LED – [Myles Cameron]

Myles Cameron is having an incredible 2020. The New York-based singer-songwriter is gearing up for a major release and to no surprise, his newly released single continues to not only build anticipation for what is to come next but solidifies Cameron’s continued streak of quality releases. His new song, “LED,” finds the vocalist in unfamiliar territory, from a production standpoint, that is executed with a perceived effortlessness. Backed by static-seemed electronic production that feels radioactive in nature, Cameron displays a clear ability to venture from his previously set MO. Frequent collaborative producer, Frankie Scoca, conjures a late-night type of atmosphere for Cameron to truly expound on his ability as a singer by broadening his range both thematically and sonically. This departure, which contrasts his previous released body of work Lonely Suburban Blackboy, is incredibly refreshing to listen to as we continue to watch Myles Cameron explore various sounds that, to no surprise, exemplifies his powerful vocal ability. “’LED’ was one of the first demos we made after Lonely Suburban Black boy and pretty much set the tone for where I wanted this project to live. It’s dark and hazy and processed. It was inspired by a moment of intimacy I …

Prettysoon – [Myles Cameron]

The incredible talents of Myles Cameron have returned with the singer-songwriter’s latest single, “Prettysoon.” Cameron’s latest release, which comes only a few months after the release of his six-track, Lonely Suburban Blackboy – EP, is another undeniable example of his jaw-dropping musicality and ever-growing artistry. Opting for a more instrumental-driven production, Cameron’s latest single is an ode to love’s powerful constitution.  Myles Cameron wastes no time in starting this acoustic-like record. Immediately embracing listeners with his warm vocals, Cameron delves into the heart of the song’s subject matter; love. His delivery is calm but firm, vividly bringing to life the heart-warming nature of this record and its equally touching production. Listeners are not just being told this story but living it through Cameron’s eyes. His optimism and steadfast tranquility are felt as well as heard. The courage in this vulnerability not only strengthens the record’s delivery but cements it as a love song that can be played generations from now. Myles Cameron has undoubtedly succeeded in delivering another towering example of his potency as an artist. Listen to “Prettysoon” by Myles Cameron below and show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Lonely Suburban Blackboy – [Myles Cameron]

Making a very special return to our pages today, New York native Myles Cameron delivers his new, remarkable project titled Lonely Suburban Blackboy. This project follows the release of the three standout singles; “Picket Fences”, “Nothing Gold”, and “Yellow”. Lonely Suburban Blackboy can be simply described as a bond between his magnetic vocal deliveries and his close-to-heart songwriting. Quoted by Myles himself, “Lonely Suburban Blackboy is a character portrait. It’s based on two major themes; blackness in white spaces and warm colors and aesthetics. The process of writing was pretty difficult honestly. I had to do a lot of digging within myself and put some of my biggest insecurities and worst memories on the page. After having gone through that whole process though, I feel more confident and secure in myself than ever before.” I was very impressed with how raw and authentic this project was, for it was refreshing to feel as though I was experiencing what Myles had felt during those times. Furthermore, Myles will be playing a show in Brooklyn, New York on May 30th that will be centered around this project so make sure you check his socials for details. All in all, be sure to stream Lonely Suburban Blackboy …

Yellow – [Myles Cameron]

Music discovery is, of course, the fulcrum of what we do here at Lyrical Lemonade, and justly so, it’s a natural high that always comes out when I stumble upon something new and full of potential. Just yesterday, while scrolling through my SoundCloud feed, I experienced this feeling thanks to an artist by the name of Myles Cameron and his new song, “Yellow”. Insurmountably bright in sound while cathartic in lyricism, this offering uses its profound truths to inform listeners of what Cameron is going through while simultaneously bringing the audience in as participants of the story. “Yellow” is easy to resonate and connect with in this way, and as a result, it’s the kind of song that our readers will be sure to love. Stream the song at the link provided below and keep up with all things Myles Cameron by following him on Twitter here!