Swish/Use 2 – [Flee] ft. [Brent Faiyaz]

Flee’s XOOL SUMMER is the perfect example of an artist building a world around their music. With every new project, the Queens native makes sure to turn his songs into “moments” in and of themselves, fit to soundtrack a variety of occasions for listeners, whether at a party, in the car, by themselves, etc. One song, in particular, that holds this power perhaps more than any other on the tape is “Swish/Use 2” — a collaboration with Brent Faiyaz that ended up one of my most-listened-to records of 2019. Today, Flee is here to revisit the standout track with a brand new set of visuals. Bringing Faiyaz and an entire crew of people to a beach house party, the nonchalant charisma in the music video perfectly captures the essence of the song. Without ever trying too hard, it captures an attitude perfect for the New Year, as facilitated by Stoopid Xool and Cash Cobain’s decadent, ever-relaxed production. Flee has dropped off an abundance of anthems over the past few years, but “Swish/Use 2” is one that easily rushes to the top. Queens’ own is on a gradual rise, and with names like Pi’erre Bourne in his corner, 2020 might just be …

Runnin’ – [sectiontoo]

The creative, confident and incredibly innovative stylings of Queens native sectiontoo is crafting a truly spectacular hybrid of R&B. His sound, which could best be described as a balanced blend of soulful R&B, Contemporary Pop and Hip-Hop, is an inspiring display of his skill and passion for fusing his love for a variety of genres into a sound that is his own. His newly released single, “Runnin’,” is a shining example of his continued evolution and exploration. It is truly my pleasure to be able to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade community to an artist we should be keeping a very close eye on as we move into 2020. Brought to life by a backdrop of break-beat production that carries a certain amount of swagger and soul, “Runnin’” is a single that is both general and personal. This contradictory achievement not only allows listeners to take what they want from the record but also simultaneously identify with sectinotoo’s songwriting and infectious chorus, “I’ve been unsettled and rattled at the thought of it / don’t know when to call it quits…” This balanced ability, which is present on almost every record released by the singer-songwriter and producer, is what makes sectiontoo’s songs …

Tech Deck – [Hadji Gaviota] x [Monica Riskey]

The ever-bubbling and continuously growing artistry of Queens native, Hadji Gaviota returns to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his latest collaborative single, “Tech Deck.” Accompanied by the equally impressive talents of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Monica Riskey, the two New York state natives capture a magically wholesome and beautiful exchange as they serenade listeners with an anthem for a lovers getaway. Backed by indie-pop production and bright songwriting, Hadji and Monica deliver a single that is romantically picturesque. Contrary to the song’s nostalgia-inducing title, “Tech Deck,” the newly released record uses several ship-themed analogies that are not only exceptionally executed but metaphorically reinforcing to the song’s overwhelming theme. Hadji and Monica sing to each other from the perspective of a timid potential couple during that awkward nervous stage in relationships. This unspoken nervous-rattling attraction is where this single finds its stride, as the two vocalists beautifully exchange verses on their hopeful and willingness “to be spoken for.” Listen to the new single, “Tech Deck,” by Hadji Gaviota and Monica Riskey below. 

All Tinted – [Wolftyla]

Wolftyla is a back with a with fun, vibrant, and colorful video to close out the summer with her single entitled “All Tinted.” This video and single makes me wish I was in Los Angeles at the end of the summer kickback. This is Wolftyla’s third release of 2019, however, the rising talent from Queens, New York looks to finish the year strong with a forthcoming EP on the way. This video is proving to be very sticky for Wolftyla as she’s already accumulated a formidable half a million plays in a month. “All Tinted” has a great bounce to it thanks to some well-crafted production from RNSM and J-Louis. This song is a nice blend of the r&b style in the early 2000s combined with the hybrid pop/r&b sounds of today. The three singles she’s released this year should reassure listeners of the hype that’s surrounded her anticipated project. Watch Wolftyla’s new visuals for her single “All Tinted” for yourself after the break.

Xool Summer – [FLEE] [Stoopid Xool]

The rise of FLEE has been a remarkable one. Hailing from Queens, the budding talent has built a following out of sheer quality from one project to the next, crafting songs so melodic and so catchy that objectively, you can’t deny the hit-making appeal. Especially when paired with the legend himself, Stoopid Xool, Flee can’t miss, just as we see in his brand new project, Xool Summer. 18 tracks long and just under 32 minutes in length, Xool Summer is the perfect way to close out these next few weeks, as it builds upon the brotherly artist-producer connection between Flee and Xool. Each song rings out as anthemic as the last, but even so, none of the tracks seem as though they go to inauthentic lengths in search of a hit. Rather, Flee shines in the pocket of sugary melodies and quotable lyrics that he’s become known and loved for, and as a result, Xool Summer comes through as the dynamic duo’s most cohesive, hammer-on-the-nail collaboration to date. The sound and the style were always there, but this tape rounds everything out, making sure to leave it all on the field before throwing the closing pitch with the hyper-focused cut, “Feedback.” That said, …

Poof – [Pi’erre Bourne]

Looking back on all of the incredible projects we’ve received this year, few have captured a real moment as strong as Pi’erre Bourne’s TLOP4. Even before the project, from Sli’merre to the several placements he’s landed throughout the year, Pi’erre’s name has rung true as one of the most prominent in hip-hop right now, with his full album acting as the long-awaited apex. Today, revisiting the first song on the album — “Poof” — Pi’erre Bourne is back in the headlines with an incredible new set of celebratory visuals. That said, before we hop into the video here, it needs to be mentioned that few lines in 2019 have proven to be as iconic as the opening of “Poof,” proclaiming, “No shit, I just quit, blew up quick, whoa.” Simple as these few words may be, they perfectly communicate Pi’erre’s self-assured character, constantly betting on himself before becoming the star that we know and love today. Speaking to this anthemic nature, the visual companion for “Poof” finds the Queens-bred star running around Belize, celebrating life as he enjoys the fruits of his labor so far. Sure, Pi’erre is the hardworking type, but in “Poof,” he takes a step back for a moment, soaking up …

Watch Bas on Hot 97

Bas is one of my favorite artists in the game not only because of how good his music is, but I am a fan of his laid back & simply cool style, and he recently sat down with Ebro and Laura of Hot 97 for a great new interview. You will find the three of them speaking about plenty of topics including the process behind the Dreamville album, the record “Costa Rica”, being born in Paris and growing up in Queens, being the youngest of five, his new solo project, his relationship with J. Cole + how they met, his touring schedule, his clothing endeavors, DJing at NYU events, what’s going on in Sudan and more. Watch this amazing new interview below.

Watch Nas on The Drink Champs

I have been finding myself gravitating to the new Nas album The Lost Tapes 2 since it’s release not too long ago, and considering that recent release it only made since when I saw that he stopped by The Drink Champs for a great conversation with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN. These hip-hop gurus spoke about tons of topics including the first time Nas & N.O.R.E met, when Illmatic dropped, putting Queens on the map, working with Kanye West, his vivid storytelling, their collab record “Body In The Trunk”, Wu-Tang Clan, phones calls & studio sessions he had with Biggie, his conversation with Prince, being a leader in the hip-hop community, touring with Mary J. Blige, back when he claimed “hip-hop is dead” & how he didn’t get the point off correctly, major record labels, giving people their roses while they can still smell them, building a hip-hop museum in the Bronx, being a fan of Lil Durk & Da Baby, being a huge fan of Rakim, Lupe Fiasco reminding him of himself and so much more. When it comes to masterminds in hip-hop but even more in business, they don’t come any better than Nas, press play below & pick …

Sweet Life – [CamilosGarden]

Up and coming Queens-based rapper CamilosGarden is not taking the summer for granted. Releasing numerous songs over the last couple months, the rapper has shown his followers that he’s devoted to staying in the studio for hours on end. The 17-year-old rapper’s most recent offering, “SWEET LIFE,” articulates life post-breakup. Instead of viewing the negative side of breaking up with someone he thought he loved, Garden takes the route and goes with the M.O.E. (Money Over Everything) mentality. His perfectly smooth auto-tune and flow allow listeners to glide along with the singer. With production from jflex, the song possesses the hard-hitting 808’s we’ve come to grow and love over the past couple of years. Drawing similarities to major acts such as Nav and Lil Uzi Vert, CamilosGarden is an artist to pay attention too. Don’t sleep. Listen to, “SWEET LIFE,” here:   Words by Barry R

Twenty Four – [JWOODS]

Queens product JWOODS stars and narrates a new film production by Ari Mitchell, in which he teases the release of his upcoming album and explains everything that’s led up to where he’s at now. The film starts out with JWOODS talking of happiness and belonging with his closest homies – stating that he and his closest friends always had a different way of maneuvering and always had similar goals which is what made them so different and created their inseparable bond. However the positivity for him doesn’t always prevail, with emptiness and lonesome often trickling in and consuming JWOODS. “But I can’t help but feel alone sometimes, full of doubt, full of fear.” This void that he’s feeling is what he also realizes is a necessary endeavor that ultimately will make him a more successful artist. The film is astonishing, with cinematic properties that really make you feel as if you’re watching a movie trailer. As JWOODS narrates and talks of positivity, he’s seen rolling with his crew, enjoying time in the studio, and clips of the city that encompasses him. When he moves into talks of despair and loneliness, the tone of the video shifts as well – becoming …