How I’m Living – [Quin NFN]

We’ve been covering Austin, Texas native Quin NFN on our pages for quite some time now, and to say that the budding star has grown throughout this time is an understatement. Put simply, Quin is a relentless ball of energy. Within every song, every verse, and every line is a dense supply of animation, making the Texas representative a front runner out of his state. Today, we see this under the scope of Quin NFN’s latest release, “How I’m Living.” If not anything else, this song is a perfect example of Quin NFN’s allure in the first place: his charisma. Few artists out right now are able to match the roofless levels of excitement that he exudes, and even fewer are able to maintain this energy while simultaneously delivering some seriously impressive lyricism. Quin, on the other hand, balances it all without breaking a sweat, naming just one of the many reasons why he’s on his way to inevitable notoriety. Be sure to check out “How I’m Living” below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by Smash Bros

Old Ways – [Rone NFN] Ft. [Quin NFN]

If you are a frequent visitor on our website the the odds are that you know about Austin, Texas artist Quin NFN by now, but who you may not be familiar with is his new artist Rone NFN who is making his LL debut today with his visual for “Old Ways”. Quin started off this track on a positive note with his addictive hook & even better verse, before Rone came through and dig his thing, proving why he is amongst greats like Quin. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this dynamic duo below and if you like the song then be sure to share with a friend! Shot by Fresco Filmz • Produced & Mixed by CioMadeTheTrack

Watch Quin NFN on Nardwuar

Quin NFN is a Texas native who I first got the chance to meet last year at Cole’s Nardwuar interview and I have been paying close attention to him ever since, and today he is making his way back on our platform with his brand new interview with Nardwuar! You will find Nardwuar asking Quin NFN about plenty of interesting topics such as being from Austin, the cave, the NFN crew, being on the cover of The Austin Chronicle, other Austin based artists, signing a record deal, being inspired by Lil Wayne & Cassidy, his great manager Diana, Texas expo center, what makes a good show, Texas legends, his favorite food places, some of his witty bars, his favorite places to shop, having his city behind him and more. Check out this great new conversation below and make sure you don’t sleep on Quin!

Bossed Up – [Quin NFN]

I first met Quin NFN last year at SXSW when we met Nardwuar, but I was already familiar with his music at the time, and he is making his way back on Lyrical Lemonade today with his brand new music video for “Bossed Up”. The growth that Quin has had since that point last March has been unreal to say the least, this kid is still putting up numbers on all of his material but especially the music videos, it’s safe to say that he is by far one of the best upcoming emcees out of Texas. Watch this brand new visual below and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend!

Straight Thru – [Quin NFN]

In the earlier months of 2018, Lyrical Lemonade was all over Austin’s Quin NFN and the addictive energy that he possesses. We’ve covered a number of his past releases, and looking back, I’m glad we were hip so early, as Quin is finding his stride and truly receiving his well-deserved shine as of late. Today, the merit behind this attention is on display with the rising talent’s latest offering, “Straight Thru”. Dry in production and as simple as it gets, “Straight Thru” is a bass-heavy single that shows the lyrical dexterity of the Texas representative. He doesn’t need much from the instrumental in order to keep listeners entertained, and this is seen in the way that Quin absolutely blacks out atop the simple, hard-nosed sound of “Straight Thru”. This track is proof that Austin has a star in the making, so check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Shot by @Dan2thel

LL Presents: The Quin Nfn Q&A

When the Lyrical team was out at SXSW this past year we met an Austin, Texas based artist named Quin Nfn at the interview with Nardwuar, and he has become a favorite of ours rather quickly since that point. He has been releasing some good music for a minute now and his new project has been doing very well, he is still a teenager at this point so you can only image the growth that we are about to witness, I predict in a few years he is one of the biggest rappers in his state. Take a few minutes below to check out the new Q&A we did featuring Quin Nfn, and be sure to give Quin a follow on Twitter here to keep up with his future releases!     EM: Before we dive into the questions, give a brief description of yourself for our readers who may not be familiar with you. Quin: I’m a 17 year old youngin from East Austin (da 4 to be exact) trying to make a way for me and my people by making music. Being an artist has always been my dream and my music is about what I’ve seen and lived. I …

How I’m Feeling – [Quin Nfn]

Quin Nfn is an artist based out of Austin, Texas that I met at this past SXSW and he has been on my radar ever since, and today he is back with his brand new music video for “How I’m Feeling”. I apologize because I am a few weeks late on this but once I watched through this one I knew had to share with our audience, Quin has an extremely unique style that I found myself enjoying quite frequently in the time since I met him, and this new joint seems to be more of the same. Check out this brand new visual below and if you’re rocking with it be sure to give him a follow on Twitter here!

Game Time Pt. 4 – [Quin NFN]

If you have been paying attention to the Lyrical Lemonade pages throughout the past few months, there’s a good chance that you have seen the name Quin NFN once or twice. Even if you haven’t, today is a solid day to get hip, as the young star is back on our pages with the music video for his electrifying, Real Chance-produced single, “Game Time Pt. 4“. The reason that this track stands out in the first place is mostly due to the Texas artist’s undying energy, fit within attacking flows and relentless bars that clash against the beat to create an undeniable banger overall. The visuals match this energy on a complimentary note, taking direction from Fresco Filmz to create scenes of Quin NFN and his team going crazy in front of an ambulance. Texas might just have a future star on its hands, so be sure not to sleep. Check out the video for “Game Time Pt. 4” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Game Time 4 – [QuinNFN]

Led by his unforgettable vocals and inimitable lyrical prowess, an artist by the name of QuinNFN is garnering quite a bit of attention from the rap world right now with a number of standout singles to add to his wave. Today, he adds to this collection with yet another appearance on our pages, this time blessing fans with a new, Real Chance-produced song titled “Game Time 4”. If you weren’t already familiar with Quin’s music, this track is the perfect introduction, as it sheds light on his unforgiving lyricism and aggressive vocal displays – both of which clash together to make for a unique style that I can’t seem to keep off of repeat. As he shows in “Game Time 4”, QuinNFN isn’t playing around, and as 2018 moves on, he will certainly be a name for all rap fans to get familiar with, sooner or later. Hop on the wave early and listen to the newest from this rising star at the link below!

Revenge – [Quin NFN]

Ever since I heard my first Quin NFN song, “Lil Gangsta“, it has made perfect sense as to why NFN is destined for the top. He’s confident and mature in his raps far, far beyond his years, with “Revenge” acting as the perfect example for the occasion. This Texas rapper is ready to get out of his hometown, and if the energy that he brings forth on this track acts as any hint, he also holds the talent and naturally-compelling abilities to be something special. For now, just enjoy the hard-hitting drums and relentless, powerful deliveries of “Revenge” at the link below and be sure not sleep on the unstoppable wave that Quin NFN is running right now. The way things are looking, he might just be up next.