Avril Lavigne – [TiaCorine]

TiaCorine is a rising act out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina who is garnering the attention of some of your favorite musicians. Today she offers up her newly released visuals for “Avril Lavigne” which was directed and shot by Josh Seidman of Rocket Reels. This record showcases how versatile Tia’s sound and talent can be, if you were a fan of her ‘34Corine’ project you’ll notice how much this “Avril Lavigne” record differs compared to the rest of the project. This is just a taste of what’s to come for Tia, as this video is the start of the rollout of her deluxe version of ‘34Corine’ which is set to drop later this month. Tia is an artist who has received high praise from acts such as SZA, Isaiah Rashad, Rico Nasty, Kenny Beats, and more. With her exponentially growing fan base and co-signs the South Coast Music Group emcee should be ready to take a giant leap in 2021. Watch TiaCorine take her band from the garage to across the city with a new video for “Avril Lavigne” for yourself after the break.

Big Decisions – [Morray]

Morray may very well be the next mainstream rap artist to breakthrough from the state of North Carolina. Today the Fayetteville, North Carolina artist shares new visuals for his newest record “Big Decisions.” This is only the fifth record since Halloween that the 19-year-old emcee has dropped and his star power seems to rise with each release. He’s definitely in a very unique place in his career because the first record he released “Quicksand” has turned into a viral hit. This has caused some hip-hop talking heads to speculate that Morray is an industry plant. I myself on the other hand am deciding to focus on how moving his music and story. If you’re a fan of rappers who rap about struggle, pain with vivid stories like Lil Durk, Polo G, Rod Wave, Kevin Gates then Morray would seem like a perfect save for your music library. One thing I’ll give Morray an advantage over the rappers I’ve mentioned is how good his vocals are on his records. It makes sense how he’s received cosigns from his other rap peers like J.Cole, DaBaby, Rick Ross, and more. Watch Morray’s new video for “Big Decisions” for yourself after the break.

Hot Ones – [J.K. The Reaper] & [Supah Mario]

If you have been a fan of underground hip-hop then there’s no doubt you are familiar with the name J.K. The Reaper. The artist out of North Carolina electrified listeners with his sharp lyricism and aggressive delivery on many iconic songs from the peak of the SoundCloud era. J.K. connected with Supah Mario, a producer who has been on an absolute tear this year contributing to some of 2020’s biggest albums. Mario’s sound was crucial to Lil Uzi Vert’s behemoth album Eternal Atake, so it comes as no surprise that the super-producer shifted his eyes to another talent that is ready to reclaim his title as one of the nicest out of the underground. The pair recently dropped an energetic new single titled “Hot Ones”, a spicy single that highlights why a collab from these 2 is long overdue. With J.K. The Reaper, you can always expect witty verses that feature lines that implant themselves in your head. Since I first time I heard this song, J.K. outlining himself getting wild and doing a “Swanton Bomb into a Hot Tub” was an image I just couldn’t get out of my head. This heater was accompanied by visuals that match the tempo of the …

Pegasus Kid 3 – [Tino Szn]

16-year-old North Carolina rapper Tino Szn returns with a new project to close out the year entitled ‘Pegasus Kid 3’. PK3 is the final installment in the Pegasus Kid trilogy for the young emcee. Tino is able to show off how far he’s come in developing his sound from the first installment. He’s able to show off his raw abilities as a rapper and how much his ear has evolved as a songwriter and producer. This extended play features production from prominent producers such as Lukrative, Harold Harper, Based1 to the rising producers like Vvspipes, Deskhop. If you were a fan of Tino’s previous release with producer collective Flight Crew don’t worry this body of work features sounds from Lucca, Brite, and King as well. This tape is light-hearted and fun and should be taken as a body of work that shows how far Tino has come this early on and not a rapper that’s a finished product. Stream Tino Szn’s new eight-track project ‘Pegasus Kid 3’ for yourself after the break.

Cypress Grove – [Glaive]

The all-too-worn-out tides of modern pop music are finally beginning to shift. As we enter this tellingly impactful decade to come, the heightened sense of change and further adaptation in the world as a whole is extending to nearly every single one of its facets; pop music is just a small part of this immense picture, but an all-encompassing one nonetheless. That is why the most apparent facets that make up its changing form are so fascinating to notice and admire — arguably the most inspiring of which being its increasingly youthful cast of talents pushing the genre into those aforementioned years to come. But this crop of young acts are not defined by their immaturity and manufactured artistry, in fact, the exact opposite is more so the case. In taking in this notion, there exists not a single artist more representative of all that these statements entail more than 15-year-old prodigy Glaive. After a stark rise to prominence amongst fellow outstanding talents like Kurtains, Osquinn, and Zootzie in the highly influential Slowsilver03 collective, the North Carolina native has taken the lessons learned from these other acts and has since elevated his career to now-unprecedented levels of pop maturity, intuition, and …

Curtis Waters: The Art of Authenticity

Photo by Jovy Bergen and Jocasta Clarke Well, as we come to a close on one of the weirdest years of the past century we reflect on how the massive halt the music industry experienced with its traditional methods of growing artists through festivals, touring, and really anything that comes with having a room full of people collectively wild out together has changed in a major way. What tossed the larger industry engine into a tailspin, became a rare moment of opportunity for 1000s of kids who’s relationship with creating music existed almost entirely within the 4 walls of their bedrooms. We have seen stars emerge who may have not their time in the cultural limelight had society been moving at its regular pace. This year has had disastrous effects for many, but for a few, it has been a time to thrive while young people across the world are being forced to spend more time isolated online. It’s been fun to be a fan of these artists, as watching them get noticed by the masses and seeing their song all over the feed is something that just makes you feel happy inside. Recently, I got the chance to have an …

Moonlight – [Ducey Gold]

Greenville, North Carolina rapper Ducey Good gears up for his project next week with an out of this world video entitled ”Moonlight.” Ducey only has a couple of releases to his name in 2020. COVID-19 changed the release strategy for a multitude of artists this year. ”Moonlight” is the follow up to Gold’s anthem ”Moncler Cold” and serves as the lead single to his forthcoming project ’Can You Hear Me’. The rising media platform Soul Serum and director John Buchanan take Ducey’s ”Moonlight” record to new heights with these visuals. Ducey goes back and forth between earth and the moon where he can’t even escape the women in his life from giving him a hard time. Whether they be human or extraterrestrial. Look out for Gold’s extended play ’Can You Hear Me’ where he’s eager to show his fans and listeners how much he’s grown over this year. Watch Ducey Gold and Soul Serum team up for ”Moonlight” after the break.

Walked In – [Kevin Powers]

As of late, it feels as if the state of North Carolina has been doing nothing but pumping out talented acts which includes artist Kevin Powers. His latest release “Walked In” is accompanied by a very clean and fun visual directed by Kosmic Shots which Kevin went coast to coast to shoot. The video set in Los Angeles, showcases contrast in the daily life of an artist, hanging in the pool by day and grinding in the studio at night. A bouncy and upbeat instrumental produced by Whit Kane sets the tone as Powers comes in with an incredibly smooth flow that immediately hooks you in. Speaking of hooks, the chorus is infectious and incredibly well, while also further cementing the braggadocios tone of the song. While the song is boastful, Kevin reminds us of where he came from with his blunt and to-the-point lyrics. All in All “Walked In” is a lively track that is put together well in all aspects. I recommend playing this song in the car with your friends as the 1:36 track time is perfect for the aux, plus you’ll get to say you put your friends on. Watch Kevin Powers’ “Walked In” for yourself …

SMH – [Mavi]

Over the past year or so, Mavi has become arguably my favorite artist in the world, he released an instant classic with Let The Sun Talk last year, and more recently he released an awesome new song titled “SMH”. Mavi is one of the most skilled new rappers in the entire music industry, he’s one of the pioneers who is leading the intriguing North Carolina music movement and he’s straight up a lyrical genius. This release here finds Mavi rhyming over a blissful instrumental, something he does more times than not, and in turn, he made a record that should not be slept on. Take some time out of your Wednesday to stream this new song on Spotify below!

3 Piece – [Markee Steele]

Markee Steele nets his first Lyrical Lemonade appearance with an impressive music video for his new 3 Piece offering. The North Carolina emcee formerly known as Mark Steele ended his (near) one year silence to reintroduce himself as Markee Steele. Incredibly, Steele’s former stage name was granted by his college professor and mentor 9th Wonder, aka the legendary record producer, executive & DJ. Since the (stage) name change, Markee Steele’s renewed sense of self was strategically accompanied by the announcement of his launched label Marquee Recordings.  Shortly afterward, Steele released a new visual in the form of 3 Piece – a bundled package containing three new songs titled “Cruise Control,” “Slide,” and “Love.” Accompanied by a self-directed visual, each record sounds completely different from the other, yet Steele finds a way to seamlessly transition each track. “Slide” is my favorite ‘piece’ of the three, which includes heavy-hitting drum chops on the head-bobbing production. Steele has essentially discovered his formula for creating a lowkey banger, a late-night drive anthem, and a rapid romance with a bold but successful merge attempt. Check out 3 Piece below!