Pseudoscience – [Keem The Cipher]

Keem The Cipher is bringing magnificent and elegant new sounds to the world with his latest instrumental project, Pseudoscience. The young Hip-Hop producer does not play by the rules, incorporating elements of jazz, electronic-funk, soul, and more into music. In short, this man is capable of creating a vibe for nearly any setting imaginable. A long drive home? Perfect, go listen to “Trial and Error.” Chilling at the beach with the homies? Amazing, turn on, “Gone Too Long!” Coming from Tennessee, Keem has been releasing music for quite some time. With several other instrumental projects released throughout the last couple years, it should come as no surprise to anyone as to why the producer has such a profoundly distinct and one of a kind sound. Throughout the project, Keem transitions from songs with wavy beautifully wavy synths to songs with off-beat drum patterns with the bat of an eye. The eclectic Pseudoscience is a true testament of Keem’s hard work and dedication to the craft of tailoring completely original music. Recently receiving a major head nod from TDE rapper, Isaiah Rashad, Keem The Cipher is truly up next. Listen to Pseudoscience here: Words by Barry R