Kiss Me – [Netherfriends]

Time and time again over the past five years, I have found myself writing about the songbird that is Netherfriends, and today he is back on our lemon filled pages with his brand new album titled “Kiss Me”. If you know the drill by now, then you understand that Netherfriends has made it a point to create albums around concepts (such as tree, kidz bop, love, etc), and this new release is the latest of the bunch, and truly one of my favorites from him yet. Who knows where Netherfriends resides nowadays, this man moves around more than anyone I know, but where ever he’s at he is continuing to create great music. Stream this brand new album below via Spotify and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend.

Kids Trap 7 – [Netherfriends]

You already know the deal by now, Netherfriends has been dropping a new project almost every week of this year, and the latest of the bunch was Kids Trap 7. Netherfriends has been known to release albums about random topics and ideas and it doesn’t take too much brain power to see exactly where he is heading with this one, especially if you have heard some of his past work. Go sit back, relax and get lost in some of Netherfriends latest vibes below.

Joints – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends is something like an urban legend, you might see him pop up randomly in Chicago, Texas, California, etc every now and then, but for the most part you never know where in the world that he might be. No matter what you do know that he is going to be releasing a ton of music, and this past year he has been kind enough to go ahead and drop a new album every week! All of the projects he has been releasing have themes around them that are the driving factor for the entire tape, and you guessed it, this one is all about joints! so don’t waste anymore time, roll up and go ahead and vibe to Netherfriends latest tape.

AYEEE – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends has bene releasing an album every couple of weeks for as long as I can remember, and today he is back with his latest project titled “AYEEE”. Netherfriends never fails to find funny and witty concepts to create albums with, and from the title you just might be able to see where he was going with this, it was literally ten tracks of aye adlibs over and over haha. Stream this brand new album below and be sure to follow Netherfriends on Soundcloud here to keep up with his future releases! features from Blake Rules, the Teeta, Chris Crack, Mike Melinoe, VantaBlac SOL, Rebel Legato, Mathien, Max Wells and the Dutchmaster

Friend – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends is a legend who has been posted on our website several times in the past, and today he is back with his latest album titled “Friend”. Netherfriends has been putting out three albums a month if I am not mistaken for the past few months, all based around a certain topic or theme and from looking at the title I am sure you can tell what these ten new songs are all about. It’s not too often you see Netherfriends collab with an artist but the collab he had on this one with SSxOG was an absolute banger, but I think my favorite was the intro record “Hard Working Friend”. Listen to this brand new album below and if you enjoy it be sure to give Netherfriends a follow on Instagram here!

Starting Over – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends puts out albums at an extremely rapid late but us fans all know that by now, and tonight he is returning to our platform with his brand new album titled “Starting Over”. When I pressed play for the first time the first thing I noticed is how Netherfriends is continuing to create different kinds of sounds, the intro record is truly not comparable to any other record from Netherfriends past, it’s impressive that even after listening to him for years I can discover and enjoy new sounds from him. There is ten new records one this project and a couple of my favorite included “Don’t Wait” because of the catchy melody & honest message he sent to upcoming artists, as well as the closing record “New Year New Me”. Stream this brand new album below and if you like it be sure to give Netherfriends a follow on Soundcloud.

I Live In L.A. Now – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends never fails to put out multiple quality projects per year, and today he is making his way back to our platform with his brand new album titled “I Live In L.A. Now”! I spent about an hour with this tape playing through my headphones and truthfully I was very impressed, I have been a fan of Netherfriends for some years now and it’s awesome to see him still constantly putting out amazing music. He may not always be rhyming at the most realistic situations for example the hilarious record “Homeless In LA”, but he is painting a picture of what he sees around him and puts it on wax. Check out this creative new project below and if you’re rocking with it be sure to follow Netherfriends on Twitter here.

I Need A Girlfriend – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends is a long time featured artist here on our lemon filled pages, and this morning he is back with his latest album “I Need A Girlfriend”. We have known Netherfriends to typically stick to ladyfriends in the past, but it looks like he has matured and is ready for that next step. There’s only nine records on this album, it’s short sweet & to the point, so you have no good reason to not click play below!

Happy Songs For Sad Girls – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends has been featured on our lemon filled pages countless amounts of times in the past, and today he is making his return with his brand new album titled “Happy Songs For Sad Girls”. If you know any6thing about Netherfriends it’s that he loves to put together projects based on a theme, and it doesn’t take much more than one glance at the title to see what these ten tracks are all about. Take a few minutes of your time to stream this brand new project below!

Anything – [Mike Melinoe] prod. [Netherfriends]

Featured for the first time on the site today is an artist who truly deserves to boast the title of being an artist; a true creative in every sense of the word. Hailing from Detroit, but currently hustling in Austin, Mike Melinoe is a ball of creativity waiting to burst. Not only is Mike an aspiring hip-hop artist, but he’s also a phenomenal painter, model, and all around go-getter. Hip Hop is a single avenue in Mike Melinoe’s complicated grid of creativity. Anything is a positive, uplifting track. Featuring production from fellow Austinite Netherfriends, the beat gives me some serious Pre-WZRD Cudi vibes. Mike addresses the beat with the utmost consciousness. Energy and vibes go a long way, and with the positivity and spirit that Melinoe constantly oozes, it’s only a matter of time before Mr. Melinoe smiles his way into widespread success. You really can do Anything. What are you waiting for? Go do it! While you’re at it bump Anything below and check out Melinoe’s painting on his Instagram while you’re at it: words by Max R