The Highest Flyest Fly on the Wall – [Pat Ron]

A collaboration between a producer and rapper isn’t a guarantee in quality but the pairing of Pat Ron and producer Por Vida is the closest thing to a guarantee you can get. Pat Ron’s latest project, The Highest Flyest Fly on the Wall, entirely produced by por vida, is a cinematically constructed, lyrically sharp, hazy collection of songs that is certifiably un-skippable. From the moment you press play on the eight-track project, you are immediately engulfed in a truly vivid soundscape with Pat Ron at the center of it all delivering laid-back rhymes with an undeniable punch. The project in its entirety progresses beautifully, its pacing is more focused on Pat Ron and the production, forcing the listener to match their pace, and step into their world rather than the other way around. Sonically, the 19-minute project re-instills that feeling of the blog era when mixtapes like Taylor Allderance, the Finally Famous series, and K.I.D.S. were all freshly released and blared from every speaker. Songs like, “Mirror Mirror,” “SwatMeOutTheSky,” and “Mr. BigShit” all exude this mixtape feeling as Pat Ron is surgically precise with his timing, cadence, and overall rhyme schemes that will have you completely entranced from the start of every song.  …

PNTHN: Power in Personality

Photo by Hotel Party The PNTHN experience is one rooted in personality. There’s the group’s collective personality– Texas-tinted, chaotic in its beauty, and with unwavering dedication– and then there’s the personality that each individual member offers, of which there are seven. Gulfwey, Kenny Casanova, Trevon Tex, twohorizonra, dc4prez, Tony Tone, and Otto. Seeing PNTHN live in Boston on February 29th, I came to realize that in adding a dimension to the music, the group’s collective personality is what brings fans to the shows, while the individual personalities are what pulls them further in. PNTHN, as a whole, is simply a sum of remarkable individual talent, all of which stands strong on its own, but even stronger as a team. And for this reason, among others, they’ve become an undeniable force out of Texas, most recently sealing their reputation with a nod to the Southern culture that influenced them, the Project Pat-featuring “JULIUS.” In a night marked by moshpits executed, water bottles thrown, and memories made, February 29th brought the PNTHN vision together, allowing each pillar to shine without dulling the excitement of the whole. Tony Tone electrified the crowd as an unwavering source of energy, Gulfwey offered his signature, …

New Crib Freestyles – [Tony Tone]

The lyrical precision of Tony Tone, who we have previously highlighted on the site for his work as a member of the South Texas rap collective PNTHN, just dropped a five-pack of freestyles in celebration of his new crib. Complete with the grimy, soul-sampled excellence that has accompanied his previous solo outings, Tony Tone’s latest endeavor is a freestyle lovers paradise. Production credits on the new EP go to fellow PNTHN member and in-house producer Por Vida, as well as co-production from Dakota Carley and fellow Texas rapper-producer Wiardon on the projects later tracks. Opened by the elegant yet muddied production and execution of the EP’s self-titled introductory record, Tony Tone dives head-first into a stream of conscious-like flow that balances on a fine-line between braggadocios and ethereal. This thematic element of delivery, which is present throughout the project’s entirety like on “Slowburn” and “Buenos Aires”, is cleverly complimented by smoked-out almost nostalgia-inducing production that calls the senses back to hazy car windows that occupy empty city streets. Whether snared by the hypnotic production, Tony’s levitating delivery or his sheer ability to put a plethora of words together seemingly effortlessly everyone can find something to gravitate to on the newly released …

Whatever You Got – [Niia]

R&B crooner Niia last graced the LL pages back in August with the breezy “Pull Up”, building even more anticipation for her new album, a follow up to 2017’s I. As a big fan of her unique style, I’ve been looking forward to the album all year, and I’m happy to report the wait is almost over; Niia has officially announced that II: La Bella Vida is set to drop on Valentine’s Day Another few months won’t kill us, especially because, along with the announcement, she unleashed “Whatever You Got” one of her most potent singles to date to tide us over. Niia has a penchant for making sordid, tumultuous relationships sound so damn inviting and she does it yet again on “Whatever You Got” with an intoxicating vibe driven by her sultry, gliding vocals. In addition to co-producing the glossy, danceable effort, she also co-directed the visuals which, filmed in Italy, run right along with the sleek, exotic feel of the track.  Niia stated that the album is “about the downfall of a relationship,” making it the perfect Valentine’s Day release with “Whatever You Got” leading the charge.

Premiere: Persona – [PNTHN]

In the age of social media, artists who spike in popularity thanks to one-time virality often experience a fall just as rapid as their rise. Put simply, volatility is too high when no stable foundation is built, and consequently, it becomes nearly impossible for these viral sensations to expand their vision and build on their “moment” while it’s still there. For Texas rap group PNTHN, however, we’re seeing the exact opposite. One release after another, PNTHN has slowly but surely proved themselves as an act worth watching, simply by putting thought and care into the construction of their careers so far. As a result, even at such an early stage in their rise, the group boasts a strong catalog of music and a feverish following in their native Texas, not to mention an incredible resume of live shows and even better reviews from critics. Accordingly so, the stable foundation has been built, and as PNTHN looks toward the future with releases such as their latest — “Persona” — fans await the inevitable moment when that first domino tips and the group is off to the races. With this, “Persona” looks, sounds, and feels like the moments leading up to this …

New Crib Freestyle – [Tony Tone]

Ever since their renowned project Potluck, Texas rap group PNTHN has become a clear standout amidst the sea of burgeoning talent coming from their home state. Each and every member brings a unique and valuable voice to the group, and one of my personal favorites is none other than the effortlessly charismatic Tony Tone. Today, Tony makes his solo debut on Lyrical Lemonade with his “New Crib Freestyle.” Produced by none other than PNTHN’s in-house producer, Por Vida, “New Crib Freestyle” is a smoky, soul-soaked offering that perfectly communicates Tony’s raw allure. It’s not polished; rather, it’s grimy as can be, meshing dusty instrumentation with one quotable after another — a central element of what makes Tony Tone the head-turning emcee that he is. The PNTHN representative wastes no time in letting his skills do the talking, and as a result, all the way from sound to technique, “New Crib Freestyle” demands to be thrown on loop. That said, from his work on PNTHN’s releases to his solo catalog, Tony Tone is an artist to keep an eye out for new. Peep his latest release at the link provided below! Produced by Por Vida Mixed and Mastered by PE$O

Good Ass Halal – [PNTHN]

With a majority of their growth occuring in the past year or so, it’s hard to say that many acts are on a path as promising as Texas’s own, PNTHN. Equipped with a remarkably skilled cast of characters — both on the mic and behind-the-scenes — PNTHN’s widespread appeal exists somewhere between the animated energy of “new school” artists and the masterful lyricism of “old school” artists, making for a sound enjoyable in some way, shape, or form to just about everybody who takes the time to listen. Today, the group is here to prove this with a new track by the name of “Good Ass Halal.” Blending a mesmeric instrumental — and one of my favorites in recent memory, for that matter — with wiry, malleable flows, the latest from PNTHN perfectly bends from corner to corner without losing focus. Verse after verse, the lyrical performance here is something reminiscent of a dream team, as each artist follows up the last with an equal supply of energy and a unique style to match. The main bridge connecting it all together: the chorus which, as proved on my walk to work today, is one that will get stuck in your head …

Communion – [PNTHN]

We cannot get enough of the South Texas juggernaut, PNTHN. Clearly gearing up for something special, PNTHN has released a new track titled, “Communion” and yes, listening to the new song is in itself a holy act. In-house production from their very own, Por Vida lays a complex set of instrumentals that build anticipation for an eventual knocking bass. The track features verse’s from DC4Prez, twohorizonra and Kenny Casanova all delivering equally sharp bars, passing the bat0n to one another with finesse. Releasing a music video last week and a new song this week has us curious as to what PNTHN is plotting. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed, hoping the motley collective continues to deliver gripping songs and visuals. Listen to the new song from PNTHN below and tell us what you think of “Communion” in the comment section!


Coming out of Texas right now, PNTHN is a group that all of our readers need to get hip to. The rising talents’ confident ability to push their artistry is second to none, and as shown in the standout project, Potluck, PNTHN never compromises their innate group chemistry. Today, they keep the stocks rising with a remix of their own single, “SUPAFANTASTIC CHOPPA“, as reimagined by producer Por Vida. This release maintains the track’s galvanizing energy while bringing a bit of a twist to the table, and quite frankly, it works perfectly. If PNTHN can continue to keep fans entertained with such a consistently impressive roll of releases, then the potential, in this case, is truly limitless. Listen to “SUPAFANTASTIC CHOPPA” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments! Mastered by Rich Munee 

Sicario – [Lil Ooh]

As part of Texas rap collective and Lyrical Lemonade favorite, PNTHN, Por Vida is a producer that I’ve always had my eye on as someone truly unique in his talents. He makes music on his own terms, and today, we see this in the form of a brand new track entitled “Sicario” alongside Lil Ooh. Led by a supply of trunk-rattling, addictive melodies and a relentless rumbling of drum patterns, this track marks itself as an absolute banger from the very opening seconds. Por Vida and Lil Ooh prove to work in a complementary manner by finding a perfect sonic common ground, and in doing so, they consequently layout just the right blueprint for Ooh to snap in his respective role both lyrically and delivery-wise. That said, “Sicario” is a must-listen, so be sure to check it out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!