Toronto-based alternative hip-hop duo OBRIGADO is back with a new music video for their new song, “VV.” The hard-hitting duo’s latest release is a bass-rattling, tongue-in-cheek example of the pair’s duality both as a production pair and as lyricists. The darker tone of the single is also translated in their cinematic new video that follows the guys as mechanics who stumble upon an intriguing discovery. What proceeds is nothing but sheer raps as the pair go from being bathed in neon light, covered in smoke, and eventually standing alongside wielding sparks as they rattle lines like, “poster child that’s the motto, poster child like a model.” The pair go back and forth delivering boastful verse after verse allowing only an instrumental breakdown to space out the pair’s barrage of raps. The northern burgeoning duo look as ready as ever and their clear dedication to remaining cohesive from a visual standpoint is an exciting trademark this group has firmly set for themselves. Watch the music video for “VV” by OBRIGADO below.


There is never a short supply of talent coming out of the Great North, especially when it comes to new artists beginning their journey, and cementing moments along the way. This brings me to the Toronto-based duo OBRIGADO. The two-man alternative Hip-Hop team, comprised of Jesse Lucas and Ryan Borges, completely stole my attention with their debut music and single, “HUSH.” The nearly three-minute outing is packed with cinematic visuals of the pair through a psychedelic-fueled adventure with a backdrop of confidently quick-paced and simultaneously laid-back raps atop loopy drum patterns. Operating as complementary contrasts to one another, the pair pass the baton in their unique way, delivering in their individual brand and style. The combination of the two is charismatic as their on-track performance and visual-debut both exude the same unbridled, sour-face-inducing energy. Watch “HUSH” by OBRIGADO below.