SICK OF IT* – [Jean Dawson]

It had been quite some time since we had last heard from Jean Dawson, but over the last month or two, he has been unveiling singles from his highly anticipated upcoming project CHAOS NOW* and my excitement is at an all-time high. When it comes to Jean, you aren’t only going to get a banger, a unique style of music, and a vibrant persona. You’re also going to get some profound and thought-provoking lyricism that makes you ponder on life itself, just as he does within his releases. I never leave a song or visual knowing exactly what to take away from it, but that’s what I find so magnificent. His records seem to leave the message up for debate, and depending on what you may have going on in your mind while listening, you may have an entirely different takeaway than you will during your next listen. Although I don’t make music myself, I know how difficult this is because it’s a rarity in the industry, and if it were simple to do, everyone would. We’re slowly getting closer to his next project’s release date of October 7th, and with his latest self-produced (with some help from Austin Corona, …

Yours Truly – [Pollari]

If you are somehow not familiar with Pollari, then you have to open a history book and do some reading about the underground legend. He is one of the very first artists I ever remember hearing when I first dove deeper than the surface of hip-hop music, and he is one of the major reasons why I have such an open mind and why my taste in rap is so diverse. Now, I’m not claiming to have a perfect taste by any means, but I do take pride in the assortment of emcees that I listen to, and without Pollari, I can’t say that I would be the same music fan that I am today. Earlier on in his career, he was going crazy, dropping hit after hit all while consistently demonstrating exactly how individualistic he was as a musician. As time went on, he seemed to showcase a similar inimitability, just in a more mature, grown-up fashion. If you haven’t tapped in with Lar in a while, you have to get reacquainted with his brand-new project Yours Truly because it is seriously one of the most intriguing projects that has dropped all month, and it’s a trademark example of …

Space Rabbit – [Freddie Gibbs]

It’s hard to imagine an artist from Indiana that is more exciting than Freddie Gibbs, but it might be difficult to envision because that person is nonexistent. Sure, there are tons of emcees that I love from the midwestern state, but in terms of sheer success, skill, and accolades, I think Freddie takes the cake without a question. For over a decade, he has been carving a path for himself as one of the most lyrically gifted and overall talented emcees in rap music, so while his GRAMMY nomination for his Alchemist-produced project Alfredo was amazing to see, it was long overdue in my opinion. Until late last night, his highly anticipated album $oul $old $eparately was keeping me up at night out of how much excitement I had leading up to its release, but now that it’s here, I can’t wait to keep listening time and time again until I can actually appreciate all of the artistry and skill that went into its creation. With a total of 15 songs and features from world-renown emcees like Pusha T, Rick Ross, Offset, Raekwon, Scarface, and many more, this album was set up for success from the moment it was announced, …

Same Old Everything – [Heavn]

Heavn is shaping up to be one of my favorite newer finds of 2022. He’s back with a more upbeat tune, entitled “Same Old Everything.” The Rochester, New York artist has dropped 10 records in 2022 alone but this might be his most upbeat song that came out this year. Heavn stated via email that “this single is about situations where things that don’t change no matter who or what is trying to help.” We won’t have to wait too much longer for a project as this is the last single before Heavn’s first full-length project comes out next month. With how unique his songs have been so far and how fast he’s been growing in the last few months Heavn’s ‘Suburbia’ project should be on everyone’s radar that are fans of the indie rock/pop music scene. Stream Heavn’s new single “Same Old Everything” after the break.

Dame Lillard – [OT7 Quanny]

OT7 Quanny has had a solid 2022 and has turned into one of the best rappers at the forefront of the new rap movement in Philly. The Pyro-Z5 produced record serves as a slight switch up for 0T7 Quanny and compliments his witty edgy bars well. The visuals are quick, simple, and to the point, and the way that the director’s Ish and Skeet production added different Dame Lillard NBA playcalling moments throughout the video adds an extra flare to the video. There isn’t that much music that’s out from Quanny across the internet, but you know his wave is really connecting with listeners in real life when you look at his plays across YouTube. If there ever was a moment to be early on as an artist now is the chance. With how his music is moving if he drops a project at the top of next year I can see Quanny making a major label move sooner than later. Watch OT7 Quanny’s new video for “Dame Lillard” yourself after the break.

Run Through It – [Allstar JR]

Throughout the last year, Detroit artists have continued to flood my library. This time, it’s Allstar JR with his newest track and accompanying visual to “Run Through It,” an incredibly catchy piece produced by the legendary multi-platinum producer Helluva. A comedic advertisement/skit opens up the visual, shot by Get A Bag Film Group, and sets the tone for the rest of the track and parody video. Besides the creative transitions, framing, and animation, the images of JR partying with feigns at a gas station make this video incredibly unique and I was glued to the screen for its entirety. Not to be overlooked by the visual, Allstar JR absolutely kills the delivery. Although he can go bar for bar with any rapper in the game, he prides himself on his ability to make music with high replay value, something I noticed immediately with this track. It’s no surprise the video is thriving, with over 140K views already on YouTube. Check it out, as “Run Through It” continues to do impressive numbers.

Missing You-[Joshoo]

What I love most about working in music is getting to hear songs before they even hit the public-listening market. It’s a perk that I will never take for granted for the simple fact that you could very well be listening to a demo that will end up being a successful hit. What’s hardest though is keeping the previews a secret and today making it onto LL is an artist who I’ve been itching to share since the moment I heard the song that’s getting featured today. Joshoo is a Bay Area Native who just released one of the coolest songs you’ll hear all week. I’m a sucker for some colorful production that features various elements and his newest track, “Missing You” is exactly that. If you haven’t heard of Joshoo yet, that’s okay because I wasn’t completely familiar with him until recently, but tapping in with him has definitely been one of the best things that’s happened to me. The up and comer has created for a distinguishable sound that sets himself apart from the copious amount of artists who are trying to do the same thing. “Missing You” is a fun and upbeat song that doesn’t let up …

One of Me-[Daniel Price]

It’s safe to say that 2022 has been an unreal year for up and coming artist, Daniel Price. From a sonic, visual and stylistic level, the LA based talent has delivered the best version of himself to music fans and tastemakers alike. The last time you saw Daniel on our page, we did a deep dive into his personal story to celebrate the release of his project, “Peaking”. Today, he makes it back on to the Lyrical Lemonade circuit for the release of a brand new single called, “One of Me”. I was honestly surprised to see some new music out by Price, but was certainly not complaining as he has quickly grown into one of my favorite new artists out right now. “One of Me”, feels not only like a continuation of his latest project but also a new beginning which fills me with a lot of excitement when thinking about what’s next for him. This newest offering by Daniel is just as good as you’d think it would be. As soon as I turned it on, I was instantly refreshed by the honest lyrical content and unapologetic swagger that’s present in this one. “One of Me” features top …

Real One – [Young Moe]

Seasoned veteran Young Moe follows an impressive run of singles with his newest album release in Real One. This 19-track masterpiece further solidified the Virginia rapper’s remarkable discography, one that includes 13 other projects and collaborations with some of the industry’s biggest names including Kevin Gates, NoCap, and Chief Keef. Standout tracks on this project come in “No Fake Love,” “Not a Option,” “7 AM in Alexandria,” and my personal favorites “We Different,” and “Spaceship,” which features DMV-legend Shy Glizzy. Real One presents an in-depth look into the mindset of Young Moe’s most vulnerable thoughts and encounters, which you can hear woven throughout all 19 songs on his new mixtape. You can feel the passion and importance of this project, as Moe even included his wife’s and kids’ voices in the project. Young Moe further proved his authenticity by making the strategic decision to feature only DMV acts on his newest project. Moe’s distinctive, unique voice and poignant lyrics keep fans hanging onto every bar. Real One is sure to be a massive hit, I advise you to tap in before you’re late. Peep on Spotify below!

Waiting on You-[Hailey Knox]

Hailey Knox is truly in my top 5 when it comes to favorite up and coming artists and it’s not even close. I’ve been a fan of here for a long time now and it’s been such a blessing getting to see her musical evolution over the years. Today, the LA based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer is making a well-deserved appearance for the release of her highly anticipated song called, “Waiting on You”. A few weeks ago, I saw a tiktok of her promoting this exact song and I was immediately hooked. Hailey has a supernatural presence about her that draws everyone to her and the fact that she’s amazing at music is just more fire to the dynamic flame that she is. “Waiting on You” features our favorite parts of Hailey. Her songwriting, vocal talents, harmonies and production are all operating at an insanely high level, which inevitably results in a song that you won’t want to stop listening to. A lot of songs released today, but there is no way any of them will get more personal plays by me than this one. Hailey is truly a gift to music and I pray she continues to get the recognition that she’s …