Behind The Scenes of Nardo Wick’s “Who Want Smoke??” Music Video

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes footage of the “Who Want Smoke??” music video by Nardo Wick, Lil Durk, 21 Savage, and G Herbo!

Who Want Smoke Remix – [Nardo Wick] x [Lil Durk] x [21 Savage] x [G Herbo]

Nardo Wick has been a rising star in the music industry for a minute now, but I feel like he’s about to really blow up with the help of his brand new music video for “Who Want Smoke Remix” featuring Lil Durk, 21 Savage, and G Herbo. Just by looking at this lineup of superstars talents on the same song, you can assume that it’s going to be a hit, but trust me when I say that it will exceed your expectations. Lyrical Lemonade CEO + video director Cole Bennett did his f*cking thing on this one, this is one of the most action-packed LL videos that I have ever seen, it’s definitely one of my favorite of recent memory. This video just has the feel of an instant LL classic, don’t take my word for it though, watch it below! produced by emkay

Pull Up – [Nardo Wick]

If you’re ever on the hunt for new artists that are on the come up but don’t know where to look, checking out Nick Mira or any of the Internet Money team’s social media is usually a good place to start. Even if the artists they work with. Aren’t signed to the internet Money roster, they always discover some of the most entertaining blossoming acts, and it expedites my search process like crazy. Most recently, Nick posted about a song called “Pull Up” by an artist who goes by the name Nardo Wick. Apparently, I’m extremely late to the game considering Nardo has already amassed a very prominent following and has proven to fans that he’s next up, but I just somehow hadn’t heard of him prior to today. With that being said, I’m just happy that I’m a part of the party now, and I couldn’t help but share it with you all just in case you were in the same position as I was. Opening up with Mira’s production, he gives us a tiptoeing piano melody that is accented by terse percussion and thumping drums, bringing everything together for an extremely hard-hitting instrumental. After the beat seems to …

Nardo Wick Takes Over [Interview]

Propelled by the chilling single “Who Want Smoke,” Jacksonville artist Nardo Wick has exploded into the spotlight over the past few weeks. First, it was a G Herbo cosign via Instagram Live that circulated the song last month, which parlayed into an immediate splash upon release. In the weeks following, “Who Want Smoke” has amassed over 2 million YouTube views, garnered cosigns from Lil Durk and Future, among others, and even landed Nardo a spot on the Judas and the Black Messiah movie soundtrack. All in just over 30 days. Needless to say, this meteoric rise has been for good reason, propelled by the dense, unforgettable nature of “Who Want Smoke” and Nardo’s knack for creating moments with his lyrics. From lines like “call me Nardo Yes Man, cuz’ I don’t no n****s,” to the infamous stomping which occurs at 1:16 in the video, the entire song is packed with ingenious one-liners, structured around high-octane production and chilling visuals to match. As such, “Who Want Smoke” has quickly outgrown the sum of its viral moments, introducing the world to a massively exciting newcomer with a sound entirely unique to his native Jacksonville. We had the chance to conduct the rising star’s first interview, …