“Wake Up” with a creative new offering from Harlem’s 27Delly.

Wake Up is the most recent release from Harlem’s 27Delly, who’s making sure everybody that overslept won’t click “snooze” any longer. This is now my third time covering 27, and each time I’ve been more impressed with his work. A trailblazer, he continues to bend genres and deliveries to adhere to his unique skills, something that’s refreshing in an often saturated modern industry. Polished melodies and R&B-leaning tracks make up the 6-piece project, and each track on the album presents a new arena for 27Delly to play at the highest level. The project starts with an impressive OTP-produced smash entitled “Hit The Town.” The upbeat bass-heavy banger is a familiar sound for long-time 27Delly fans. Then shortly after, the project leads into Delly’s Billboard-approved track, “Gimmie That.” The Caribbean-themed record is an ode to Delly’s West Indian influences. Tracks like “High Road” and the TRAVI-assisted “Lambo On Fire” help keep the EP’s flow strong and make for a wholly well-rounded project. Click here or scroll to the bottom of the article to listen to Wake Up on Spotify. After being introduced to his sound and loving what I’d heard, I wanted to learn more about 27Delly. He recently took the time …

Hardcore – [Zack Bia] x [Don Toliver]

Over the last couple of years, Zack Bia has become a prominent figure in the music industry with his DJ sets, signing talented artists and making moves behind the scenes. The other day, Zack decided to take the next step in his career and release his first-ever record, an absolute banger called “hardcore” featuring Don Toliver! Zack definitely has a good ear and knows what people want to hear, and based on just how good this new record is, I’m sure this transition will go very smoothly for him. I am excited to see what the future holds musically for Zack, because this is one hell of a way to start, check out this new offering below!

Daniel Caesar pours out his insecurities on “Do you Like Me?”

Celebrities can feel insecure too, it seems. Daniel Caesar’s latest single “Do You Like Me?” is a smooth and soulful track that showcases the Canadian singer-songwriter’s emotive vocals and introspective lyrics. I’ve loved Daniel’s work since I can remember getting deeper into R&B in the mid-2010s, and tracks like this are exactly why he’s stuck around in my rotation for a half-dozen years. The song starts with a mellow piano and Caesar’s voice, then it builds up with a steady beat and lush instrumentation. The lyrics touch on the theme of self-doubt and insecurity as Caesar sings about questioning a relationship and seeking validation from the other person. Caesar’s voice is raw and emotive, conveying the vulnerability and uncertainty of the lyrics. The song is a masterclass in storytelling, as Caesar paints a vivid picture of the emotions he’s experiencing. The production is top-notch and the instrumentation is well-balanced, with the piano and drums complementing Caesar’s vocals. “Do You Like Me?” is a powerful and emotive track and a must-listen for fans of R&B and anyone who appreciates good storytelling in music. Check it out on Spotify below!

Feel A Way – [Gene Noble]

Gene Noble is a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter based out of Los Angeles who is turning heads within the R&B community with his new project “Feel A Way.” In 2023 now more than ever the listener has to be able to relate to your music in some way or fashion. With Gene’s project, he shares 8 records of self-reflection as he comes to terms with the reality of working through his feelings. Gene stated via email that “This whole project is full of songs that I’ve recorded literally around the world. It’s me being in different feels, in different moments, and having different thoughts.” This project serves as a change of pace sonically and creatively for Gene compared to his previous works. Throughout the project, you see how he shows inner growth as he looks inward for unconditional love. Stream Gene Noble’s project “Feel A Way” in its entirety after the break.

Complicated – [King Ivy]

King Ivy is an artist from Australia by way of Ghana whose single “Complicated” is one of the best songs you’ll hear this week. This single came out last year but I’m still finding myself coming back to this record on a weekly basis. The bass and guitar of this song literally make my ears perk up on every listen and they flow effortlessly with how catchy the hook is. King Ivy started making music when he was 15 years old and some of his influences are Dijon, Steve Lacy, and Bakar. If you listen to the two singles he has out, you can hear traces of those artists in his music. Ivy stated via email that his plans for 2023 are to continue to improve his music and for us to be on the lookout for his ep dropping sometime this year. Stream King Ivy’s new single “Complicated” for yourself below.

A Conversation with Kaleah Lee

If you read my end of the year recap, then you’d know that an artist who had a specific impact on my 2022 was none other than Kaleah Lee. The young artist based in the suburbs of Vancouver has been releasing some of the prettiest music I’ve heard in a long time, so it was only right to take some time to chat with her. From growing up in Canada, to song inspiration, we chatted about it all. Continue reading to check out this Conversation with Kaleah Lee. — Sam: So a question I always start with is, how are you doing? Apart from music, how is life treating you in general? Kaleah: Yeah, I’ve been in a good place. It’s been nice. I have a lot of family home and everyone is always doing something, so, I’m having a good time. I’ve been writing and trying to get outside when it’s not pouring rain; But, I’ve been really good overall. — Sam: I love that. Okay, so you were born and raised around Vancouver right? What was it like growing up there? Kaleah: Yeah, so I live technically not in Downtown Vancouver, I live in the suburbs like 20 minutes away. …

It Was Fun While It Lasted – [Kayo]

Kayo is an artist who I have been familiar with for some years now, I have recognized the talent that he holds in the past, but with the release of his new project It Was Fun While It Lasted, it seems like he is unlocking a new level of his potential. When you take a look at this tracklist, you see the names of some extremely talented individuals featured here, I couldn’t wait to dive in once I saw Kayo was paired with the likes of femdot, ausar, senite, etc. Kayo is a pure rapper at his core, he can rap with the best of them but he’s clearly expanded his arsenal over the years, the melodies and the cohesiveness of this tape are on point. I have only listened through this project twice now, so I need to sit with it more, but it is very good off of my initial listens. Shout out to Kayo for creating this, you did a great job and I am proud of your progress over the years!

Rainfalls – [Keven Hopkins]

This evening we have an artist that goes by the name of Keven Hopkins who is making his debut on our website with his brand new offering titled “Rainfalls”. No exaggeration, I have listened to this song probably twenty times in a row, Keven’s vocal performance on this track left me in awe. This joint is so calming and soothing, I enjoyed the melody that Keven put together and I am excited to see what the future holds for him. I don’t know much about Keven at the moment, but I am planning on doing more due diligence and learning about him moving forward. Check out this brand-new record below!

Atlanta’s Rico Cash is on fire with “1008 Degrees.”

Atlanta native and budding rap star Rico Cash just released his latest album 1008 Degrees (through Human Re Sources). This 19-song project is an ode to southern trap music, combining raw lyrics, heavy 808s, and upbeat tempos. This project had me surprised from top to bottom, with heat in several different styles. He utilized features from fellow ATL breakthrough acts including; Landstrip Chip, Hxncho, Trvpmoneyy Vdough, Mali Meexh, and rising producers; Bruddaonthebeat, Zwiffa, Codeine Beats and Mellow. This near-60-minute album gave me a few new regular replays in my library, with 1008 Degreez Intro and Devil In (ft. Mali Meexh), which was accompanied by a recently released visual shot by Bag Talk, being a couple of favorites off the rip. Rico Cash is determined to pave his own lane while staying true to his Atlanta roots, and remaining passionate in unapologetically telling his story through his music. Tap into 1008 Degrees on Spotify below!

FW Deem – Not A Safe Place

FW Deem developed his passion for music in early 2015 after being inspired by a few of his older friends that went by the name of CloudSurferz. Deem would record his first song called “Just Chill” produced by Macklemore’s music producer, Zac Levine. He would go on to release several songs soon after. FW Deem would get his first live show In 2017, opening up for Kehlani at The Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS. Only one week after his performance, he would get arrested for armed robbery. Once again, FW Deem knew that this was not going to define him. He would hone his craft behind bars where he would write songs and practice singing during his free time. Upon being released in 2020, Deem went right to work writing new music and performing at major concerts. Soon after, he dropped his hit single “Not A Safe Place” which would catch the attention of Rene Martinez better known as RGM150. RGM150 is the cofounder of Hoolie Nation, an independent record label based out of Texas. In 2021 FW Deem stood out at SXSW and hopped on the Ragland Tour with SauceWalka and The Sauce Factory and landed a spot on …