Black Lipstick – [Michael Casper]

Returning to our pages today, rising artist Michael Casper offers a stellar new visual for his single titled “Black Lipstick”. As I came across Casper and the visual presented below, I quickly became intrigued by how cohesive everything was regarding the rising talent and his music. From the image that Casper holds to the sound that he runs with, everything has a steady flow, making him easy to understand and connect to as an artist. Regarding the visual for “Black Lipstick”, Michael stated that “this is a story about meeting someone for the first time and knowing that they’re the one, but leaving with a feeling of dissatisfaction from not knowing what it will become.” Perfectly depicted throughout the video, fans and new listeners will find a sense of comfort and connection knowing they aren’t the only ones feeling the way Michael does. Be sure to watch Casper’s captivating new visual below and follow the rising star on Instagram to see what’s to come!

Teenage Apathy – [Michael Casper]

We’ve been debuting a number of brand new artists on our pages in the past few weeks, and today, we’re here to bring yet another soon-to-be star to the spotlight in the form of Michael Casper and his new single, “Teenage Apathy”. Doused in dreamy melodies and introspective, openly emotional lyricism, this track provides an anthemic look at the angst and wonder that all teenagers feel. Casper pens his thoughts with a sharp eye for detail, and the result is a song that can resonate with any listener on a deep level. That said, the ability of “Teenage Apathy” to provide comfort in the most uncomfortable of times is second to none, so be sure to click play and check it out at the link provided below!