Stay Strapped, Vol. 2 – [STRAPPED!]

I was thrilled when STRAPPED! dropped their first official project last year as they have been an invaluable asset to the underground community for years both as a blog and SoundCloud hosting services, giving us our first listen to more links and snippets than I could count, as well as giving emerging artists a greater platform to expose their songs to. Their latest release, Stay Strapped, Vol. 2 follows their debut last year but have reloaded in terms of the artists they featured, even with a few repeat appearances. The twenty track project encapsulates almost every notable sound in underground rap today, ranging from the endless bars of Tony Shhnow, to the melodic plugg-stylings of BoofPaxkMooky, or the autotuned crooning of Pollari, with a number of flavors in between, truly giving a comprehensive sample of what is coming out of SoundCloud today. The tape features: Tony Shhnow, Draft Day, 10kdunkin, Stunna Cold, ATL Smook, Lil Xelly, BBKnight, Texako, BoofPaxkMooky, IceBirds, DC2Trill, FLEE, 1600j, MDMA, Destroy Lonely, Lil Candypaint, Thouxanbanfauni, Lil Yen, Bear1Boss, and Pollari. I am looking forwards to Volume 3 and cannot wait to see which new faces are selected for that project, as well as hearing how much the …

Pollari: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Pollari is one of the best individuals that I have ever met in the music industry, he’s a great person who just so happens to make excellent music. I brought Pollari through the LL office a couple of months ago for a new interview where we discussed many things such as growing up in Atlanta, the three music videos he has shot with Cole Bennett, his relationship with Rick Rubin, potentially A&Ring in the future, his friendship with Lil Yachty, his Loverboy project, his upcoming music releases, his days owning clothing brands and more. Pollari is such a wonderful individual and a talented artist, this is one of my favorite interviews yet, check it out for yourself below!

Happily Ever After EP – [Pollari]

2021 has accounted for a ton of new amazing music releases so far, I believe part of this is because people were hesitant to release during the pandemic, but now it’s making for an unbelievable amount of good music being put out on the daily. A couple of days ago, we were just blessed with a brand new EP from Lyrical Lemonade favorite Pollari, a seven-song tape that he deemed “Happily Ever After”. My favorite thing about Pollari is definitely his undeniable range as an artist, he can make literally any kind of music, and he understands that he decides his own path. Pollari knows that on any given day he can release a certain type of sounding song that he has mastered and it will make him ‘blow up’ for lack of a better term. Instead, he chooses to make the type of music that he truly wants to create, he never succumbs to pressure from fans or today’s trendy sounds, and that is what makes him a legend in his own right.  I loved this project and I feel like any true Pollari fan will feel the same way that I do, it’s some of his best work …

brandnew! – [Pollari]

There’s been so much good music coming out recently that it’s almost overwhelming trying to listen to it all, but one release that I knew I couldn’t sleep on was Pollari’s brand new release called “Brandnew”. The instrumental on this track had many different layers to it, they all somehow came together for an ear-pleasing melody that Pollari took full advantage of. Not many can keep up with Pollari when comes to melodic rap, he is in a class of his own and most artist could learn a thing or two from him by paying attention to his craft. All of Pollari’s latest releases have been sensational, I am looking forward to hearing what else he has up his sleeve, but for now, press play below! prod. maru48k & firemane

Loverboy 2 – [Pollari]

A couple of weeks ago I had Pollari come through the Lyrical Lemonade office here in Chicago for an interview, and we got the opportunity to catch up about everything that’s been going on for the past couple of years. One thing that I spoke to Pollari about is how much I have enjoyed the growth + progression of his sound over the years, when you listen to his music from 2017 to 2019 to 2021, it’s all completely different. He has been taking a more alternative approach to his music lately, last year he blessed us with his Loverboy project, and today he is back with the sequel, Loverboy 2. This is a rather quick listen coming in at eight records and just over twenty minutes in length, it’s a very digestible listen that is somewhat similar to the last tape, but it’s a better + more polished of this alternative sound from Pollari. Stream this new project on Spotify below!

ACTION PARK – [dolphin talk x stephen niday]

The current debate and dialogue I recently have seen all over Twitter is tired judgements on an underground scene that is incredibly misunderstood and perhaps more talent laden than ever which exists on SoundCloud, while the ignorant many continue their 2016-2017 nostalgia craze and ignore the actual leaps and bounds being made by artists who were first inspired by the now defunct scene that is so romanticized and building off of their innovations and learning from their many mistakes. but painfully the massive amounts of attention that were placed on the platform during the earlier years is now gone and these incredible creatives are starved of the popularity that initially birthed the entire “clout” craze but at the same time has led to their fanbases becoming all the more ravenous and close-knit and developing into intricate communities with distinct and often hilarious social orders and whatnot. One trend I have been seeing recently that I love is the increase in third-party project releases where a DJ or promoter or in this case producers recruit their favorite artists to their beats and release a compilation project that never becomes predictable and gives the producers a more extended moment to shine that is all too …

Infrared – [Pollari]

Pollari has been one of the trailblazers in music over the past five years or so, not just in hip-hop though, he plays an important role in the alternative/rap mixture sound too. Pollari is easily one of the most underrated artists that I have known, he has influenced a ton of artists whether they know it or not, and in my eyes, he’s one of the best at what he does. Today, Pollari is finding himself back on our website with his brand new music video for “Infrared”. This visual itself was one of the most interesting videos that I have watched in a minute, it found Pollari in a night vision atmosphere, with a lot of emphasis on his eyes + the moon & sky. The song was definitely more in the experimental lane, which is what I’ve grown used to hearing from Pollari, a sound that he has mastered in my opinion. Watch this brand new music video below, you won’t regret it!

Dis Should Hold You Over 2 – [Tony Shhnow] [CashCache]

I think at this point it is safe to say that plugg-music has been revived in a sense as all around America and more and more the world we are starting to see new plugg scenes emerge from scratch as well as seeing more traditional and established artists begin to gravitate to the sound that originally saw popularity in on SoundCloud in 2016 and our nostalgia-heavy music culture has already pushed this style into being paid homage and sonically reformed with new layers and intricacies being added everyday. Mexikodro and StupidXool are the undisputed champions and creators of plugg music but it has been two other names that have dominated plugg’s comeback over the past year and they are Atlanta natives Tony Shhnow and Cashcache! who have respectively been internet rap staples for almost three years now and are beginning to receive the appreciation and support that they have both deserved for some time now. This is their second project together as their acclaimed initial collaboration project Dis Should Hold You Over was met with tremendous support from a wide host of rap’s most respected pundits as well as being praised by all corners of the SoundCloud community, both for …

Pressure – [Pollari]

It’s been far too long since I have heard some new music from Pollari, so I was thrilled when I saw that he just released a new track called “Pressure”. Pollari is a one of a kind artist who I have been rooting for a ton, he’s accumulated a die-hard fanbase over the years which has given him the leeway to play with his sound a bit. Pollari has done his fair share of experimenting with his music and I believe that it all has sounded really good, but one this joint here, he threw it back and gave something for his original fans as he tapped back into his old style. Stream this brand new offering below and if you like the track then share it with a friend! POLLARI (@kevinpollari) · POLLARI – PRESSURE! (prod. 6houl & Dreamr)

Heartless – [Pollari]

When you think about artists that have played a role in pushing new + unique sounds in the past five years, you can’t help but think of Pollari, who is back on our website with his new music video for “Heartless”. This song here finds Pollari experimenting with a few different types of flows, pitching his voice up and down at different times to fit the beat perfectly and even using his adlibs to get creative too. It’s been dope to watch Pollari grow as an artist and as a person over the years, he has done a ton of good work up until this point, but I believe his best days are ahead of him. Take a couple of minutes to watch this new music video below! Directed by Charles & AJ