1000 Summers-[Public Library Commute]

Public Library Commute just dropped an EP today which means that this Thursday is a special one to say the least. Conrad Hisang aka PLC is the mastermind behind this stellar artist project that I’ve been obsessed with for some time now and I’m so honored to be able to bring him on to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade this afternoon! 2020 was an exciting year for the up and coming artist and by the looks of it, 2021 is going to be even better one based on the perfection of these 6 songs that PLC put together for us. The project, called, “1000 Summers” is the perfect piece to jam out to no matter the occasion. Whether you’re cruising down the street in the car or kicking it at the barbecue, this entire offering is a soundtrack for good vibes. From songs like “You Been on My Mind” to the focus track, “25MPH”, there is an extensive level of expertise that Conrad showcases through his impressive production and mesmerizing vocal talents. Each song gives off a different vibe and feel which brings diversity but at the same time feels cohesive with the entire project as a whole. I’m going …

You Been On My Mind-[Public Library Commute]

Public Library Commute took my breath away as soon as I got a listen to their newest song, “You Been On My Mind”. I wasn’t familiar with this act before I checked out this latest one, but I can confidently say that I am now a full fledged fan. After an impressive team up with well-known artist Healy, ​Public Library Commute (AKA Conrad Hsiang) aims to keep the momentum going with this new offering. After listening over and over again, it’s very clear that his aim was executed with complete accuracy. I cannot stop listening to “You Been On My Mind” for a myriad of different reasons. First, the beautiful vocal stylings that are present on this track are just remarkable. The soothing nature cannot be done justice by listening once. You’ll have to rewind and replay to truly experience it. Second, the storytelling that takes place in this song helps listeners follow along with the narrative that’s being presented. From the vocals to the production, this song just doesn’t miss and I’m so excited to hear more from the rising star. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen when you can and enjoy!

Come Ovr/Skype Calls – [Sophie Meiers]

Sophie Meiers is a once-in-a-lifetime type of artist. At only 20-years-old the Colorado native has amassed millions of streams across her self-released discography, recorded in bedrooms and warehouses across the country with little to no budget. Paving her own path, Sophie continues to create authentic, heartfelt songs graced with her natural charisma and charm.  On her latest release, Meiers pays homage to online relationships with a new two-pack of singles called “Come Ovr/Skype Calls.” The bubbly tracks are easily relatable for those born in the Internet Era, as Sophie reminisces on late night Skype calls and iMessage conversations. Laced with production work from HXNS, Public Library Commute and YOG$, the two songs are perfect for a chilly Fall evening. Watch Sophie’s self-directed video for “Come Ovr” below, and stream “Skype Calls” here! words by liam m