Watch Rico Nasty’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

At our Lyrical Lemonade show at SXSW this past week in Austin, Texas there was multiple great performances, but Rico Nasty’s set really blew me away. It was my first time seeing her live and even though I thoroughly enjoyed her music before I witnessed the set, it made me even more of a fan & it made me appreciate her art on another level. While she was out in Texas Rico Nasty connected with the greatest interviewer of all time, Nardwuar, and of course it was an awesome conversation. You will find these two speaking about plenty of things such as Joan Jett, freestyling at age five, her childhood friends, being inspired by her art teacher, seeing nasty stuff at the hospital she worked at, her fashion sense, rocking mohawks, the DMV, Old Bay seasoning, The Smiths, Injury Reserve, how important avatars are and more. Check out this brand new interview below!

Watch Nardwuar interview J.I.D

Nardwuar is a legend and is a milestone that many artists strive to be interviewed by, and while he was at SXSW in Austin, Texas this past week he got to chop it up with Dreamville’s own J.I.D! You will find Nardwuar asking him plenty of witty questions about topics such as Little Dragon, Earth Gang, people from his past, when he played football back in school, Leonardo Dicaprio, being a fan of Goodie Mob, his uncle being a huge writer, being inspired by Eminem back in the day and more! Check out this brand new interview below. If you missed our featured article “Turning The Camera Around: Interviewer Spotlight” that featured Nardwuar, check it out here!

Watch Nardwuar’s brand new interview with Snoop Dogg

If you are a frequent visitor of our pages then you surely know by now that Nardwuar is beloved here at Lyrical Lemonade, so much so that he inspired our recently featured article Turning The Camera Around: Interview Spotlight. Yesterday Nardwuar blessed the fans with a brand new interview with Snoop Dogg at Fortune Sound Club, which is their 10th interview over the past several years! You will find the pair talking about plenty of things such as wanting some OJ Simpson gear, Snoop Dogg dolls, having look-a-likes of him taking pictures with fans, some of the oldest weed songs from the 30’s, being shot at as a kid, DJ Unknown, Havoc, his cookbook that he released and more. Take a few minutes of your day to watch this brand new interview below!

Turning The Camera Around: Interviewer Spotlight

Even in the age of social media, where artists can constantly connect and speak to an endless number of fans with the click of a few buttons, the art of the sit-down interview will never be lost or, for that matter, replaced. From the intricate details of Nardwuar interviews to the knowledgeable conversations of Elliott Wilson, these interviews are what adds a dimension of background and personality to the musicians we know and love, and for that, they demand appreciation. Whether explaining obscure childhood stories, the meaning of albums, their influences, or any other plethora of topics, musicians tend to open up when paired with the right interviewer, and the benefit of these conversations is for all to enjoy. Interviews provide fans with background, insight, and nowadays, viral moments, offering up endless entertainment that satisfies casual listeners and stans alike. They allow artists an opportunity to communicate their messages and aspirations on a level far more profound than a simple tweet, and consequently, an opportunity to breathe new life into the music that soundtracks the lives of so many. Here at Lyrical Lemonade, we’re constantly posting new interviews with all of our favorite artists to learn more about the masterminds …

Watch Lil Mosey’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

Lil Mosey is argubly the hottest new young artist out, and Nardwuar is a legend in his own right, so when I saw this interview drop I was stuck to my screen. You will find Nardwuar asking him some witty & interesting questions such as the town he grew up in north of Seattle, Wiz Khalifa, his favorite burger, Sir Mix-A-Lot, the sample he used for his hit record “Kamikaze”, Supreme La Rock, his dancing skills, playing a keyboard in the hospital, where he played football, his brother making music and more. Check out this brand new conversation below!

Watch Nardwuar interview Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa

Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa are fresh off of the release of their well recived project 2009, so it’s only right when they stopped in Vancouver that took some time out to chat with the legend Nardwuar! You will find the two emcees getting asked about plenty of interesting topics such as Willie Hutch, Wiz working with LL’s own Cole Bennett, Master P, when they first met, their thoughts about each other, the tour they are currently on, the time that Curren$y fell asleep on Nardwuar, frozen cups, C-Murder & Gregory D and more. Check out this awesome new interview below!

Watch Nardwuar’s brand new interview with Sheck Wes!

A couple of days ago the legend Nardwuar connected with the red-hot Sheck Wes for a brand new interview, and it’s nothing you want to miss out on. You will find Nardwuar asking him about plenty of interesting topics such as Senegal, his grandfather being a poet, his old teacher inspiring him to be a song writer, his nick name playing basketball, Mo Bamba, being styled by Erykah Badu for a fashion show, Canada music, kids from his neighborhood playing D-1 basketball right now and he even drops a quick freestyle! Check out this awesome new conversation below!

Bossed Up – [Quin NFN]

I first met Quin NFN last year at SXSW when we met Nardwuar, but I was already familiar with his music at the time, and he is making his way back on Lyrical Lemonade today with his brand new music video for “Bossed Up”. The growth that Quin has had since that point last March has been unreal to say the least, this kid is still putting up numbers on all of his material but especially the music videos, it’s safe to say that he is by far one of the best upcoming emcees out of Texas. Watch this brand new visual below and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend!

Watch Lil Uzi Vert’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

Lil Uzi Vert  is by far one of the most entertaining people on the planet and Nardwuar in my opinion is the best interviewer there is, and moments ago they released their brand new interview! They did their first interview together back in 2016 if I remember correctly, but Lil Uzi has had evident growth as he has blossomed into a mega star since that point, but this new interview felt just like a good conversation between two friends for the few minutes they got to speak. Nardwuar asked him about a few of interesting topics such as fashion, GG Allin, some of his lyrics, his early days and he even ran out of the building mid interview & had nardwuar chasing him! Watch the interview here!  

LL Presents: The Quin Nfn Q&A

When the Lyrical team was out at SXSW this past year we met an Austin, Texas based artist named Quin Nfn at the interview with Nardwuar, and he has become a favorite of ours rather quickly since that point. He has been releasing some good music for a minute now and his new project has been doing very well, he is still a teenager at this point so you can only image the growth that we are about to witness, I predict in a few years he is one of the biggest rappers in his state. Take a few minutes below to check out the new Q&A we did featuring Quin Nfn, and be sure to give Quin a follow on Twitter here to keep up with his future releases!     EM: Before we dive into the questions, give a brief description of yourself for our readers who may not be familiar with you. Quin: I’m a 17 year old youngin from East Austin (da 4 to be exact) trying to make a way for me and my people by making music. Being an artist has always been my dream and my music is about what I’ve seen and lived. I …