C.R.E.A.M – [G2]

Along with making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, 808 Mafia artist and Mudboy affiliate G2 offers a new visual for his single titled “C.R.E.A.M”. The song stands for ‘Cash Rules Everything Around Me’ and was inspired by G2’s desire for wealth and prosperity. The video is packed with high energy and fire transitions, ultimately creating an intense and appealing atmosphere for viewers. “C.R.E.A.M” is a very honest, relatable, and transparent piece of art that comes from a deeper place than one may think. When we spoke to G2 about the depths of this record, he stated that he “was in Miami just living life and if you really listen you can tell that I’m actually saying something. It comes from a point in my life when I was a lover boy, but the girl I was in love with was slowing me down and holding me back. This is me showing the world I’m focused.” To say the least, we are excited to see what G2 has in store for the coming months. Be sure to watch this eye-catching visual below and follow G2 on Twitter and Instagram!

Watch Sheck Wes’ New Interview on Hot 97

Fresh off of the release of his unbelievable debut album, Mudboy, Sheck Wes is one of the hottest topics in rap right now. His story, personality, unforgettable adlibs, and energetic deliveries all mesh together to form an absolute star of an artist, and today, he’s here to take us a bit further into the journey with a brand new interview alongside the familiar faces over at Hot 97. Nearly 30 minutes long, this video acts as a comprehensive look at the mind and life of the 20-year old, Harlem-bred artist. He speaks on his father working for Dapper Dan, basketball, being a rapper, his upbringing, NYC, fashion, being sent to Africa, Harlem, and much, much more. If you’re a newer fan of Sheck Wes, this is a must-watch interview, so be sure to click play at the link below. Additionally, if you haven’t listened to Mudboy yet, then stream the project here!

Mudboy – [Sheck Wes]

From star basketball player, to viral hitmaker, to Cactus Jack and GOOD Music’s most promising signee, Sheck Wes’ career has already been a whirlwind. Today, the 20-year-old rapper delivers his highly-anticipated debut project, ‘Mudboy’, marking another milestone point for the Harlem-native. At its core, ‘Mudboy’ functions as a come-up album, charting the young talent’s success up to this point and projecting where he plans to go in the future. Wes fills the project with exactly what you might expect from him stylistically at this point, relying on his 0 to 100 vocal presence. In a moment’s notice, he can go from whispered mumbles to full-volume howls and already iconic ad-libs. While he does try to switch things up, 14 songs is just a lot of Sheck Wes to take in at once. He’s at his best when he’s rapping from experience, whether he’s painting the walls of his Harlem upbringing with grimy resonance or repping his endeavors in basketball and high fashion. He strikes a good balance on the album’s closer, “Vetements Socks”, tempering his jagged-edged energy to suit a more low-key, atmospheric beat. Although it gets sidetracked by some songs that just feel like filler, ‘Mudboy’ still contains glimpses …

Watch Power 106 LA’s interview with Sheck Wes

The L.A. Leakers crew over at Power 106 has featured a number of industry creatives in the past while, and their latest guest was none other than the mudboy, Sheck Wes. Speaking on his childhood in-between Milwaukee and Harlem, Sheck chopped it up with the likes of Justin Credible & DJ Sourmilk on a number of topics including his earliest memories of music, being put on Kid Cudi, his debut project, meeting Travis Scott and much more jam-packed into the segment. Sheck’s less-than-usual come up is something to behold but before finding that out, watch his latest visual for Chippi Chippi and don’t miss his interview with Power 106 LA below!

Watch Sheck Wes’ interview with TimWestwoodTV

The latest rap phenom to sit down for an interview with TimWestwoodTV was none other than the self-proclaimed mudboy himself, Sheck Wes. Kicking off the discussion with the untamed energy at his shows, both Tim & his guest chopped it up on a number of topics including growing up in Harlem, tearing ligaments before his Mo Bamba video, his travels to Africa and hooking up with Travis Scott and joining the Cactus Jack imprint. Gearing up to head out on Travis’ Astroworld tour this week as well, it’s safe to say that Sheck’s indisputable rage is about to be felt worldwide and will only spread awareness of his emerging talents. Be sure to peep the TimWestwood interview with Sheck Wes below and check out the WhiteTrashTyler-directed visual from last week for Chippi Chippi. Via: TimWestwoodTV

Chippi Chippi – [Sheck Wes]

Time and time again, Harlem mudboy Sheck Wes has shown out with some of the wildest videos we have ever seen, and the latest for Chippi Chippi fits into that category immediately. Courtesy of Cactus Jack’s go-to director known as White Trash Tyler, the simple yet horrifying concept set in a tropical location sees Sheck emerge out of a dark screen before looking like he has become possessed with a towel on his head and even petting a ‘Chippi Chippi’ basketball. This all may not make a lot of sense to start, but if you’re familiar with previous visuals such as Mo Bamba or Live SheckWes Die Sheck Wes, then you’re in for all the unusual-ness you could possibly withstand. Make sure to find out what I’m talking about below and stay posted for the next cut from Sheck very soon! Directed by Sheck Wes & White Trash Tyler 

N***as Ain’t Close – [Sheck Wes] Ft. [Lil Yachty]

Harlem’s new top boy in Sheck Wes has had quite the year with an arsenal of hit-records and today, he has tapped none-other than the sailing captain himself for a banger titled, N***as Ain’t Close. Laced with a vicious beat from Wes’ go-to man known as Redda, the cutthroat duo shared the production with startling verses between Sheck’s violating chorus that outlined the foundation for all the energy found throughout the 2-minute span. Not only is the 19-year-old gearing up to unveil his MUDBOY project very soon, his roll-out of songs like Sheck Wes, Mo Bamba and now this one with Yachty have been the perfect tone-setters for the debut that is bound to create moshpit-worthy atmospheres across the music world. Having said that, kick-off your week with N***as Ain’t Close featuring Lil Yachty and stay-tuned for more details on Sheck Wes’ forthcoming project.

Chippi Chippi – [Redda] x [Sheck Wes]

If you’ve been paying attention to rap at all lately, you probably know that New York might just be sitting on its next superstar, Sheck Wes. Song after song, Wes continues to bring the hype, and he’s here to cement his role even further with a brand new, Redda-produced single titled “Chippi Chippi”. The title of the song, as described by the Harlem native himself, means “to leave a place in a state of anger, with intentions to get high”. This energy is the focal point of the track’s ominous production and chilling deliveries, and by making sure that the dark lyricism details Wes’ struggles and sources of anger, fans receive a banger to keep on repeat for weeks to come. His debut mixtape, Mudboy, is on the way, and with “Chippi Chippi” as a preview into the energy that it is bound to bring to the table, I believe we’re in for something special with this project. That being said, check out the latest from Sheck Wes below!

Mo Bamba – [Sheck Wes]

If you weren’t already familiar with the work of Harlem rapper Sheck Wes, then I recommend wasting no time in checking out his latest visuals for the basketball-inspired anthem “Mo Bamba”. Written after Wes’ childhood friend and University of Texas basketball star, this 16yrold-produced track acts as the perfect exhibit of the compelling energy that Wes has become so well known for in both his music and his personality. Directed by WhiteTrashTyler, the visual companion plays to this same effect, offering black-and-white scenes of Wes and his team representing their New York roots by revisiting the same courts that raised them. With that being said, Sheck Wes’ sky-high potential is lending itself to a rapid ascent to the top for this young talent, and he’s ready to take over in 2018. Don’t sleep, watch “Mo Bamba” below and get ready for Wes’ highly-anticipated debut, MUDBOY, due for release this spring.