E The Real You – [SCORS]

I have been finding plenty of sensational bands so far this year from New Zealand’s Mild Orange to the energetic Younger Hunger, but I just got put onto this band out of London that goes by SCORS, and now here they are making their Lyrical Lemonade debut with their brand new music video for “E The Real You”. There’s nothing like the first time that you find some good + quality music for the first time, and that’s just how I felt when I pressed play on this visual. It’s impossible to press play on this song and listen to it as a music lover and not enjoy it, I feel like it’s one of those sounds that damn near anybody can enjoy, regardless of what genre you typically prefer. Take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch this brand new music video below!

A Conversation With Mild Orange: A Gem Out Of New Zealand

Mild Orange is a four-piece band out of New Zealand who I first got familiar with earlier this year when I saw their sensational music video for “Making Things”, which led me down a rabbit hole to discover more of their content and soon enough, I was hooked! The band consists of four members; Josh Mehrtens, Jack Ferguson, Josh Reid, and Tom Kelk. These creatives have put together some of the most beautiful music that I have heard lately and I wanted to learn more about them, so I originally was trying to bring them by the Lyrical Lemonade office for an on-camera interview. After realizing that probably wasn’t going to work because they are halfway across the country, and because of the national pandemic, we agreed to do a written interview for the website until I get to meet them in person! If you are a fan of alternative or rock music, this band is going to be right up your alley, so stream their new album via Spotify as you learn about them below!   JM = Josh Mehrtens / vocals, guitar, production, creative direction JF = Jack Ferguson / drums & photography JR = Josh Reid / …

Making Things – [Mild Orange]

This afternoon we have a group that goes by the name of Mild Orange who is making their Lyrical Lemonade debut with their brand new offering titled “Making Things”. We predominately cover hip-hop & R&B releases here on our website, but we have been including more genres over the past year or so, and especially of the alternative/rock variety. I first found this group by just digging through Soundcloud, which led me to their profiles on DSP’s and then eventually landing on their YouTube page. This song really stuck out to me just because of how smooth the instrumental was, and even more how the pleasing vocals matched the beat, and once I watched the music video for it it was game over. I instantly became a huge fan of these guys, and although this is the first time they have been featured on Lyrical Lemonade, it will surely not be the last. Do yourself a favor and watch this video on YouTube or stream it via Spotify below!