Watch Matty Wood$ brand new interview with Dorm Room Entertainment

Matty Wood$ is a leader in the St. Louis community and he recently stopped through Dorm Room Entertainment for a brand new interview! You will find Matty speaking about everything such as the meaning behind 2200, being born and raised in St. Louis, when he first started rapping in high school, the first time he recorded music, his favorite artists, the process of making his album, his upcoming music and visuals, his favorite cartoons, Juan James, the biggest challenges he has faced so far and more. Check out this brand new conversation below!

Watch Yung Tory’s on No Jumper’s “Exposed”

Yung Tory is one of the hottest new up and coming talents in the game, and he recently stopped by No Jumper for a brand new interview on their “Exposed” segment. You will find Yung Tory speaking about plenty of things such as being from Toronto, Drake putting on for Canada, what he was like growing up, how he started rapping, when people first starting paying attention to him, how the song “Mizu” came about, who inspires him, not eating meat and much more. Watch this brand new interview below and be sure to keep up with Yung Tory by giving him a follow on Twitter here.

’91 Two Forty – [Alexander Mack]

Alexander Mack is making his return to our lemon filled pages this afternoon with the release of his brand new album titled “91 Two Forty”. I first discovered Alexander Mack’s music a few weeks back when I heard his song “Small Time” and I was stunned with the talent that he possessed, not only as a rapper but as a producer as well. So you can only picture my excitement this afternoon when I saw that he dropped a brand new brand new nine track album titled “91 Two Forty“, and to make it even better he produced every single one of these joints! Alexander Mack has an energy and just a straight up funk to his music that makes it addicting, it has elements of jazz, hip-hop, R&B and it all sounds so beautiful. Stream this brand new project via Soundcloud below and if you’re liking what you hear be sure to give Alexander Mack a follow on Twitter here!

Def Jam’s Young Gun TJ Porter Talks Representing for Harlem, Having a “Celebrity” Manager, His Sentimental New Single “Do You Care” and Upcoming Debut Album Voice Of the Trenches

Def Jam Records is in something of a youth revolution. The most iconic label in hip-hop history may be turning 35 this year, but it has its eyes newly fixed on the future, with some seventeen newly signed artists set to showcase on next month’s release of Undisputed, a compilation recorded over several days last November in Los Angeles. Front and center among the Undisputed lineup is Harlem, New York’s latest ambassador to the music world, 18 year old TJ Porter, who in only a couple of years in the game has begun to serve notice of his intention to follow in the formidable footsteps of the greats that put his neighborhood on the rap map, including Mase, Dipset and ASAP Mob. The young MC has versatility on his side: early singles, like 2017’s “Trust Issues”, “Quiet Storm” and “Can’t Wait” offered bar spitting life lessons; last fall’s Pregame, his release first with Def Jam, found TJ in melodic mode – celebratory on the breakout “Glowin’ Up” and boastful on “Tricky”; while his most recent EP, No Disturbance­, released only two weeks ago, goes dark on “The Don”, admits to relationship infidelity in “Cheated”, and claps back at doubters on …

1080p – [Teej]

Quite simply, Las Vegas emcee Teej should be on your radar after his new 6-track extended play, 1080p. I started following Teej not too long ago because of his aesthetic caught my eye, which is another reason why I stress for artists to have a dope concept or a unique look about their brand! Fast forward a couple weeks and I get a DM to listen to some music. I like to check out as many people as I can so, of course, so I took the leap of faith and pressed play. With the first listen, I can’t help but feel a sense of blissfulness in his flows and music, causing me to notice similarities to artists like Chance the Rapper and Kyle. My personal favorite track on this one is “Rosecrans,” which, honestly, I ran back more times than I’d like to admit. Teej gave me some insight into the creative process of 1080p via email and stated the following: “This project is about me finding my clarity after losing focus during a bad break up. The relationship hurt me to the point to where I couldn’t really learn how to fall for someone else until I got …

Freefall – [Rainbow Kitten Surprise]

Alternative rock collective Rainbow Kitten Surprise just released trippy visuals for their new song, “Freefall.” If we’re going, to be honest here Rainbow Kitten Surprise is one of the best band names that are out today, it just stands out. Once you’re done being caught up with the name and start listening to the music, you’ll be entranced by the stories they tell. With “Freefall” is about fighting your demons and how people succumb and fall victim to our various vices. Powerful messages are a staple in the RKS discography as they’re no strangers to talk about sexuality, relationships, addiction and more. Director and animator Anthony Franciso Schepperd does a wonderful job at creating a video that captures the song in visual form. This video debuted on Adult Swim a couple of weeks ago and the animation goes along with the content you’ll typically see on their programming. RKS is gearing up for a new album and tour this year so make sure you check them out if they’re in your city. Watch Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s psychedelic video for “Freefall” below.

Blood Orange – [Wiley From Atlanta]

Last month, an artist by the name of Wiley From Atlanta made his lyrical Lemonade debut with a loosie track entitled “It Rains.” Now, he’s back with some exciting news! After steadily dropping songs for the past year and change, the promising up-and-comer is ready to embark on the release of his first full-length album. Though the release date and title for the project are still under wraps, Wiley did let off the first single, “Blood Orange,” recently, equipped with an amazing set of visuals setting the tone for what promises to be a powerful debut. The perfect introduction to Wiley’s unique style, “Blood Orange” is filled with emotion but packaged with raw, gritty energy. A big role in the vibe is Wiley’s gritty, blues-splashed vocals. With a pained, almost slurred delivery, they sound like they were recorded late at night after a few too many drinks and cigarettes — as breakups can often lead too — lending authenticity to his feelings of loneliness and betrayal. If I was a betting man, I’d put money on Wiley making a splash when the project drops; keep a close eye on him.

Premiere: FLY – [dylAn] feat. [Quatho] and [Jaden Smith]

Calabasas native, dylAn is premiering his new video for his song, “FLY,” right here on Lyrical Lemonade. The song and video come off of his upcoming album, Woodland Hills, set to be released tomorrow, February 22nd. The new video is rap through and through, dylAn commands your attention among a motley crew of MSFT affiliates. Bouncing and dancing among various areas in the cinematic Calabasas hills, dylAn stories his growth, success and future plans as an artist. Trading the spotlight between fellow collaborators Jaden Smith and Quatho, dylAn and crew make sure to hype each other up during the sporadic, fun loving visuals. This is dylAn’s second video from his proceeding album coming off the heels of his video release for “Pull Up (Thousand Oaks).”  Make sure to put your friends on by sharing this new video from dylAn and show some love to the rising artist by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Runaway – [Coop]

For quite some time now, a rising talent by the name of Coop has been on my radar, and quite frankly, I’ve always been able to see that he had the potential to put together something truly special. Release after release, Coop has been working towards filling this potential, and today, he returns to our pages with the main entree that truly satisfies all that the Massachusetts native is capable of: a brand new project entitled Runaway. As denoted in the title, the word “runaway” seemingly acts as a metaphor for the presence of music in Coop’s life; he uses his art as a way to escape from the pressures and high emotions of life, and the result is a truly authentic style, packed full with sincerity. 8 tracks long, Runaway compiles all of these complex emotions into one body of work, offering up Coop’s finest efforts to date. It’s a soundtrack to the ups and downs of life that we all go through, and further, it’s an introspective look into who Coop and how he has become the man he is today. I could write about this project all day long, but the music truly speaks for itself here. Listen to …

Romance361 – [Iann Dior] Ft. [PnB Rock]

Iann Dior has appeared on our platform multiple times in the past month or so, and this evening he is back with his latest record titled “Romance361” featuring PnB Rock. I think Iann Dior is making a stellar run at the start of 2019 so far, and if he keeps up his current workload I am sure he will be one of the “most improved” artists of the year in terms of how much more famous he will be by the end of the year. Once I pressed play I was blown away by the stellar production by Nick Mira and Sidepce, they blessed him with an instrumental that was so good it gave him no choice but to create a smash hit. Nick Mira has been taking good care of Iann Dior on the production end of things for a great majority of his recent releases, so I predict that he will continue to rise at a rapid pace. Listen to this brand new track via Soundcloud below and if you like it be sure to give it a like + repost!