A Closer Look Into Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

On the Road Again, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Talks the New Approach of Latest Project “Suffer On,” the Impact of Lil Peep’s Death, Major Label Wooing, and the Future of GothBoiClique For the first time ever on a headlining tour, Adam McIlwee, the Pennsylvania  electronic angst auteur who records as Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, has gone out with a stage backdrop, and it’s impressive. But last week in Brooklyn, he didn’t use it. No need, really, as the artist was performing in front of one of the most dramatic views a New York venue has to offer: the elevated tracks of the J, M and Z trains, which rumble by periodically mid-set, just outside the beloved indie venue Market Hotel. It feels like a moment for Wicca Phase. Maybe not a splashy, look-at-me moment, but then, flexing is not really for McIlwee, who at 29 has already logged several notable chapters in an unlikely musical path, one that’s bridged punk, hip-hop, emo, and most recently evolved into singer-songwriter acoustics. He’s still based in his native Scranton, PA, where in the late 2000’s he fronted the indie outfit Tiger’s Jaw, until more electronic and experimental tendencies led him to split from …

UpInnisHoe – [Pat Ron]

An artist that goes by the name of Pat Ron is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his brand new record titled “UpInnisHoe”. Pat Ron is an emcee that hails out of Dallas who offers an impressive lyrical ability and the skill to change his flow at will, effortlessly speeding up or slowing down to compliment the instrumental in the best way possible. This gem was produced by Tokin Potent who not only cooked up this stellar beat, but he also gave it that Texas feel with that funky beat switch up toward the back end of this one. Go ahead and peep this brand new tune below and if you like it be sure to follow him on Soundcloud here.

Does It Make Me Wrong – [Kid Bloom]

Kid Bloom is a name that’s trending and should be on your radar in the world of indie rock. His new single “Does It Make Me Wrong” is Bloom’s second drop of 2019, but he’s able to continue to deliver early in the year. After a relatively quiet 2018, mostly from being on tour and opening for established acts such as The Killers’ Dave Keuning, The Neighbourhood, Regrettes and more, Kid Bloom is back. In January, we were blessed with a new single in “Sugarcoat,” and now a month later, we have “Does It Make Me Wrong” — two singles bound to increase the hype and anticipation for their forthcoming extended play, Lemonhead. The sounds on this new record resemble Tame Impala and classic rock and roll all into one, all while maintaining a thematic significance in the feeling of second guessing yourself if you’ve done wrong or right based on how you made another person feel. Check out Kid Bloom’s “Does It Make Me Wrong” below!

Diamond Tears – [DeathbyRomy]

Los Angeles pop crooner DeathbyRomy returns with her first release of 2019 with her single “Diamond Tears.” I believe we’re in a day and age where pop stars are starting to look edgier and different again. Take a look at someone like Billie Eilish she doesn’t necessarily fit the traditional pop star mold, which is great in my book. At a glance, DeathbyRomy may seem she’s the frontwoman of an early 2000’s metal band. Go through her discography and it screams of potential and the early beginnings of a rising pop act. Although her sound tends to lean on the darker and angst driven side of pop, Romy’s content and songs still hit home. “Diamond Tears” is the latest offering from her and it sounds more like a traditional pop record but with a patented Romy flare. She talks about sticking to her guns and not letting money persuade her heart and her keeping her sanity over dollar signs. Stream DeathbyRomy’s “Diamond Tears” below.

Ark Patrol – [Ark Patrol]

Seattle, Washington native, Ark Patrol shares his new immersive self-titled album. Written during a tough time during his life, Ark Patrol reconfigures his feelings of depression, hopelessness and hope into a sonic structure that is his newest offering. The ten-track, 39-minute project is a production fueled roller coaster that is able to touch on an array of emotions through the use of electronic and live instrumentation. Ark Patrol describes the project, saying, “This album is meant to be an honest offering of ideas that represent my tastes – presented for the first time with zero thought or consideration as to the audience… I needed a free release of my feelings, emotions and ideas. What you are listening to is my free fall. I wrote these songs in abandoned cafes, through tough nights and long days, in hospital rooms and broken down cars, in the tram and in my bedroom.” Ark’s selfish mentality pays off, delivering listeners a vulnerable and emotion stirring project. If you’re feeling the new self-titled project from Ark Patrol make sure to show some him some love by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Turning The Camera Around: Interviewer Spotlight

Even in the age of social media, where artists can constantly connect and speak to an endless number of fans with the click of a few buttons, the art of the sit-down interview will never be lost or, for that matter, replaced. From the intricate details of Nardwuar interviews to the knowledgeable conversations of Elliott Wilson, these interviews are what adds a dimension of background and personality to the musicians we know and love, and for that, they demand appreciation. Whether explaining obscure childhood stories, the meaning of albums, their influences, or any other plethora of topics, musicians tend to open up when paired with the right interviewer, and the benefit of these conversations is for all to enjoy. Interviews provide fans with background, insight, and nowadays, viral moments, offering up endless entertainment that satisfies casual listeners and stans alike. They allow artists an opportunity to communicate their messages and aspirations on a level far more profound than a simple tweet, and consequently, an opportunity to breathe new life into the music that soundtracks the lives of so many. Here at Lyrical Lemonade, we’re constantly posting new interviews with all of our favorite artists to learn more about the masterminds …

Confessions – [J Nanks]

These days, the music is only half of the equation. To succeed in this era, you need to stand out. You need a brand, and, of course, a social media presence. What good is the music if nobody is around to hear it? What good is the music of nobody cares? With only a few releases under his belt, J Nanks has already laid a strong social media foundation by hanging out with some viral internet stars, constantly engaging with fans, and posting snippets of his music. One of those aforementioned snippets of a song entitled “Confessions” is nearing a million views and I’m fairly sure a quarter of them are from me. More than the enticing melody, or the way he rides the cushioned beat from Ditty Beatz , it was that raw energy that had me enthralled, constantly replaying the snippet. Finally, after much anticipation, J Nanks has unleashed the full version. Though the effort has a more polished, smoother sound, Nanks’ energy, and that intoxicating melody remain the tracks selling points, and show Nanks is more than just a “viral sensation.” With a big social media following, a passionate, engaged fanbase, and now, a potential hit, all signs point to Nanks rising up the ranks quickly.

L Freestyle – [Khary]

Late last knight Khary released a brand new offering titled “L Freestyle” and it’s not anything you want to miss out on. Khary linked up with producer Cloud Atrium who blessed him with the bass knocking production and he took full advantage of the path in front of him, as he went STUPID with his aggressive verse. It’s a pretty short offering coming in at under two minutes in length, but I ran through it quite a few times because I enjoyed the overall sound of it and I believe that you will too. Along with the release of this new track Khary left us with some words adding: “MY NEXT PROJECT WILL SOUND NOTHING LIKE THIS BUT ENJOY.”

Very Close – [Alex Wiley]

Alex Wiley has simply outdone himself this time. After taking a nearly two-year hiatus, the Chicago-bred artist is back in the spotlights once again, this time offering up a new single entitled “Very Close” that I’m truly struggling to put words around. My initial reaction to this one was just how gorgeous and illustrative the instrumental is, but when you add Wiley’s heartfelt, soul-searching vocals as well as the context that this song is the first that we’ve heard from him in years, it all becomes too much. Wiley has grown, both as an individual and as an artist, and “Very Close” brings listeners front and center as we experience this growth in such an inimitably smooth sonic setting. He lost weight, he found himself after a long journey of self-discovery, and now, Wily is ready to let the world know how he’s feeling and how it all went down. Between the beyond-beautiful orchestration, the soulful drum patterns, and the unrivaled authenticity that ooze out of this song, I can honestly say that it’s one of my favorite new releases in recent memory. Alex Wiley is back and he’s better than ever; keep a lookout for his new project Tangerine Dream 2, …

Buzzfeed – [Sha Hustle]

Two weeks ago, I came across Sha Hustle’s “BUZZFEED” when it was already two weeks old. It sounds crazy, but at that point (and in this day and age), it already felt too “old” to post. For two more weeks, I’ve kept the tab open, trying to decide whether or not to do a write-up. Sure, the hesitation came from the song’s age, but, honestly, it had more to do with the fact that song is so wild, I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about it. I’m someone who favors some bounce, so Hustle’s aggressive, raw style was a lot for me to handle, and yet, I couldn’t seem to get away from this track. As crude and off-kilter as it feels, Hustle’s boardwork really draws you in with some anthemic chanting and a hypnotic, off-kilter whurring. The Toronto product blows the top off with an abrasive effort both vocally and lyrically, never once letting off the gas, maintaining the out-of-control energy the whole time. Apathy is the worst feeling a song can give you, as polarizing as it may be, “BUZZFEED” demands your attention.  It may challenge you, but ultimately, Hustle’s unconventional sound and raucous energy will win you over.