Megatron – [PNTHN]

We first started covering San Marcos group PNTHN in the opening months of 2018, and now that we’ve made it to 2019, the group has gone from a cool find to an undeniable favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade. Today, proving why they deserve all of this coverage and more, PNTHN is here to gift fans with a brand new single for the new year, “Megatron”. Just as the title connotates, this song is an absolute wrecking machine of a single, offering up an addictively hard instrumental as well as some high-voltage flows that will keep fans clicking repeat on this one. PNTHN works because they all bring out the best in one another, and “Megatron” is cement proof of this concept. I could talk about this song all day long, but I’ll just let you stream it below to understand what I’m talking about. PNTHN got next.

Communion – [PNTHN]

We cannot get enough of the South Texas juggernaut, PNTHN. Clearly gearing up for something special, PNTHN has released a new track titled, “Communion” and yes, listening to the new song is in itself a holy act. In-house production from their very own, Por Vida lays a complex set of instrumentals that build anticipation for an eventual knocking bass. The track features verse’s from DC4Prez, twohorizonra and Kenny Casanova all delivering equally sharp bars, passing the bat0n to one another with finesse. Releasing a music video last week and a new song this week has us curious as to what PNTHN is plotting. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed, hoping the motley collective continues to deliver gripping songs and visuals. Listen to the new song from PNTHN below and tell us what you think of “Communion” in the comment section!


Our favorite South Texas collective, PNTHN, has released their long awaited video for “FI-LO.” This is the collective’s third video from their recently released project, RICO. The motley crew continues to impress in their new video embodying their DIY attitude to create their own version of “Ghost Hunters.” Utilizing night vision effects, the PNTHN members create a flashlight-centered video that brings their high energy to the spirit realm. In true PNTHN fashion every member is present in the new visual seen hyping up the featured lyricists, in this case, DC4Prez, YD, Kenny Casanova and Tony Tone. The new music video is a great metaphor for the group, PNTHN is shining light in the darkness that is getting brighter with each passing second. Watch PNTHN’s new music video for “FI-LO” below and tell us when you think this talented collective will be taking over the world!

AFTER HOURS – [Kenny Casanova] feat. [ROMBY]

Kenny Casanova and Romby, members of the South Texas rap collective, PNTHN have released a new song titled, “AFTER HOURS.” The song is heavy to say the least, earthquaking-bass progresses the song forward with subtle, low-toned raps from the PNTHN members. The new release comes after several snippets of music were shared by members of the group highlighting their individual skills as MC’s. The new track from Casanova is gritty and dark, the production puts you under a trance while Casanova and Romby cast spells with their ominous tones matching the production’s haunting overtones. We’ll be hoping for more music from the members of the talented collective whether it comes individually or collaboratively, either way these handful of MC’s and producers are shaping the Texas sound. Check out Kenny Casanova’s new song below and tell us what you think in the comment section!

Public Enemy – [PNTHN]

San Marcos based rap collective, PNTHN has released the second video from their recently released EP, Rico. The talented group of rappers and producers capture their boundless energy in the form of their new video for “Public Enemy.” Dripping in psychedelic energy the video documents the groups recent trip to Atlanta, where they performed at the A3C Festival. The video for “Public Enemy” exudes the DIY nature of the group and their undeniable talent in developing gritty, seamless transitions between members. PNTHN is setting a precedent, bring everything you have or don’t bring anything at all. There is no doubt the South Texas collective will remain quiet for long as they continue to grow with every release. Whether it be a new video or music we will be eagerly waiting. Watch PNTHN’s new video for “Public Enemy” below and tell us what you think of the rap collective in the comments section!


Coming out of Texas right now, PNTHN is a group that all of our readers need to get hip to. The rising talents’ confident ability to push their artistry is second to none, and as shown in the standout project, Potluck, PNTHN never compromises their innate group chemistry. Today, they keep the stocks rising with a remix of their own single, “SUPAFANTASTIC CHOPPA“, as reimagined by producer Por Vida. This release maintains the track’s galvanizing energy while bringing a bit of a twist to the table, and quite frankly, it works perfectly. If PNTHN can continue to keep fans entertained with such a consistently impressive roll of releases, then the potential, in this case, is truly limitless. Listen to “SUPAFANTASTIC CHOPPA” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments! Mastered by Rich Munee 

Sicario – [Lil Ooh]

As part of Texas rap collective and Lyrical Lemonade favorite, PNTHN, Por Vida is a producer that I’ve always had my eye on as someone truly unique in his talents. He makes music on his own terms, and today, we see this in the form of a brand new track entitled “Sicario” alongside Lil Ooh. Led by a supply of trunk-rattling, addictive melodies and a relentless rumbling of drum patterns, this track marks itself as an absolute banger from the very opening seconds. Por Vida and Lil Ooh prove to work in a complementary manner by finding a perfect sonic common ground, and in doing so, they consequently layout just the right blueprint for Ooh to snap in his respective role both lyrically and delivery-wise. That said, “Sicario” is a must-listen, so be sure to check it out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Rico – [PNTHN]

At this point, it goes without saying that Texas rap group PNTHN has been on an insuppressible rise since the release of their February 2018 EP, Potluck. The months to follow included numerous stellar singles such as the energetic “Henny Dreams” as well as “SUPAFANTASTIC CHOPPA“, and all of this momentum brings us to today, as the crew is back with a brand new EP entitled RICO. 7 tracks long, this project provides us with a galvanizing, nearly-addictive burst of energy from the Texas natives. Their flows are tightly-wound and their deliveries prove to be charismatic as ever, so much so that it feels as though the group’s chemistry is only improving by the second. This is just the release we needed to head into what will hopefully be an eventful weekend, so keep RICO on repeat and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments! Mixed by TwoHorizon RA, Por Vida, & Tony Tone Mastered by Rich Munee


Hailing from Texas, PNTHN is a rap group that everyone needs to get hip to this year. Like, as soon as possible. I first became a fan after the release of their Potluck EP, and ever since, the group has done nothing but impress and grow with each successive release. Today, they keep the momentum pushing forward with a new, Romby-produced single entitled “SUPAFANTASTIC”. At its core, this track acts as a wonderful testament toward the undying energy that PNTHN possesses. They trade off verses one after another, and in doing so, show listeners a level of chemistry that few artists have achieved in such a seamless manner — plus, the production always slaps, which certainly adds some value. That being said, “SUPAFANTASTIC” will surely keep the stocks rising for the highly-talented group, so be sure to click play below and follow PNTHN on Twitter here!

Henny Dreams – [PNTHN]

Rising Texas rap collective, PNTHN, is back with some some incredible visuals for their recent release, Henny Dreams. A personal favorite of mine, the group is one of the most promising Texas acts on the scene right now. Their resonance is full of energy- a refreshing balance of new and old sounds with a noticeable third coast influence. Each member brings a unique and invigorating signature. Their sound is highlighted in their performing presence, which is second to none. These guys have been making intimate venues feel like Rolling Loud at their shows across central Texas. Their reach is already beginning to expand as the crew is set to perform in Dallas, TX for the first time this weekend at the Dallas Ain’t Dead Festival alongside a slew of other Texas up and comers. The clever Henny Dreams video, premiered by ELEVATOR, is a journey through Romby’s (the producer of the track) dreams. Director Jeffrey Garcia really worked up a masterpiece with this one. A homage to some all time great films, most being directed by the legend Quentin Tarantino, the video boasts parodies of some of the most notable murder scenes in the entire history of film, with the …