One of the most exciting acts to emerge from the Bay Area, RITTYBO, has returned with a new music video for her latest single, “Real Luv.” Filled with charisma and charm that could only be delivered by the rising artist, RITTYBO firmly bolsters her ability to not only captivate audiences sonically but visually as well. Her latest and first official music video is a towering success from a multitude of standpoints, you just have to pick your favorite part. The new video for “Real Luv” opens on a saddened RITTYBO singing directly to the camera as she is metaphorically, and to some extent physically, pulled from different sides. Despite the melancholy, love-questioning nature of the record, the West Coast native delivers a light-hearted performance amidst the heart-tugging subject matter of fabricated love. Capturing the energy of the jazzy-glitch-pop production, the video proceeds with a medley of candid shots of RITTYBO and what I can only imagine are some of her closest friends and supporters. The electric, genuine-nature shared amongst the motley group of friends as they clown around can be felt through the screen, serving as a metaphorical example of the “real luv” RITTYBO sings about. Watch RITTYBO’s new music video …

Mourning EP – [RITTYBO]

There’s a crazy amount of talent coming out of the Bay Area right now, and, with the release of her Mourning EP, its time to add RITTYBO to the list. I tried to find one track to highlight, but the more I listened, the harder it became to pick just one. Gun to my head I’d probably go “In The End,” but I was really impressed by the entire effort, and, with a 15-minute runtime, it’s one you can press play and vibe out to in-full. The runtime may be short (especially in this day and age), but in no way does it feel empty. The production has a consistent feel, often driven by airy strings complimented by crisp drums and some heavy bass to give the songs some weight (shoutout to the engineer who mixed this to perfection). Vocally, RITTYBO’s approach smooth, understated approach is perfect for the production. She tackles the frustrations relationships can bring, without ever overexerting herself, creating an original, R&B-rooted style. The Mourning EP is now streaming on the platform of your choice. Don’t sleep!