Pull Up – [Mikey100k]

Most artists find a niche in one certain aspect of music, whether that’s producing, singing a certain genre, songwriting, or something else of the sort. However, North Carolina artist Mikey100k has built his reputation as a multitalented creator as both a singer and songwriter – a rare talent that not many possess. His latest single “Pull Up” is a beautiful track released in response to his followers continuous support while they wait for a project from Mikey. He has all the talent and traits of a successful R&B artist; with smooth and rangy vocals, consistent romantic themes, and catchy hooks. “If you need a hand baby slide on me, brand new watch that only mean that I got time on me.” Mikey expects more singles to be released soon in preparation for the completion of a new project in the near future. The Raleigh native continues to gain an audience as his consistent supporters keep coming back for more and new listeners are entranced by his work. Stream “Pull Up” below!


Netherlands creation TWNTYFOUR is back with another intriguing single titled “Maria.” TWNTYFOUR with assistance from singer/songwriter Mikey100k combine for a beautiful joint that mixes the best aspects of multiple genres; electronic, pop, and R&B. Though sometimes unfair to compare artists and songs, I definitely felt a sort of Travis Scott energy when I first heard the track. “Girl why you leave me? Group texts, all of your girlfriends said you didn’t need me.” The track tells a story of a lost lover, “Maria,” who doesn’t reciprocate the energy given to her in the relationship. The piece acts as a plea for answers, with the sense of a lack of closure on the woman’s end. The joint writing of the two artists provide a brilliant storyline that allow the listener to be drawn in even further to the song than they already were by the mystifying electronic vocals. The two artists working together on this piece meshed flawlessly, and as they both continue to expand their work and audiences look for them to continue to work together in the future. TWNTYFOUR continues to impress song after song, and has definitely developed both a fan in myself, and a large following across …

Who Needs Friends 2 – [Mikey100k]

Mikey100k is an artist from Raleigh, NC who recently released a seven-track EP titled Who Needs Friends 2. Mikey kills the project from top to bottom without a single feature, which further resonates with the title of the work. The tracks feel soulful and genuine, and they all seem to mesh beautifully to form a polished final piece. From his first track, “On My Soul,” you can catch the wave Mikey is trying to deliver – a stubbornly driven and self-reliant artist who puts solidified meaning behind his words. This energy continues throughout the project until the last track, “To the Moon,” in which he breaks down his walls and spills some of his inner conflict over a slower harmonious instrumental. “This for all of my ones who lost they dogs yeah, I know you may feel lost, I give you my heart yeah.” Usually for a first time listen, I’ll enjoy one or two tracks on that artist’s project. However this is the first time I’ve listened to Mikey100k, and I’m pleased to say I enjoyed the entire project from start to finish. I can tell he puts dedicated time and genuine effort into his work, which is something that goes …

Feels – [Mikey100k]

Mikey100k is finding himself back on our platform tonight with the release of his brand new track called ‘Feels”. This is one of his best songs to date, and it doesn’t take much more than one listen to come to that conclusion. Mikey connected with producer Messiah Beatz who hooked him up with this impressive beat, and Mikey took full advantage of what was in front of him on his way to creating this banger. Check out this brand new tune below!

Red Flowers EP – [Mikey 100k]

Mikey 100k has came from someone in our submissions into a frequently featured artist in just a few short months, and today he is back with his brand new EP titled “Red Flowers”. This is an extremely short EP coming in at just three tracks in length & just over ten minutes of play time, but if anything that’s just more of a reason to keep coming back to it. After the first listen through I must say that Mikey outdid himself, I thought I had a good grasp of what to expect form him, but man I wasn’t expecting this. The kid continues to impress and I don’t see him slowing down any time soon, stream this new tape below and let me know what you think about it in the comments section!

Family Ties – [Mikey100k]

Mikey100k is finding himself back on our platform tonight with his brand new offering titled “Family Ties”. The first thing that you will notice is without a doubt the ear grabbing instrumental by Decicco that sets a serious vibe to the track, before Mikey jumps on the beat with some honest & relatable bars that his fans or any listener will appreciate. Mikey is extremely talented when it comes to creating melodic tunes that anyone (for the most part) can digest, and that quality is what I believe will propel him to that next level. Until then we just have to watch and wait, but for now press play on this new joint below! prod. Decicco

Blessings – [Mikey100k]

After making his Lyrical Lemonade debut a few days back with “Nascar”, Mikey100k is finding himself back on our platform with his brand new offering titled “Blessings”. The beat built up slowly but surely to start this one, before the hard hitting drums smack you in the face around the thirty second mark, thanks to pj beats + akachi. Mikey brought his saucy & silky flows to the table & created one of his best songs to date in the process, as he just manhandled this beat for damn near four minutes. Check out this brand new song below & let me know if you like it in the comments!

Nascar – [Mikey100k]

An artist by the name of Mikey100k is making his Lyrical lemonade debut this afternoon with his brand new track called “Nascar”. This is one of those records that you only have to listen to one time to realize it’s a hit, something about the wavy self-produced beat blended with Mikey’s silky smooth approach & witty rhymes perfectly. He picked the pocket on the beat as well as anyone could, on his way to creating an all around ear pleasing tune that anyone can dig. I was unaware of Mikey before I came across this song in my submissions, but I really liked what I heard & I will make it a point to check out his future releases moving forward. Listen to this brand new tune below & if you like it let me know in the comments!