TESLA – [Flizoshi] feat. [Mike Melinoe]

We are bringing new heat to the Lyrical Lemonade pages today with Texas artists, Flizoshi and Mike Melinoe. The two emcee’s have linked up to deliver their high-energy new collaborative record, “TESLA.” An ominous opening to the song leaves you curious as to what route it will take until the bass comes in shattering any preconceived ideas. Their new record is riddled with bars through and through with each emcee competing for who is going to steal the show. We highly recommend you run this one back a few times just so you can catch each reference and punchline. Focusing on the silent aspects associated with the famous innovative electric vehicle, Flizoshi and Melinoe excel at keeping your attention throughout the record alternating between cadences and alien-like voices. The new single is from Flizoshi’s upcoming EP, Gold Ain’t Cheap, set to release next Thursday. Listen to the new track from Flizoshi and Mike Melinoe below and make sure to pass around this new song to your friends.

AYEEE – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends has bene releasing an album every couple of weeks for as long as I can remember, and today he is back with his latest project titled “AYEEE”. Netherfriends never fails to find funny and witty concepts to create albums with, and from the title you just might be able to see where he was going with this, it was literally ten tracks of aye adlibs over and over haha. Stream this brand new album below and be sure to follow Netherfriends on Soundcloud here to keep up with his future releases! features from Blake Rules, the Teeta, Chris Crack, Mike Melinoe, VantaBlac SOL, Rebel Legato, Mathien, Max Wells and the Dutchmaster

Cyclones – [Mike Melinoe] ft. [The Teeta]

Two of Austin, TX’s most promising rappers link up for the visual pairing to their track Cyclones released earlier this year. Mike Melinoe continues to flex his artistry with the impressive video. The simple, yet effective visual mirrors the energy of the track perfectly. Having already conquered the local hip-hop scene in Austin, these two have plans of going global. Get familiar now before the masses catch on. Peep the visual below: words by Max R

Her Name – [Mike Melinoe]

We first highlighted the creative prowess of Detroit born, Austin based Mike Melinoe only 10 days ago for the release of his optimistic single Anything. Today, we are proud to premiere his latest effort, Her Name. Capitalizing on his famously positive energy, Melinoe uses this scope to explore the trials of life. Featuring production from ELIII3 i’s, the ethereal beat sets up the perfect landscape for Melinoe’s cognizant flow. With incredibly conscious and mindful lyrics, the substance is key with Melinoe. He’s doing more than simply releasing songs, he’s working on spreading an undeniable energy from coast to coast and eventually, across the globe. He approaches his work with a sense of realness and authenticity that is often overlooked in today’s hip-hop game. Tap into Her Name below: words by Max R

Anything – [Mike Melinoe] prod. [Netherfriends]

Featured for the first time on the site today is an artist who truly deserves to boast the title of being an artist; a true creative in every sense of the word. Hailing from Detroit, but currently hustling in Austin, Mike Melinoe is a ball of creativity waiting to burst. Not only is Mike an aspiring hip-hop artist, but he’s also a phenomenal painter, model, and all around go-getter. Hip Hop is a single avenue in Mike Melinoe’s complicated grid of creativity. Anything is a positive, uplifting track. Featuring production from fellow Austinite Netherfriends, the beat gives me some serious Pre-WZRD Cudi vibes. Mike addresses the beat with the utmost consciousness. Energy and vibes go a long way, and with the positivity and spirit that Melinoe constantly oozes, it’s only a matter of time before Mr. Melinoe smiles his way into widespread success. You really can do Anything. What are you waiting for? Go do it! While you’re at it bump Anything below and check out Melinoe’s painting on his Instagram while you’re at it: words by Max R View this post on Instagram 🌸Do what makes you happy. I started painting almost a year ago. In May of 2017 I …