Steel Alive – [Steelz]

Although there has never really been a moment since rap’s inception where the Los Angeles scene wasn’t fully popping off, there are certainly some timeframes that prove to be stronger than others. About a half-decade ago, or maybe a little more, there didn’t seem to be any other region going crazier than California, and even if artists weren’t from there, they would flock to the West Coast to get in on the fun that was being had there. Throughout this period of time, there were so many names that came into the spotlight, and while Steelz is one of the main producers that I am familiar with from this reawakening, I am certainly excited for people to finally realize exactly how much of a force he is behind the decks. I mean, he has racked up over 120 million streams and worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Quavo to Nipsey Hussle and more. With an amassing following and the backing of a city that always shows love to those that show love back, he is using his intense story to his advantage, pouring everything he has gone through into his music while reaping the benefits of this honesty and …

The Commission – [Icewear Vezzo] ft. [Peezy] & [Payroll Giovanni]

When I first heard about the Michigan rap scene, I remember writing about artists that I had no clue who they were, but I just loved their vibe and couldn’t help but spread the word however and whenever I could. I didn’t even know half of their names, so if there were a few emcees on a single song, I had to do research and look them up to understand who was rapping at what point in the song. Clearly, if you have been following along with my articles for more than a year, you know I have come a long way because I probably know too much about them at this point, but I just can’t get enough of the music coming out of this scene, and out of everyone Icewear Vezzo is not only one of the best, but he’s someone that I think should be credited with putting the city of Detroit back on the map with a new face after the rest of the country just labeled the Motor City with Eminem and no one else. His upcoming album Rich Off Pints 3 is set to drop in just about a week on June 29th, and …

SNSG Makes His Return With New Tape ‘Cheat Codes 3’

Following the release of Cheat Codes 2 in 2021, SNSG returns to the rap scene with his new mixtape Cheat Codes 3. In his previous project, the California- based rapper had the opportunity to work with Sada Baby, Icewear Vezzo, Snap Dogg, FMB DZ, and Sacramento rapper C.M.L. However, SNSG’s new album is unlike anything else we heard before. With features from Acey, Akacia, Soledad, Payroll Giovanni, Cash Kidd, and Castro Escobar, the rising artist continues to sweep his listeners off their feet. When you listen to Cheat Codes 3, you can hear the growth SNSG displays compared to when he created Cheat Code in 2020. You can hear how his flow has developed over time and his wordplay has become more advanced. “The number one difference between Cheat Codes 3 and the previous 2 Cheat Codes Tapes is the amount of growth I’ve gained in my artistry,” He explained. “I would also add having Payroll Giovanni featured on Cheat Codes 3 is an honor. I grew up listening to his music long before I wanted to be a rapper.” I look forward to what SONG will bring forth this summer. Check out his new project below.

Can’t Stop the Rain Freestyle – [Payroll Giovanni] prod. [Helluva]

To say Loose Ends’ 1985 track “You Can’t Stop The Rain” has found new life in the past week or two is an understatement as 50 Cent’s new series ‘BMF’ chronicling the adolescence of Demetrius and Terry Flenory who would later go on to lead the legendary Black Mafia Family made this track the focal point of one of the show’s most memorable scenes, introducing the old-school jam to a younger audience that has been captivated by the track. The Loose Ends’ track is definitely an old-school classic and has been often sampled even though you may have never realized before. The more I think about the selection process for this track in ‘BMF’ I just can’t help but think that Detroit artist Payroll Giovanni is responsible. He has toyed with this sample more than anyone, doing an entire series of tracks entitled “Hustle Muzik” that are his most notable releases and all build upon this same sample, which has to be the inspiration for ‘BMF’ picking this track, right? It would make sense too given the subject matter of the television series and Giovanni’s money-hungry, disciplined lyrics that clearly are portraying the same type of businessman mentality possessed by …

American Dream – [Jeezy] ft. [J. Cole] & [Kendrick Lamar]

There has been a snippit or two floating around on the internet of J Cole and Kendrick working with Jeezy, and now we’ve got the track! The new collab is called, “American Dream” and it is one of the lead singles for Jeezy’s upcoming album, ‘Pressure.’ One single from the album was already released earlier this year and it was “Cold Summer” featuring Tee Grizzley. The album is set to drop December 15th and you are not going to want to miss out. The tracklist along with all the features is extremely impressive. Take a look at the track list below, and be sure to listen to Jeezy’s new Kendrick and Cole assisted sing, “American Dream.”   1. “Spyder”2. “Cold Summer” Feat. Tee Grizzley3. “In a Major Way” Feat. Payroll Giovanni4. “Floor Seats” Feat. 2 Chainz5. “This is It”6. “Bottles Up” Feat. Puff Daddy7. “Valet (Interlude)”8. “Respect”9. “Pressure” Feat. Kodak Black and YG10.”Like Them” Feat. Tory Lanez and Rick Ross11.”The Life” Feat. WizKid and Trey Songz12.”American Dream” Feat. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar13.”Snow Season”  

Started Small Time – [Payroll Giovanni]

Detroit’s own Payroll Giovanni is making his way back on our platform today with his new visual for “Started Small Time.” He connected with video director @JerryPHD to shoot this one, and from the looks of it, he picked the right man for the job. The overall goal of every music video is to bring the song to life visually, and it’s safe to say that’s exactly what they did here. Check out the brand new music video below!

Presi – [Payroll Giovanni]

Detroit’s very own Payroll Giovanni is still heating up and he’s adding more fuel to the fire with a brand new video for his hit record “Presi.” Payroll pays tribute to his luxurious watches and lifestyle in the video as he shares the story of his rise from rags to riches. We’re beyond excited to see what else he has in store for us in 2017 but while we wait, check out the official video for “Presi” below.