Feenin’ – [Lil Poppa]

Lil Poppa has continued the expansion of the hip-hop genre with his unique delivery which consists of a deep, melodic undertone and paired with beautiful rhythmic switch-ups that leave listeners pleased at the end of every new track and eager to hear more. That’s certainly the case with Poppa’s newest single, “Feenin,’” which came out December 10. The track features a catchy chorus that utilizes his unique tone with a flow that left me with a stank face. “They pull up leaning, codeining — percocets make perfect sex — she feenin’, she need it.” The song is accompanied by a premiere music video shot by Montanashotya, which in its basis is a visual simply portraying Poppa in his natural environment, with flashy cars, lavish living quarters, pouring drinks, and posted in expensive apparel. This catchy joint already has 280K views on YouTube in the three days since its release, and the track is gaining traction on mainstream radars across the industry as the Florida native continues to boost his following and his discography with another masterpiece in “Feenin’.” Check it out on YouTube below!

Premiere: Pay The Price – [Nippa]

Just over a month ago to date, UK talent Nippa made his debut on our pages with “Situation” — a deeply refreshing track, bolstered around bouncy production, silky smooth deliveries, and a sense of homegrown self that seeps through the infectious visuals. Simply put, Nippa’s music is the type that doesn’t pray on a viral moment or a TikTok dance to get moving. Rather, it leans on authenticity and sheer quality — the type of thing that anyone feels comfortable texting to a friend or playing at a party, which is arguably the highest form of cosign there is, when personal taste is put on the line without any other motives involved. Around the time “Situation” was released, Nippa was starting to gain some attention from U.S. and Canadian outlets, and is now buzzing out of the UK as a red-hot new talent with cosigns from the likes of Boi-1da and Blxst, spins from BBC Radio 1Xtra, a follow from FKA Twigs, and more — that is, while finishing up his last year of university in Kent, where peers have started to recognize him around campus. Nippa is a storyteller, he’s charismatic, he can sing, he can rap, and most impressively, …

Premiere: gabby start begins today with the explosive “sydney”

Writing about music, I’ve received countless pitches over the years for songs that mix genres, or sound like if X artist met Y artist. Some of these songs are impressive, but I’ve come to realize that cool songs only go so far. They might land in playlists, or get sent in group chats as neat things to listen to, but music that finds an engaged, lasting audience, is music rooted in lore and belief. Because it’s about more than some neat songs. The ethos behind music that lasts is an extension of the artist who created it, and it’s the source code that characterizes a fanbase as more than a group of people who listen to the same thing, but rather, a group of people who choose to believe in something greater than cool songs. This is where gabby start comes in. gabby start is the artist project of a 20-year old NYU student formerly known as Knapsack. And while gabby’s songs are neat as they come, pairing the energy and anthemic qualities of rock music with EDM drum kits and pop song structures, they’re also rooted in a value system that defines what the artist project is all about. …

Eastside – [Daisy]

Los Angeles based group Daisy premiered their newest visual to their addictive track, “Eastside,” on Oct. 8. The vibrant and colorful video features an array of different videographic capture styles, allowing for a multiple creative perspectives and angles that viewers seldom see in short music videos. The production and editing crew emphasized color and tone in the montage as well, with vivid colors and textures as well as scene-setting shots that certainly provide an inviting experience for such a feel-good track. Clip segments that stood out were beautiful portrait shots of a group picnic in the park, and a follow-cam from the back-end of their convertible as they cruise through the L.A. hills. The visual has amassed nearly 100,000 YouTube views in the short time since.  Daisy brings a groovy twist to modern pop, with beautiful inclusion of a combination of instruments that provide a rangy, vintage feel that can attract listeners of all preferences. The group has been known for its’ wide spectrum of style and influence, with several of their songs having distinct switch ups and redirects midway through. Not necessarily the case with this track, however, but make sure you hear and see the beautiful guitar changeup …

Gorilla Talk – [Baby Stone Gorillas]

Emerging as a premiere up-and-coming name on the West Coast right now, the Baby Stone Gorillas have been on an impeccable run as of late, matching consistent releases with a deeply unique sense of artistry that only improves and expands with each new release. Every song has a visual and every verse is rooted in slice-of-life reality, executed in such a way that BSG is able to take listeners from anywhere in the world to their corner of the country — a clear marker of all great regional rap, and an early indicator that BSG is in the process of bringing this sound to audiences far beyond South Central LA. Today, the group hits our pages yet again, this time delivering a new song and visual entitled “Gorilla Talk.” This release, in particular, has quickly become one of my favorites from the Baby Stone Gorillas to date, specifically in the way that it so vividly captures the unique personality of each artist. The song kicks off with an aspirational verse from Top5ive, rapping about mansions and progress in an alluring way that effectively pairs past realities with future dreams. Second, P4K steps in with the hard-nosed charisma that he’s become …

PREMIERE: On Game – [Nil Bambu]

Although R&B isn’t a genre I typically find myself leaning towards considering I personally prefer the upbeat, faster pace that is present within hip-hop and rap offerings, there’s something about it that I just can’t get enough of. Whether that’s the incredible vocalists that contribute to this genre or the slower, smoother style that they often bring to life, I feel as if R&B is as dexterous as any other genre, but it doesn’t get the shine it deserves as hip-hop artists seem to take over the world one day at a time. I might pay closer attention to other subsets of music, but when an artist gets sent my way like Nil Bambu, I have literally no choice but to listen up and pay my respects where they’re due. Although her song “On Game” might be my introduction to her sonic world, it’s everything I could ask for and more in order to familiarize myself with this beyond promising up-and-comer, and the Tony Katai-shot music video is the perfect accompaniment to a record this powerful. In a world that’s created full of fast, luxurious cars, nothing steals the spotlight from Nil for even a second, and she’s clearly the …

Stars Aligned Freestyle – [K Camp]

Following his latest project, Float, K Camp is right back to work with, “Stars Aligned Freestyle,” a gravitating track released in pair with a visual done by Float productions, that blends his raspy melodic tone with an instrumental that punctuates his talent. Riding high after the success of his latest album release, FLOAT, Camp releases this raw, creative track that day-one fans love and new listeners attach to.  “B*tch I’m fired up I step on Prada when I walk.” From the first line, he gets your attention with a fiery, confident bar that engulfs the listener immediately and indefinitely for the remainder of the freestyle, which is accompanied with an upbeat visual of the rapper enjoying himself posted in front of and inside beautiful Rolls Royce.  The visual has done numbers since its premiere on September 17, with 109K views and climbing. Peep this high-energy video partnered with K Camp’s high-tempo, “Stars Aligned Freestyle,” on YouTube below!

Animal Control – [Baby Smoove]

Baby Smoove, a rising Detroit superstar premiered his brand new visual for the track, “Animal Control,” last week with fans waiting on the rumored release of an upcoming album. In association with CTFilms, Baby Smoove is pictured in the visual draped in jewelry, lost in backwoods smoke and big dollar-bills to portray the raspy, hazy tone the track gives off. Smoove is not a stranger to success in his short time in the hip-hop industry, expanding his fanbase with popular songs like, “Akorn,” which released in 2019 and has accumulated 10M views, and “Not Us,” which has racked up 425k views in just under a month since it premiered. Get acquainted with the official visual to, “Animal Control,” shot by CTFilms, on YouTube below!

Rocc Climbing – [Remble] ft. [Lil Yachty]

Just a few days ago, AMD Visuals partnered with Remble and Lil Yachty to direct and release the video for, “Rocc Climbing,” and is gaining huge publicity for multiple reasons, including the premiere of a fascinating hair style for Lil Boat (Yachty), as well as the overnight internet fame Remble has achieved due to his incredibly unique, articulate delivery. “Remble raps in MLA format,” a recent viral tweet said. The two contributing artists, with catchy tune and rhythm laid over a bouncy instrumental, are responsible for this track and video gaining traction exponentially – with the video now ranked #21 on the YouTube top music chart, and countless meme conjurings and reposts across social media worldwide. Remble, a San Pedro, California product, is looking to be continuing his momentum from success with his astoundingly successful, “Gordon Ramsey Freestyle,” with this intriguing, comical video that portrays Remble and ‘Boat’ in different spots around the studio using multiple fun angles and other videographic styles to make the single-location video look a bit more stretched. Peep Remble and Yachty’s new video for, “Rocc Climbing,” shot by AMD Visuals, on YouTube below!

Premiere: Alone With Myself-[Charlie Powers]

San Diego artist, Charlie Powers continues to get better and this latest release by him is nothing but proof of what we already knew here at Lyrical. Since making it on to our pages back in 2019, the up and comer has wasted no time in becoming one of our favorite individuals to cover and it’s due to his extensive talent and enjoyable music. Today, Charlie resurfaces on our page for the release of his brand new song called “Alone With Myself”. LL fans last saw him on our platform for “Crying Pt. 2”, which has since streamed over 230,000 times on Spotify alone. With the success of his latest, it was a no brainer for him to continue his hot streak with an new song, “Alone With Myself” might just be one of my favorites to date by Charlie. There are a lot of phenomenal elements in this song, but the one thing that stood out to me most was Charlies angelic vocals. The production within this track is supremely minimalistic which leaves room for Charlie to effortlessly shine over the verses of this song. He opens his heart and soul for his listeners which makes this a transparent …