Load It Up – [Juicy J] ft. [NLE Choppa]

There are certain artists who were huge long ago in the past but have simply lost steam as the new wave of Hip-Hop and Rap music began to take shape. Although the respect for their classic records remains strong, they just haven’t been able to appeal as much to younger listeners, and although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, some talents can get understandably frustrated. As for Juicy J, I think he is one of the best examples of adapting and adjusting to a new sound without compromising his talents or style, and even new aged music fans have the utmost respect and appreciation for that. Aside from this, he also has taken certain artists under his wing and has helped as a mentor of sorts, giving them tips and tricks while also learning from them as well. $uicideboy$ is a duo who comes to mind initially, and although there have been some recent hardships that the two camps have faced and lawsuits have been included, you can’t take away the influence that Juicy J has had on them over the years. Most recently, Juicy took his talents back to where it all began in Memphis and decided …

Made It Happen – [NLE Choppa]

I don’t know if there’s anyone who should be more on top of the world than NLE Choppa right now. Not only has he constantly released hit after hit for quite some time now, but he’s riding high off of the release of his new album Top Shotta as well as his recent selection to the XXL Freshman class along with some of the other most promising artists in the industry. Top Shotta was definitely a success for being his debut album and it contained some of the most dexterous sounds coming out of the entire climate of Hip-Hop or Rap music, so it’s needless to say that I was a fan. One of my favorite tracks was undoubtedly the penultimate track called “Made It Happen”. Although you’ve probably heard it already by now, I’ll go into a few details to refresh your memory before sending you into the brand-new music video that NLE just gifted to fans. As the beat begins to play, we’re introduced to passionate, emotional piano chords that are eventually leveled up by resounding drums and chattering percussion. As NLE comes in, he shows off a sort of Jamaican-inspired delivery, using a sort of accent that …

Memphis, Pt. 2 – [AG Club] x [NLE Choppa] x [A$AP Ferg]

The rise of Bay-Area collective AG Club has been wonderful to watch, they have seemingly gone from relatively unknown to one of the biggest new acts in a matter of a couple of months, and a large part of that success had to do with their hit song “Memphis”. Recently, AG Club decided to bless their fanbase with the part two of the track, and it features two heavy hitters, Memphis native NLE Choppa + A$AP Ferg! I am sure that every single fan of AG Club had their jaw drop to the floor when they first saw this collab, I can at least say for myself that I didn’t see this coming, but trust me when I say that it is FIRE! It’s a matter of time before AG Club is the biggest collective out, but for now, let’s just enjoy watching them get to that point, press play below.

Daydream – [NLE Choppa]

NLE Choppa is a lot of things: he’s an extremely skilled creative, he’s one of the most infectious acts out, he’s a 2 on 2 Lyrical Lemonade basketball tournament champion, he’s still a teenager, and he is also back on our site today with his new music video for “Daydream”. This record was the introductory record off of NLE Choppa’s well-received new album Top Shotta that dropped not too long ago, and it was one of the standout tracks in my opinion, so I was more than glad to see it get the visual that it deserved. This music video has racked up nearly a quarter of a million views in just a short amount of time, it’s only a matter of time before it has millions + millions of views, so you might as well get in tune now by pressing play below! directed by Ethan Lader

Shotta Flow 5 Freestyle – [Babie Ash]

I normally stay away from writing up remixes but Chattanooga-based artist Babie Ash’s new remix and corresponding video to her remix to NLE Choppa’s electric “Shotta Flow 5” which Ash skated all over and made quite the statement in the process, letting Chattanooga and the world know that she is here to stay and plans on taking over. Her confidence is infectious and although Tennessee’s rap scene has made a lot of major strides over the past five years the state is still yet to produce a great female artist who is able to unite the attention of the different cities across the state, but Babie Ash just might have the blend of charisma and talent to do just that. The AK Films directed video showed off all of the energy and creativity that is making Babie Ash one of the most talked about rappers in Chattanooga currently. I am very excited to see where she goes from here and hope that even more female rappers across the south will rise to the occasion this year, just like Babie Ash has.

Punchin – [Teejayx6] ft. [NLE Choppa]

The more attention I’ve paid to the music scene in Detroit recently, the more variety I have noticed with every single artist. It seems as if no one is making music that sounds similar to anyone else, not just in the city but in the entire country. There are some hyped up emcees, ruthless spitters, and an entire spectrum of other talents that are on full display in the Motor City music scene, so I don’t think they’re going to be under the radar for long. One of these rappers is Teejayx6, and although he might be one of the more uncharacteristic artists coming out of the city, his individuality and uniqueness are what has helped him stand out to fans all over. Most recently, he recruited the freshly inducted XXL freshman NLE Choppa for a new offering entitled “Punchin” and an entertaining visual to accompany it. Hitmaker K Swisha provides some quiet yet momentous synths combined with hard-hitting, rattling hats and claps as well as booming drums to create the foundation for this percussion-forward instrumental. As Teejay comes in for the hook, his delivery shows off some of the careless attitude and aggression that he has become known for …

Top Shotta Flow – [NLE Choppa]

If you’re at all familiar with us here at Lyrical Lemonade, it shouldn’t come as a shock whatsoever to find out that we’re big fans of NLE Choppa. His sound is dynamic, he’s abundantly talented, and his personality is larger than life, so it only makes sense that not only us, but tons of other fans have been bumping his music for quite some time now. He has been alluding to his debut album Top Shotta for over a year even though it wasn’t officially announced until somewhat recently. Choppa has been dropping off singles from the album for quite some time, and now that it has finally been released, I’ve been listening to it constantly and like it a little more with every additional run through. The number of times that the word Shotta is used on the album can get somewhat confusing at times, but one of my favorite songs that boast this word is called “Top Shotta Flow”. The instrumental is made up of somewhat mischievous synths that are quickly met by thunderous 808s and crispy percussion. While this is mainly an 808 driven beat it seems, NLE uses this to his advantage and utilizes some very …

Narrow Road – [NLE Choppa] ft. [Lil Baby]

NLE Choppa is one of my absolute favorite up and comers, and it honestly feels weird to even consider him an up and comer at this point. It seems like his success has skyrocketed and for good reason considering he has proved time and time again that he’s one of the best young artists making music in the current day and age of Rap. At first, I was a bit worried that he’d get repetitive or dull after some time, but he quickly disproved this theory by proving just how dexterous and diverse he can be as a musician. Whether he’s spitting rapid bars, singing about his trials and tribulations, or finding a happy medium somewhere in the middle, he’s doing so in some of the most inventive ways which definitely keeps his sound fresh and always impressive. Along with the announcement that his debut album is coming out a week from today is a brand-new single featuring Lil baby called “Narrow Road”. On this track, NLE takes a moment to truly talk about his tough upbringing and the struggles he has persevered through, including Lil Baby on this track in order to provide some addition details and stories of …

Shotta Flow 5 – [NLE Choppa]

NLE Choppa is one of the hottest young artists in the game, hands down, and today he unleashed his brand new music video for “Shotta Flow 5”. NLE Choppa is an infectious and energetic creative who is simply hard not to like, he’s an hilarious individual and most importantly, he’s an amazing rapper! Whenever NLE Choppa works with Lyrical Lemonade’s leader Cole Bennett, it seems like they always bring out the best in each other, and although they have provided us with some awesome visuals in the past, this one is my favorite from the duo by far! You will find NLE dealing with some adversities on this video such as toy soldiers shooting at him, a mysterious man in his closet and even some produce in his kitchen speaking to him, all while his he & his mother have some funny back & forth conversation. Do yourself a favor and watch this brand new music video below!

Different Day – [NLE Choppa]

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching NLE Choppa’s come up over the last year or so. In all honesty at the beginning, I kind of thought he was just another rapper whose wild persona and energetic disposition was going to bring him success on a few songs, and then he’d struggle to continue progressing within his Rap career. I’m beyond happy that he has proven me completely wrong and he is more than just an energetic young artist with basically no depth or complexity to his music, which is the case for certain other up and comers in the industry. He has not only proven that he can create bangers and party anthems, but he can collaborate with talents who create different styles of Hip-Hop and he also knows how to tell a story. That might sound simple, but it goes a long way if you can come off as genuine and honest about the words you speak because if listeners don’t believe the words you’re saying, it’s that much harder to come off as an authentic and realistic artist. Lil Baby has a very similar skillset as Choppa because he can clearly make hits while also sharing certain encounters he has …