Change You – [Chasing Daze]

There’s something oddly decadent about meshing sounds that, on paper, don’t belong together. Whether it be the country-rap of “Old Town Road” or the merged worlds of punk rock and hip-hop, there’s a certain intrigue to such eclectic pairings, and furthermore, an added sense of replay value — partially to figure out what you just heard, and partially because you might have actually enjoyed it! Today, marking a song of such traits, a duo called Chasing Daze is here to mesh country-associated instrumentation with a pop structure. The result? “Change You.” Perhaps the most prevalent element of “Change You” other than the vocals is the main driver of the melody here — a set of banjo notes, simplistic in design yet electrifying in tone. Surrounding the banjo, we hear pop-induced drums, an upbeat bassline, and best of all, a set of mesmeric vocals. Bringing all of these elements full-circle, the lyrics to the song offer a resilient tagline of “you can’t change me,” almost as if to address, and even celebrate, such a lovably-odd pairing of sounds. With this, I can fully admit that “Change You” has been on repeat since I first heard it. Refreshing as can be, it’s …

Block Party – [Slim Santana] & [Hollywood YC]

Slim Santana is an artist out of Atlanta that has been making a name for himself over the past couple of years, and today the talented rapper is back with his brand new music video for “Block Party” featuring Hollywood YC. I have heard nothing but good things about Slim Santana since I first got put onto him, plenty of my close homies convinced me to give him some time in my headphones & assured me that he would become someone I enjoy, and man they were right. Although I have liked Slim Santana’s prior content, this one is easily my favorite song from him, he lead the charge on this track + gave a good performance, and the feature on the back end from Hollywood YC made it that much better. Hopefully we see some more content from these two talents in the near future, but for now, peep this new visual below. Directed by Natalpics

Act Right – [BBY GOYARD]

BBY GOYARD is an artist that completely flips the Rap genre on its head. He knows what people expect to hear in a typical Rap song, and other than the blaring drums and a small amount of his lyrical content, he always delivers something that transcends the Rap mold. His music might not be for everyone and I think he’s more than okay with that because he knows that the music he makes is going to connect with a certain crowd, and that crowd is going to stick with him as well as support him more than most other cult followings do for other artists. From the moment you see his visual aesthetic you should know not to expect the norm, but it’s honestly impressive how every single one of his songs sounds completely out of the box and genre-bending. Most recently, GOYARD is back with another hit entitled “Act Right”. Right off the bat, your ears are bombarded with a myriad of sounds including rampant air horns and puncturing 808’s, all while his trademark pitched up voice begins to introduce you to the chaotic world that’s developing in his head. His lyrics are mostly about flexing money, some drugs, …

No Go- [Young Nudy]

Young Nudy is a savage in every sense of the word. From his insane ability to deliver hard-hitting bars, to his tendency to enjoy his time and introduce a perfect cadence over pretty much any beat placed in front of him is truly a gift. Although Atlanta is arguably the city with the single largest outflow of talent that appeals to audiences across the United States, Nudy is able to set himself apart from the rest of the pack and make magic every time he spits a verse. In anticipation of his upcoming project ANYWAYS, he dropped a new single called “No Go” as well as a video for it. The production is riddled with amusing, almost elementary sounding keys mixed in with speaker busting bass and other trap percussion. This contrasts with some of his menacing lyrics that he spits about violence and women as he switches flows and shows off his lyrical abilities. His rapid-fire bars never seem to slow down as he laughs his way throughout the song, talking about how he lets his gun do the talking rather than himself. On this track, he takes some classic Atlanta narratives and turns them up a notch in …

Cautious – [TeamLilStraw]

Nashville rapper TeamLilStraw is aiming for longevity with his six-track debut EP entitled Cautious that begins to explain the life of and enter the psyche behind a teenager growing up in a rapidly expanding and increasingly violent city. Straw represents a massive body of disenfranchised youth that have all been abandoned by city leaders, business people, and their own government and he has been able to quickly amass a sizable fanbase because of how relatable his message and demeanor is. This project features three new tracks as well as three familiar ones to fans of his, delivering his beloved tracks “Extra” and “John Wick” finally to all streaming platforms. The tracks “Reason” and “Fuck the Fame” were both standouts to me because of their raw and genuine nature and it is clear that Straw has a gift for eloquently expressing his emotions. TeamLilStraw has been picking up more steam with each release and seems poised to make the leap from local celebrity to mainstream staple soon. I was really, really pleased with the turnout of Cautious and I am beyond eager to see what TeamLilStraw is capable of next.

Bruce – [Eddy Niz]

Eddy Niz is a rare breed and I have seldom encountered other rappers who have a skillset quite like his. He is without question one of the best lyricists I have come across, but not in the lyrical gymnastics or backpack rap sense, but rather he is a mastermind of references to drug dealing, credit card fraud, and even obscure NBA players. For example, in Niz’s latest visual for his Topper Atwood & ESCPE produced track “Bruce” Eddy opens the track with an absolutely astounding two bars, saying “She came to the crib and went off the dome, said I made her Sway in the Morning, wanna kick it like she Bruce, but I’m more like Swae she can’t stay till the morning,” and it is tongue twisters like these that set Eddy apart from his competition. The “Bruce” video was directed and edited by Callisto Visuals. Eddy Niz is easily one of the most talented rappers I have ever met and it is only a matter of time until the masses begin to recognize his ability.

DEAD$ – [Calboy]

Calboy is gearing up for another consecutive year full of success. Last year’s LP Wildboy put a well-deserved spotlight on the rising star as he told cohesive stories ranging from his life in the streets of Chicago to the fortune he has worked so hard for, making a better life for not only himself but the people who surround him. Although his debut album had star-studded features from some of the industry’s top artists, Calboy always seemed to rise above his counterparts and outshine pretty much everyone throughout the project’s duration in my opinion. Recently, Calboy took to Soundcloud and decided to release a loosie called “DEAD$”. This track features a touching trap instrumental with some drowned out background piano which is right up his alley. His songs never lack effort in the slightest and this offering is no different, as his autotuned singing switches cadences occasionally while he tells a meaningful story about his road to fame. Although the lyrics don’t stray too far from his norm, the bottom line is the fact that he knows how to tell a story packed to the brim full of emotions, and never forgets his roots or where he came from. Calboy …

Welcome to Chilis – [Yung Gravy] & [bbno$]

The powerhouse duo of bbno$ and Yung Gravy have always provided us with some of the bars that make you both laugh due to what they saying and impressed with how cleverly put together they are. Their most recent single “Welcome to Chilis” is one of their best to date, both artists truly at the top of their game in terms of melody and wordplay. This one is pretty much nonstop gems, bbno$ publicly stating he is changing the no to yes now that he’s seen those Lalala checks. If the song wasn’t enough, Baby Gravy blessed us with an insane new video that has the rappers star as Starsky & Hutch. This comparison works almost eerily well, all they were missing was a Snoop Dogg cameo as Huggy Bear. This is the second single leading up to the sequel to their collab EP Baby Gravy, be on the lookout for more heat from these two. Watch the video for “Welcome to Chilis” below! Directed by Reggie

Loyalty – [King Leer]

King Leer is one of the most promising up and comers in the City of Chicago, and he’s making his way onto Lyrical Lemonade for the very first time for his latest offering “Loyalty”. He has the unique ability to switch his flows consistently, showing off certain cadences that work seamlessly over the beats he uses. Even when it doesn’t sound like they should work with a certain BPM or rhythm, they just somehow do which is pretty remarkable. He also utilizes autotune in spurts but unlike most of the other rising artists in the industry, he doesn’t rely on it as a crutch. He rather uses it to demonstrate even more diversity and variety in his music. As for “Loyalty”, he recruits a frequent collaborator, who just so happens to also be his brother No. Topher, to bring the production to life in order to elevate this song to the next level. He includes trap-inspired percussion along with piercing kick drums upfront, while vivacious synths in the distance give the impression that Leer is floating throughout his verses. Beginning with some light autotune that I mentioned before, King Leer discusses a narrative of fake people he has encountered throughout …

Show Stop – [Reason]

TDE has to be one of the best collectives in the hip-hop industry. Their roster features the massive, household name in Kendrick Lamar, new-age gangsta rappers Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock, as well as the lyrical genius ab-soul. The label doesn’t end with the Black Hippy crew though, considering their lineup continues running deep with other multifaceted talents like Sza, Isaiah Rashad, SiR, and of course, Reason. Most recently, Reason decided to drop off a smooth new track called “Show Stop”. This track has some jazz-heavy undertones paired with some soothing xylophone hits and an ever so calm synth in the background of the instrumental. Fitting in perfectly, Reason spreads his lyrics out in the same fashion as the hook before speeding up his cadence a bit more. In the second verse, however, he begins to spit his lyrics quicker and with much more conviction than the first. If another voice on the track sounds familiar, that’s because Kung Fu Kenny himself makes his mark all over this cut, providing ad-libs strewn about the song’s duration. The hook is simplistic as Reason repeats the title of the track over and over again, but Kendrick’s background vocals add some hype and …