Death Enclaimed – [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

For the majority of rappers, music is a way for them to get things off their chest, discuss some of the things that bother them, and share stories of struggles and hardships. While it’s clear that Rap music also includes an influx in flexes and flaunts, I can typically get a feeling for how talented a rapper is from the stories of their past rather than just talking about how much money they make and all the cars they own. YoungBoy Never Broke Again does this yet again in such an intricate, explicit, and simplistic way on his latest single “Death Enclaimed”, leaving no room for ambiguity or uncertainty. The beat is built through very touching, tender piano chords, a pitched-up vocal sample that almost sounds like a child singing, and beyond crisp, gentle percussion. This paves the way for NBA YoungBoy to really share what’s on his mind, give thanks to all of his blessings in life, and right any wrongs that might’ve come his way. As he begins to sing the chorus, he uses the effects on his voice like a professional, stretching out his notes and delivering them in a pure, unwavering fashion that comes off almost …

Need It – [Migos] ft. [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

Atlanta supergroup Migos has been on a bit of a release streak recently. Beginning with their Cinco De Mayo anthem “Taco Tuesday” that was a bit of a novelty and then moving on to “Racks 2 Skinny”, the crew has been releasing more music in the last few weeks than they have in recent memory, so I couldn’t be more excited. Although I’m definitely a bigger fan of some of the classic mixtapes that put them on the map rather than their more recent albums, I could never knock them for getting money and gaining more fans than ever before. Even in the middle of all of this excitement in their worlds musically, Quavo took to social media to announce that he has finally completed high school and is now graduating alongside the rest of the class of 2020. It may not sound like a massive accomplishment to some, but I’m impressed personally. Quavo is set for life and definitely doesn’t need his high school diploma for anything, but it shows his determination and drive to go back and get it to satisfy that part of his life for his own self-fulfillment, so good for him. Aside from that, Migos …

Lost Ones – [Westside Tut]

Bay-area-grown and upcoming talent Westside Tut seems to remain on track for stardom with his latest release, “Lost Ones,” produced by Mark Motta, and it’s accompanying visual which released just last week. The rising artist has worked brilliantly alongside some of the industry’s largest names including NLE Choppa, NBA Youngboy, and OMB Peezy. His impressive track record also includes touring with West Coast legend E-40. This track speaks on feelings of grieving and emphasizes losing people to incarceration or death. “My heart goes out to mommas with they lost sons, I’m knowin’ how it feels when you lost some.” The visual shows Tut strolling through a graveyard with a stoic demeanor that’s radiated throughout the song as well. Deeper meaning and somber lyrics make this track one you’ll feel, and one you’ll want to hear until its end. The Bay Area rapper continues to make waves in the industry, as he plans on releasing videos and music more consistently in the current times of uncertainty. Like most of the themes throughout his music, he preaches messages of perseverance and dealing with adversity in moving forward with his career, which seemingly has no bounds. Watch and listen to Westside Tut – Lost Ones …

City Rollin’ (Remix) – [NFL Toon] [Quando Rondo)

Baton Rouge artist NFL Toon made a bold first impression last year with his “City Rollin’” track that immediately drew him comparisons to his fellow Louisianian NBA YoungBoy and even seemed to have inspired the opening track “Carter Son” to YoungBoy’s latest album. Since that original release Toon has followed it up with a number of new videos that have stamped him as much more than just a one-hit-wonder and it appears that NFL Toon has quite the bright future ahead of him. Recently he chose to remix this iconic song with Quando Rondo, but this is more than the standard rap remix and version two has all new vocals and verses from NFL Toon and Quando Rondo slid effortlessly onto the bass-thumping instrumental. I am very excited to see what all NFL Toon can do in the next year and make sure to be on the lookout for his new mixtape coming soon.

Time Of Your Life – [Kaixen]

Producer Kaixen boasts placements with Lil Wayne. Youngboy NBA, and Kodak Black; the last of which earned him a plaque for his work on Dying To Live. With some pretty marquee placements, the Miami-native has already made a name for himself in the rap world, but his latest 5-track project Time Of Your Life showcases a different side. Clearly comfortable in the rap world, Kaixen also has a pop-oriented style that is rooted in a more lush, layered, atmospheric direction. Joining the producer on four of the five offerings is Levin Robbins who’s light, feathery vocals lace the entire project. Together the two do a great job of creating a swirling, hypnotic ambiance that’s really easy to get lost in and vibe out to.

Trippie Redd Showcases All Sides Of Him On ‘A Love Letter To You 4’

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for happiness, just less pain” – Trippie Redd on “Leray” Having been an avid fan of Trippie Redd’s music since his debut project, A Love Letter To You, released back in 2017, his musical journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Not only speaking on behalf of the emotions that he puts into the craft, but for the fans, as well. While the first project in this series is what many fans will call a classic, the second project, A Love Letter To You 2 was a big disappointment for many fans including myself due to the fact that it seemed rushed, coming just five short months after his first project. Taking almost a year off, Trippie took time to perfect his craft for his debut album Life’s A Trip in 2018 which ushered him back in the great graces of fans and really showed his growth as an artist. On top of that, we also received the third installment in the Love Letter series which fans grew to love. 2019 was a year where it seems like everyone was releasing so much music, and in the midst of it all, Trippie came with his second album titled ! (exclamation mark) and the fans …

Bandit – [Juice Wrld] x [NBA Youngboy]

When you see a combo with the magnitude such as Juice Wrld and NBA Youngboy connect for a record you already know a couple of things; it’s going to be a hit and it’s going to do some SERIOUS numbers, but those two facts become even more true when Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett is the man behind the camera. Late last night this super trio released the brand new music video for “Bandit” and it has already put up a whopping 2.4 million views in just over twelve hours & not to mention that it’s currently #2 on YouTube’s trending! The way that these two creatives attacked this immaculate production that was provided by the great Nick Mira was impressive to say the minimum, they bounced off of each other with perfect chemistry, leaving tons of fans around the world already craving their next collab! Watch this brand new music video below and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube channel!    

4 Sons of a King – [NBA Youngboy]

Yesterday was Father’s day, and unfortunately the Louisiana rapper NBA Youngboy spent it in jail – though it didn’t stop him from releasing a single. Youngboy has four children, hence the title of his new track “4 Sons of a King,” which has already reached the #2 trending spot on Youtube in less than 24 hours. Youngboy cries out lines of strength and sadness to his children, with reminders to keep his head high through his toughest times. “I just talked to Kacey through an iPhone, I could’ve cried, I knew that look up in your eyes.” Youngboy has always been diverse through his music, but personally it seems he reaches his most heartfelt songs when it comes to his children, and you can tell it hurts him not to be there with them on Father’s day. Youngboy’s unmistakable melody encompass a slower, piano dominated instrumental that adds to the sorrowing theme of his desires to be there for his four sons. Though the depressing reality of NBA Youngboy sitting incarcerated on Father’s day lingers with this track, the meaningful, positive messages toward his children provide a sense of hope and optimism for the future. Stream “4 Sons of a …

Boston George – [LBS Kee’vin]

Historically, Florida has been an absolute hotbed for emerging rap talent stemming out of the sunshine state. Today I’d like to introduce to one of the next names you need to have tabs on with LBS Kee’vin and his infectious single and video for “Boston George.” Like most trends in rap, I feel like myself along with a lot of other rap fans get tired of hearing an oversaturation of certain sounds within the genre. Now it may be easy for you to cast off LBS Kee’vin and box him in the same category as Roddy Ricch or Youngboy Never Broke Again (NBA Youngboy), but that shouldn’t dim the light on the hit-making potential he possesses. In addition to that after doing some digging, I stumbled upon some loosies of his like him remixing SZA’s “The Weekend” and snippets on his Instagram that showcase more versatility. Watch the visuals for LBS Kee’vin’s “Boston George” below.

LL Presents: The Quin Nfn Q&A

When the Lyrical team was out at SXSW this past year we met an Austin, Texas based artist named Quin Nfn at the interview with Nardwuar, and he has become a favorite of ours rather quickly since that point. He has been releasing some good music for a minute now and his new project has been doing very well, he is still a teenager at this point so you can only image the growth that we are about to witness, I predict in a few years he is one of the biggest rappers in his state. Take a few minutes below to check out the new Q&A we did featuring Quin Nfn, and be sure to give Quin a follow on Twitter here to keep up with his future releases!     EM: Before we dive into the questions, give a brief description of yourself for our readers who may not be familiar with you. Quin: I’m a 17 year old youngin from East Austin (da 4 to be exact) trying to make a way for me and my people by making music. Being an artist has always been my dream and my music is about what I’ve seen and lived. I …