what’s supposed to be bi-weekly) series hosts popular artists in Kenny’s studio in which he – and in some cases like this one –  and a guest producer collaborate to concoct  some outstanding instrumentals for the artist to spit to. In this episode, Lil Yachty makes an appearance with a large Entourage, and originally seems very stingy and picky about the beat that’s in the works. He tells 30 (30 Roc) straight up that he wasn’t messing with it after an hour or so of work had already been put into creating it. Kenny and 30 then start over, creating a wavy, more simplistic beat for Yachty to go crazy on. Yachty approves, and after a few hours of work and shenanigans, he hops in the booth. He continues to claim “I’m not a rapper,” though the ATL product went on to kill the beat. With lines like, “I’m the lil wizard, my neck and my wrist and my ear in a blizzard,” Yachty turned this session into one of my favorite episodes of Kenny Beats’ mini-series. Watch “KENNY BEATS …

Track Meet – [5am] X [TM88]

Congrats, Atlanta. You’ve produced yet another superstar. If you have not heard about 5am, you are about to. The young artist offers heart-wrenching lyrics and his unique sound on his newest single, “Track Meet.” Produced by the Grammy-Nominated mega-producer TM88, the song starts with sentimental guitar chords with enough emotion to make anyone listening start reminiscing about their ex. The Atlanta-based rapper pours out his soul, discussing the pain he feels having to keep his side chick… well, on the side. “You wanna stay, but I’m hopin you don’t catch me… When I’m with my main, I’m hopin you don’t pass me.” When it’s all said and done, 5am has a rare ability not all artists possess: the ability to evoke emotion. Drawing melodic comparisons to Post Malone, 5am is an artist I highly suggest to keep on your radar. Listen to 5am and TM88’s collaboration, “Track Meet,” here: