If It’s Up – [DarooBaby]

I recently wrote about NeedNoName and the evolving Houston rap scene that has been introducing many new faces into their newly re-energized underground scene that is planting the seeds to have a breakout year in 2022. One of my other favorite artists that I have stumbled upon from the area is the menacing DarooBaby who hasn’t released too much music at this point, but what he has released has been very memorable and already well received by both the Houston, and the greater underground communities. He recently unloaded another visual to his track “If It’s Up” as he has continued to favor instrumentals with a lot of DMV-flavor with the thumping percussion and simple but rousing piano loops. Daroo’s flow is very distinct and matter-of-fact, intimidating with each bar he drops through his southern drawl and wicked sense of humor. SiennaBurmes brought the visual to life and I hope Daroo continues to be consistent with his videos and I have little doubts that if he is able to be prolific with his music he will rise to prominence fairly quickly.

Scat Talk – [NeedNoName]

I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t at least been a little bored with the Texas rap scene over the past few years as many cartoonish artists with a propensity for Instagram drama have been leading the state for the past few years until being uprooted this year by several Houston newcomers, most notably Guapo whose track “Mr. Put It On” has officially achieved viral status, or the slightly more established Lil Jairmy who looks poised to take the city’s reigns fully in the ’20’s. However, my favorite new Texas artist is still yet to even hit our pages here and I have to give props to my friend TanaFullyLoaded for putting me on here, as the Nashville-born, Detroit-paid producer has been spreading this newly iconic Detroit sound all over the south. NeedNoName’s recent project All Off Backendz where he unloads his diverse bag of flows and unique perspective and sense of humor across thirty tracks that paint a very clear picture of the Houston force. He collaborates with many of Texas’s biggest new names, as well as Detroit’s as well. I look forward to hearing NeedNoName and his “Yehhhh” ad-lib a lot more soon.