Payday: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Payday is an artist out of Seattle who first caught my attention with her hit song “Beam”, and she’s been someone who I have kept a tab on ever since. I recently had the teenage music sensation come by the Lyrical Lemonade office a few weeks ago for a brand new interview on The Lemonade Stand series, and it was a great conversation. I asked Payday about plenty of topics such as growing up in Seattle, working with Jackboy on the “Beam” remix, her latest album Rap In A Can, working with Danny Brown, some of her childhood memories, her personal favorite song that she’s created so far, Red Bull Italian Sodas and more. Check out this brand new interview below + be sure to subscribe to The Lemonade Stand channel!

Vampire – [Payday] ft. [Danny Brown]

Payday is one of the first up-and-coming artists I found out about when I first started writing for Lyrical Lemonade over two years ago, and she never fails to impress me. While her first few mixtapes and EPs were somewhat elementary and full of endearing, teenage-inspired subject matter, she has come such a long way in her still-growing career, and even though some of these sounds are still incorporated, it’s obvious that she is no longer the kid she once was even just a year or two ago. Now, her bars are even more precise, and her singing has proved her versatility, making her a multifaceted talent that has so much to bring to the table. Not too long ago, she released her latest project Rap in a Can, a 7 song, almost 14-minute-long tape that further proved her skills and ability to thrive in this ruthless industry, and that’s not something anyone should take lightly. Out of these tracks, she only included one feature in Danny Brown which was unexpected, yet very impressive on their song “Vampire”, so once I found out that she was releasing a music video for this hit, I couldn’t wait to write about it. …

Rap in a Can – [Payday]

Even though her Twitter and Instagram both say “Everyone Loves Payday”, this is a true statement that people would proclaim regardless of if they followed her already or not. At just 17 years old, Payday has lived quite an interesting life, traveling all over the country and gaining valuable life lessons from the various regions she lived in, and all of these things come together in her music. While she might be young and utilize this youthfulness to her advantage throughout her discography, there is such a mature disposition with the way that she carries herself that I can’t help but think she’s years older. While she has been making major waves in the music scene for the past couple of years, her latest project Rap in a Can seems to be another big step in her career, and I couldn’t wait to talk about it with you all. At just 7 songs that last almost 14 minutes long, it can be hard for an artist to fully encompass all of their skills in one place without getting deeper than the surface, but Payday pulls this off with ease as she delivers some remarkable tracks that you’re going to want …

Beam Part 2 – [Payday] ft. [Jackboy]

Although it’s still quite early on in her career, Payday has been making some unignorable moves in recent memory. She has a very smooth, nonchalant cadence that comes off as playful and almost elementary at times in all the best possible ways, and her uniqueness, when compared to other counterparts in the music world, has stood out to fans all over the country. Obviously, if you’re familiar with Payday’s plethora of hits, her most notable song is most likely “Beam”, a jazzy, lighthearted offering that is probably her biggest hit to date. Although this might not be my personal favorite song by Payday, it’s still an undeniable success that fans have eaten up, and when I saw that she was teaming up with Florida’s own Jackboy for a remix to the record, I couldn’t help but tune in as soon as it dropped. While I love the remix without a doubt, I was even more excited to see the Mikey Rare-directed music video, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all as well. Opening up in an arcade of some sort after hours, a janitor is cleaning the place as flashes of Payday cruising around on her skateboard …

P.U.K.E. TAPES VOL. 1 – [Payday]

Although I had legitimately never really heard of Payday until I was put onto her music the other day, I definitely feel blessed that I get to jump on her bandwagon early and observe all of her future successes in real-time. At first glance, she might just look like an innocent little teenage girl, but there are passion and individuality that run deep inside of her, which can be observed in every single one of her songs. Not only this, but her talents are truly abundant for someone who’s only 16 years old, and the fact that she uses her own individualistic approaches for other somewhat common, played-out parts of Hip-Hop music is even more notable. At the same time, I’m not even sure you can categorize her music as being Hip-Hop in general because her dexterity and artistry run so much deeper than just one genre. There are Indie qualities within her voice and instrumentals that pair with Hip-Hop elements while I’m also reminded of certain R&B or even Neosoul offerings on other tracks, leading me to believe that it’s simply impossible to box her into one specific category. Most recently, her debut mixtape P.U.K.E. TAPES VOL. 1 is …

A Conversation with DJ Premier: One Of The Best Yet

DJ Premier is a pioneer of hip-hop and an absolute living legend, he has accomplished an astonishing amount in his career and just about a month ago he released his latest masterpiece, a brand new Gang Starr album titled One Of The Best Yet. I grew up a huge fan of Gang Starr in my adolescent years as I am sure many of the people reading this did as well, so when I first head about this new album I was in complete shock, partially because their last album prior to this came out way back in 2003 and also because it has been nearly a decade since the passing of the legendary emcee Guru who made up of one half of the group. This was the first time in his career that DJ Premier had to piece together an album without Guru by his side helping him compose it, he had previously recorded verses that we anywhere from 10-20 years old and he somehow managed to craft it into a tremendous + memorable body of work. Needless to say, when I got the opportunity to interview one of my idols and someone who I have studied like DJ Premier, …

Our Streets – [DJ Premier] x [A$AP Ferg]

If you think about who’s running the game today, A$AP Ferg is a name that you can’t go without mentioning. If you think about who defined yesterday’s sound and who are the legends still making moves today, DJ Premier is a name that you cannot go without mentioning. In a new joining of forces between the generations, these two stars recently gave us an incredible joint track by the name of  “Our Streets” – a reminder kind of song that lets us know who’s running New York these days. Additionally, and thankfully so, Ferg and Premier are back to revisit the track today with a complementary visual release. Coming via Payday Records, the nostalgic scenery mixed with the new school styles makes for an incredible video, and it’s beautiful to see DJ Premier embracing the new generations promise, enhancing its sound with the same soulful tint that we know the OG for. With that being said, watch “Our Streets” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Dollar Bills & Purple Demons – [Stunnaman Stacks]

As Stunnaman Stacks releases more music, he gives us countless reasons as to why he deserves the credit he is getting for his music. He turns up with the rest of the Decent Militia at live shows, creates a brand new persona in every track he creates and makes music that is, simply put, just fun to listen to. He brings us some of his most recent work in the form of a new tracks entitled “Dollar Bills” and “Purple Demons.” In the G.50beats produced “Dollar Bills,” Stacks preaches about money, dollar bills more specifically, and raps about how he is going to get those dollars. On “Purple Demons,” Stacks links up with some of his squad including BIGBODYFIJI, Lil Chevy and CASSOBANDZ, and their teamwork pays off better than ever as they absolutely kill this song. With the amount of quality music that Stunnaman is putting out, I don’t think he’s too far off from reaching that payday he so often expresses desire for. Be on high alert for new music from Stunnaman Stacks because he always has something new up his sleeves. Until his next heater comes to fruition, check out “Dollar Bills” below. words by Danny Adams

LL Presents: The Marcus Nogood Q&A

For this brand new edition of our Q&A segment, i spoke with another great up & comer, Marcus Nogood. Marcus has been on my radar for some time now because of his solid music, but he has been making some big moves as of late. Read the article below to learn some more about Marcus, & after listen to his music catalog here.     EM: First things first, give a brief introduction of yourself for our readers that may not be familiar with you MN: Waddown bro. So I go by Marcus Nogood, aka Señor Nobueno, aka Mr. Check My Credintials. I’m a recording artist/rapper – song writer. I’m orginally from Hyde Park, Chicago. Right now I’m from all over the place from Lakeview – up north, all the way down to the south west suburbs. I’m heavily affliated with EMG (Enjoy Music Group), which is a music collective, marketing team, soon to be publishing company, not a rap group. It consists the likes of myself, Xpose, Wize and GOLDEN, as well as our streetwear team    — EM: When was EMG created? MN: EMG has been established since 2011. We’ve been a family for much longer. These niggas are my brothers they’re all I’ve got. — EM: When did you start …

Dream Beyond Fame – [Marcus Nogood]

Marcus Nogood is here with his longly-awaited project, Dream Beyond Fame.  This tape consists of 12 soothing tracks with quite the line up as it includes features from Mick Jenkins, Supa Bwe, Saba & more.  The production on Dream Beyond Fame also includes some notable names with credits from Jake ID, Nobility & plenty more.  All in all, this is a solid piece of work and something that Nogood should be proud of.  This piece has a few standout tracks with Legions, Gone, PayDay & Energy – some of my personal favorites. Check out the tape below, enjoy! [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]