Muddyworld V2 – [MuddyMya]

MuddyMya is a name that’s been popping up everywhere in the underground rap community. The young Atlanta emcee has been making a name for herself with singles, videos, and the connections she’s made so far. On MuddyWorld V2 the only feature is SSGKobe but the main production is from Ok, otwreg, trvsh, and souljaspirit. The sound reminds me of a revamped and modernized version of Lil Uzi Vert’s LUV is Rage 1. I believe Mya isn’t where Uzi was out from a development point then, but the feels and the sound around that time compare. If you’re a fan of the current wave of underground rap community and people like Bear1boss, SoFaygo, and BKTHARULA then this project will fit nicely on your palate. If she continues to work on fleshing out her lyrics and continues to world build and grow her sound Mya should be a name flirting with mainstream success by the end of next year. Stream MuddyMya’s new EP ‘Muddy World V2’ for yourself after the break.

EDEN – [MuddyMya]

Of all the upcoming music scenes in the US, very few are pushing the culture forward like Florida and Atlanta. With artists like Destroy Lonely, Cochise, and 454 paving the way for the next generation of plugg/regalia/cloud rap inspired rappers – the future of hip-hop is looking better than ever. MuddyMya is a perfect example of this, and luckily this week she returns to us with her newest EP EDEN – the follow-up to 2021’s MUDDYWORLD. The last time we saw Mya, we were celebrating the release of her single “i see you!” – a hazy and hypnotic banger packed with futuristic energy so infectious that it was hard not to list her as one of Atlanta’s most promising new artists. EDEN carries this momentum perfectly with a small colelction of 5 tracks that if nothing else, put MuddyMya’s name on 2022. Between her washed-out vocal layers, spacious production, and hard-hitting verses that alternate between melodic (“PEACH SPRITE”) and borderline ambient (“WAIT4U”) at a moment’s notice – MuddyMya’s forward-thinking musical talents have made her an artist that needs to be on your radar this year. Last time I asked if we would see an album from MuddyMya this year, and with an …

i see you! – [MuddyMya]

Call her plugg, call her regalia, call her cloud rap, but if nothing else, call MuddyMya the future. Her newest release “i see you!” is a hazy and hypnotic burst of forward-thinking and high-octane energy from one of the most promising artists to come out of Atlanta over the past year. “i see you!”‘s OK-produced mix acts as a glittering wall of sound perfect for both screaming at the top of your lungs and speeding down PCH at night (two things I did simultaneously mere minutes ago). MuddyMya’s melodic rapping weaves in and out in a borderline dreamlike fashion, with the production serving as the perfect foundation for the ATL artist to do what she does best. This isn’t the first single we’ve gotten from her this year, so the question begs to be asked: Might we see an album from MuddyMya this year? The long-awaited follow-up to 2021’s MUDDYWORLD? Sadly it seems that only time will tell, but until that fated day, you can catch me out requesting “i see you!” to every DJ that lets me close to the both. muddymya · i see u!

SO DA TAPE 2 – [$odaman]

$odaman has been a familiar name and face in the Atlanta underground scene for years now, delivering many memorable tracks in what has developed into nothing short of a prolific catalog, especially for an artist as young as he is. Despite his notable run thus far, today marks the first time he has been featured in our pages which is honestly hard for me to believe, but nonetheless I am glad that his debut is his latest project SO DA TAPE 2 which is easily my favorite work from him yet. At sixteen-tracks, this mixtape gives you a very broad look at $odaman’s personality and various flows and cadences over a variety of interesting production that all suits him well. He only called on three features, one coming from Sid Shyne who has been a frequent $odaman collaborator over the years and is carving out his own lane in the Atlanta underground scene in his own right. He also is joined by rising Atlanta icon MuddyMya and JLux who each make great additions to the project and compliment $odaman well. I really enjoyed this project and look forward to hearing what $odaman follows it up with and am eager to see which …

STILL*ALIVE – [DavidTheTragic]

The wait for DavidTheTragic’s much anticipated debut project STILL*ALIVE is finally over after warming up with a series of sonically diverse and artistically forward visuals which energized his loyal audience, as well as giving us the single “ANEMIC” which features David’s friend and Atlanta frontrunner Kenny Mason. STILL*ALIVE is easily David’s most comprehensive offering yet, delivering track-after-tracks that spill honesty and introspection over an eclectic and experimental set of instrumentals that David has always leaned towards since first appearing on many fans’ and writers’ respective radars a couple of years back. The features on the project all fit beautifully and I love to see David collaborate not only with newly established cult-heroes like Kenny Mason, but also with the likes of MuddyMya and Mercury who have both now been interviewed by Lyrical Lemonade and are building something quite special in their own right and I love that David included both of them here. He also calls upon guest verses from his frequent collaborator Burgundy as well as Qi and Kapwani that I was not familiar with until hearing this project and I really appreciate how willing David, and the Atlanta scene as a whole, are to include rising talent on their projects despite not …

ACTION PARK – [dolphin talk x stephen niday]

The current debate and dialogue I recently have seen all over Twitter is tired judgements on an underground scene that is incredibly misunderstood and perhaps more talent laden than ever which exists on SoundCloud, while the ignorant many continue their 2016-2017 nostalgia craze and ignore the actual leaps and bounds being made by artists who were first inspired by the now defunct scene that is so romanticized and building off of their innovations and learning from their many mistakes. but painfully the massive amounts of attention that were placed on the platform during the earlier years is now gone and these incredible creatives are starved of the popularity that initially birthed the entire “clout” craze but at the same time has led to their fanbases becoming all the more ravenous and close-knit and developing into intricate communities with distinct and often hilarious social orders and whatnot. One trend I have been seeing recently that I love is the increase in third-party project releases where a DJ or promoter or in this case producers recruit their favorite artists to their beats and release a compilation project that never becomes predictable and gives the producers a more extended moment to shine that is all too …

MuddyMya: If It’s Meant To Happen, It Will

Cover Photo By @dumoarles MuddyMya started releasing music a little over a year ago to date without much expectation. In her words, “I just make songs and post them.” Today, the Atlanta native has become a buzzing name in the underground, recently putting out some of her best work to date in the form of “Cashin Out” — a single produced by CashCache and MexikoDro, headed by lyrics including my personal favorite: “Life I never planned it out, but look how things are panning out.” Speaking to Mya, she places large emphasis on the fact that her success thus far has arrived without much expectation – she works at her craft, makes the best music she can make, and lets the universe do the rest. And the universe has certainly been responding. With numerous cultural cosigns to her name, a fast-growing fanbase, and a singular, masked aesthetic, Mya is doing things on her own terms and garnering authentic, well-deserved acclaim for it. No over-stretching herself or asking favors – just genuine support on true-to-self music and a world-building creative vision. 6 months ago, she worked for Target at a job she hated. Today, Mya is fully focused on music, with the …

CASHIN OUT – [MuddyMya] prod. [CashCache] [Mexikodro]

MuddyMya has been creating a wave of her own in the undercurrents of Atlanta’s ‘SoundCloud’ scene if you will and has been building her impeccable brand and aesthetic through a series of stunning visuals and has impressed musically with her gentle, sing-songy flows and top-notch beat selection. She came together with the plugg-father-and-son of Mexikodro and CashCache for a sanguine and upbeat collaboration that was crafted perfectly for Mya to float over, flexing her endless bag of cadences and effortless ability to inflect her vocals with and without the assistance of autotune. I really hope Mya continues to dabble with the plugg-sound and would love to hear at least an EP of her skating over happy plugg beats and even collaborating with more of the artists in Atlanta who are also helping reignite that wave.