Change Ya Life – [Shoreline Mafia]

If you’ve paid any attention whatsoever to the Hip-Hop movement taking over California for the past few years, you should be almost too familiar with Shoreline Mafia by now. They’ve been making more than just waves for years and at this point, they’ve amassed a huge following all over the country. After releasing multiple mixtapes as a group as well as individual songs and projects, they decided to come together one final time and release their debut studio album Mafia Bidness, which is expected to be released at the end of this month. While this news is exciting, it’s also bittersweet because it marks the departure of one of the group’s standouts, Fenix Flexin. I’m excited to see what he’ll do in his individual career, but I just love the chemistry that the group has together, so it’s going to be different not seeing him on any of the Mafia’s projects moving forward. As we prepare for the highly anticipated release of the group’s forthcoming album, however, we have been blessed with a new single entitled “Change Ya Life”. I realize that this came out on Friday, but it was a holiday weekend and I was listening to this track …

Wit My Rounds – [Q Da Fool] x [OhGeesy]

This Friday afternoon I have very happy to be bringing our audience the premiere of the brand new music video for “Wit My Rounds” by Q Da Fool and OhGeesy. When you think of Q, OhGessy, or basically the entire Shoreline Mafia collective, you already know that they make hard-hitting anthems that are perfect for the summertime, and this new joint definitely gave me that type of vibe. The chemistry that these two display on their songs together is special, they can bounce back and forth off of each other without missing a beat, which is exactly what they did on this one. It’s something like friendly competition when these two are attacking the same instrumentals, not like they are trying to one-up each other, but it’s more like their sparring + making each other better! Watch this brand new visual below and if you like what you see/hear then be sure to hit that like button on YouTube to help it circulate!

Terminal V- [Rob Vicious]

I’ve always been such a fan of Shoreline Mafia because each member brought something unique to the table and they’d just elevate each other’s talents tenfold. When I first found out that each member was venturing out and making solo music while also still making tracks with the group, I was nervous that without their whole crew working together, their music could possibly get monotonous or outplayed. Luckily, I was completely wrong and each member who has released individual projects and songs has proven that although they’re great as an entire group, they can stand alone and be a force to be reckoned with individually as well. Rob Vicious did this once again on his project Breakthrough, and he breathes new life into one of the standout tracks with his brand new visual for “Terminal V”. The production begins with a very soulful, pitched-up sample, some extremely jazzy instruments, and consistent, clean percussion that paves the way for Rob to really test a different style than usual and show of his complexity as an artist. His voice begins in a low, intentionally emotionless manner before he totally switches things up and opts for a delivery full of vitality, expression, and …

Ride Out – [Shoreline Mafia] ft. [Lil Yachty]

Shoreline Mafia is one of my absolute favorite groups out right now, and I know I’m not alone. I’ve been listening to them for years at this point, and their unapologetic attitudes mixed with some out of the box West Coast fueled beats along with innovative cadences and other unique experiments that always seem to work have constantly kept me coming back for more. They have such a unique way of being able to introduce certain gangster Rap themes into party anthems that are sure to turn any function up, and each member has an individualistic sound and persona that just contributes so much to the overall group. While they’ve obviously been exploding in the underground in recent memory, Lil Yachty has always kept his ear to the streets and hasn’t been one to shy away from praising or working with promising up and comers. It’s weird to even consider Shoreline up and comers anymore because of all their success, but I still think they could be considered this due to the fact that they don’t get nearly enough recognition or props for all of the success they’ve had in such a relatively short period of time. They’re not slowing …

Gangstas & Sippas – [Shoreline Mafia] ft. [Q Da Fool]

Musicians have been dealing with this whole quarantine situation in many different ways. Understandably, artists don’t want to fall behind or lose any of the traction that they’ve worked so hard to gain in the industry, so they’re doing everything they can to keep up in these difficult times and continuously release new content to appease fans every chance they get. One of these strategies, at least when it comes to music videos, is to drop animated visuals which we’ve obviously seen more recently than ever before. Although this is a smart way to remain socially distanced while also offering some intriguing content, I think that this shouldn’t be forgotten once quarantine ends and we go back to living normal lives. I just think that some of these cartoon music videos are even more interesting than some of the other videos we would normally get from certain artists who just smoke weed, drink liquor, and hang out in front of a Rolls Royce or something along those same lines. With animations, plots and different worlds can be created, and the artists can get away with doing a lot more and staying creative rather than just repeatedly doing the same things …

Gangstas & Sippas- [Shoreline Mafia] ft. [Q Da Fool]

As far as up and coming groups go, Shoreline Mafia has been a top favorite of mine for quite some time at this point. I love their unapologetic West Coast sound as well as the dynamic talents each member brings to the table. Although each and every member is always smooth and charismatic on every single song, each member brings a different style and twist to every offering, working seamlessly with one another to truly heighten every single track they make. I heard that Fenix was going to part ways and do his own thing, and if that’s the case, it would truly be unfortunate because he’s such a vital member of the group. This might just be a rumor and I hope it is because of how much he brings to the table, but no matter what he decides to do, he’ll be successful considering his overflow of talent and incredible sound. This isn’t the case today, however, because it’s very apparent that he’s not only on their new single, but he plays a huge role in it as well. Although I’m not totally sure when their speculated debut album is expected to release or even what it’s called, …

On A Broke B*tch – [Yung Bans] Ft. [Ohgeesy] & [D Savage]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite Yung Bans released a brand new offering yesterday titled “On A Broke B*tch” featuring Ohgeesy & D Savage and it has already racked up over half a million streams on Soundcloud in less than a day! For good reason too, these three artists all fucking snapped on this one, and if you ask me that brought back that old Soundcloud feelings on this release if that makes sense. I hope to see all of these artists work with each other more in the future, and hopefully we get a music video to this song. Stream this brand new release below while we all wait for Yung Bans upcoming project Misunderstood that is set to drop later this year, and don’t forget to give Bans a follow on IG here! Produced by RONRON

Traphouse – [03 Greedo] feat. [Shoreline Mafia]

Despite 03 Greedo’s incarceration, he is still delivering West Coast bangers that are only fueling the fire of his growing dominance. His latest visual for “Traphouse” is no different, utilizing the help of the Shoreline Mafia the West Coast natives deliver a catchy new visual for the Mustard produced collaboration. Filled with home movies and shots of Greedo on the road, the new video is a culmination of shots of Greedo and fellow Bay area natives, Shoreline Mafia, performing both in front of packed crowds. A life-size cutout of Greedo is a focal point of the new video being holstered up and celebrated when seen by fans. Shoreline Mafia member Rob Vicious sets the tone with a casually delivered verse in front of a Rolls Royce that is then being driven by fellow Mafia member OhGeesy who helps close out the L.A. soaked anthem. This new track and video has us eager for summer, leaving us ready to ride around with our windows down and bass turned all the way up. “Traphouse” is the latest single from 03 Greedo’s upcoming project, Still Summer In The Streets. Check out the new visual for 03 Greedo’s new song below featuring Shoreline Mafia!

Whuss Da Deal – [Shoreline Mafia]

In a matter of months, Shoreline Mafia has become one of the hottest acts in music and the latest visual for Whuss Da Deal is all the proof you need of that fact. Revisiting their ShorelineDoThatShit tape from earlier this year, the Ron Ron-produced track was brought to life courtesy of Ronnie Lewis Productions which sees the likes of Ohgeesy & Fenix busting out their savage verses while the rest of the crew provides an intimidating backdrop. Following the most recent cuts for Nun Major and the classic Musty record, the ball keeps on rolling for Shoreline and with their next tour set to start in the coming days, the word of L.A.’s hottest rap group is only going to continue to spread at a rapid pace. Be sure to let loose the visual for Whuss Da Deal below and let us know if you’ll be catching them on their ‘Only The Xclusives’ tour!

Traplantic – [Rob Vicious]

Shoreline Mafia’s all-star roster continues to apply the pressure this year and the latest to take the spotlight was 20-year-old Rob Vicious. Coming through today with solo debut entitled Traplantic, the 11 tracks not only reflect the gritty West Coast Shoreline sound but is yet another showcase of the raw talent of the group with features from Fenix Flexin, MasterKato, OhGeesy and Da$H who appears on one of the standouts in Change. Inspired by a ‘trap house’ setting while working in the studio, you can expect catchy, drug-inspired lyrics and just about all the energy you could ask for when looking for your Shoreline fix. On that note, get into Rob Vicious’ Traplantic tape and let us know which songs you’re feeling the most! Produced By: Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E, New Lane Ant, ChaseTheMoney, AceTheFace, RonRonTheProducer, Kid Wonder, Go Grizzly, Calibaset, Sledgren, Jay Splash