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The storied talent of returns with the release of his latest single, “evolve.” The introspective release finds the Oakville, Ontario native delving deep into the tumultuous journey of self-growth. Much like his previous releases, is powerfully descriptive in detailing his evolution, fearing the unknown while simultaneously embracing the hopeful spirit of change. Backed by equally introspective production that swells and crashes on’s every word, like a conductor of an orchestra. The cinematic composition is his third single, coming off the heels of his second-single “selfless,” to come from’s soon-to-be-released to be born EP. With the conclusion of quami’s 2021 sophomore project, no one asked ending with the impending release of his soon-to-be-released EP, has masterfully weaved a two-part narrative that details life’s toughest moments, that ultimately result in something powerfully hopeful. As you dive into’s new single make sure to circle back to the release of his previously released EP to prepare yourself for the complete story to be told. Listen to “evolve” by below.

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There has never been a way to properly label’s music and that facet alongside the dynamic orchestration of his music, and poignant lyricism has always made him an artist to admire. The Toronto, Ontario musician’s latest release, “clothespins,” weaves an impressive story centered around the black experience in America and the sociopolitical battles that come along with it. His delivery is one-part grieving testimonial and another part stream-of-conscious pride, giving listeners a transparent look into his mind and how he sees the world before him. The production mirrors the intimacy of the record balancing between acoustic guitar strumming and analog taped drum loops, creating a fertile space for’s subject matter to breathe, adding weight to the already heavy lyricism. said the below about his latest release, “When I was making this track, I thought about how we can easily convince ourselves that we are helpless in a situation. In this case, as a black man, I often feel weak, or maybe it’s more of a numb feeling as I have become more used to the trauma and the social aggression that is imposed on the way I look—the history behind that dynamic and how it applies today. The …

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Multi-hyphenate artist has always been an artist to look to for forward-thinking creative pushing sonics and visuals. To no surprise, his latest release, a music video for his previously released single, “i know the sound,” embodies his intention and storytelling ability. The moving visual brings the soft-tempo record to life by documenting as he is consumed by lingering racial inequality and its traumatic still-lasting effect on black men and women today. The poignant visual translates this message through a series of symbolic images mixed in with clips from “Birth Of A Nation,” translating the embedded nature of racism and its infection throughout society. The cinematic new visual is a piece of art that obligates you to watch over and over, with each viewing clarifying the layered metaphors and the weight it places on the psyche of the black community. Watch the “i know the sound” video by below.

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Oakville, Ontario based artist returns to deliver a visual for his previously released single, “running away.” The black and white-colored music video brings to life the trauma fleeting exposition penned a few months ago. Alternating between shots of quami running through empty city streets and colorful super8 footage that feels like personal home movies, the multifaceted singer-songwriter paints a vivid picture of the emotional weight his lyrics weave. The self-directed video artfully bounces back and forth between these two contrasting images, colors, and feelings representing the dueling complexities of depression, joy, anxiety, and peace. Delve into the world of, I assure you, you will not regret it. Watch “running away” by below.

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The return of is in full force. After releasing his first single in over a year a few short weeks ago, the Toronto based artist returns with his newest release, “running away.” Constructed around the idea of fleeting feelings and complex introspection,’s new single is one of those records that simultaneously entrances and challenges you. Marrying driving production, that mirrors the effects of a ticking timer, alongside soulful crooning, paints a vivid picture of emotional weight and the spiraling cycle of introspection. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement about an upcoming album or anything of the like, my suggestion is to pay very close to – something is bound to happen. Listen to “running away” by below.

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Today’s rapid pace in music can lead you to believe that artists that are not releasing single after single are doing something wrong. In actuality, the artists that are releasing music tactically with months or even years apart are the artists to pay very close attention too. Some of the best things take time, and some of the best artists are those who adhere to the idea that music requires TLC. This idea describes the story of Quiet for two years, was clearly tinkering on a follow up as impressive as his impactful debut, et cetera. To no surprise, his return, in the form of his new single, “luh me weak,” successfully hits the mark. His newly released single, “luh me weak,” continues to carry an eclectic sonic footprint that is synonymous with style. Ticking snares, hypnotic loops, and an alien-like vocal performance that stories the complicated ups and downs of a relationship’s understanding is delivered in a refreshing new way. His approach is unique in its ability to mirror the complicated feelings in an equally layered way that cleverly exemplifies the tumultuous journey of a relationship’s complicated ebbs-and-flows. Listen to “luh me weak” by below.

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Here to make his way onto our lemon-filled pages is an incredibly talented artist by the name of Today, he unveils his brand new visuals for the heart-soaked offering, “Clementine”, and being that this is my first real introduction to his music, I must say that this budding act is about to be a star. Led by gorgeous, soulful cadences and cathartic lyricism, “Clementine” is the kind of song that we all have a soft spot for. It’s true to self and unapologetically emotional, picking itself up off the pavement and bringing honesty and confidence into the spotlight. Quami’s ability to paint masterpieces with his voice and words is second to none, and equally as impactful are the cinematic, love-led visuals for the song, as directed and edited by Justin Singer. Be sure to watch “Clementine” at the link below and keep an eye out for more from in the future by following him on Twitter here!

Clementine – []

Today, I introduce the readers of the Lyrical Lemonade community to the incredibly talented The self-taught, Toronto based artist creates his own brand of music weaving together elements of R&B, alternative, and pop. Quami recently shared his newest video for his song, “Clementine” — a gentle offering propelled forward by subtle guitar strumming and emotional crooning that mesh together for a notably authentic feel. The album, Et Cetera, which features this standout track, is a strong showcasing of Quami’s natural ability as a songwriter and defiance of standard song structure that aids him during his storytelling. His new video follows him and his love interest through a series of intimate moments, capturing the fragility and beauty of love and translating the song’s production and lyrics into a captivating story. Watch the new music video from below and tell us your thoughts in the comment section.