High As I – [Shawn K]

One thing you don’t often hear about in the hip-hop world is someone being selfless or not in it for attention. If you really take a second to think about it, most people get into music either for the money, the fame, the attention, and more often than not, a mixture of all three. Rarely does someone work in the shadows without asking for an ounce of the spotlight, and if they do claim this before putting in the work, they might change their mind once they see someone else basking in the glory that they had a part in building. Cleveland’s Shawn K is the one exception that I can think of because he opted to take a break from releasing his own music to be a vital part in the creation of some of your favorite artists’ endeavors without ever looking to be the face of the campaign. Shawn has played a part in things such as the Revenge of the Dreamers III collaborative album, Denzel Curry’s Melt My Eyez See Your Future effort, Meechy Darko’s (of Flatbush Zombies) Gothic Luxury, and even EARTHGANG’s GHETTO GODS album. When not directly creating music, he has acted as an A&R …

Get Lit or Die Tryin’ – [Meechy Darko]

When the vast majority of typical hip-hop fans think about New York icons, names like Jay-Z, Biggie, the Wu-Tang Clan, or any other legends. Obviously, these are artists who turned the industry into what it is today, and there is simply no denying that whatsoever, but considering I wasn’t alive to witness most of these artists at the pinnacle of their careers, I have a different set of musicians come to mind, personally. Rappers like Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, the A$AP Mob, Flatbush Zombies, and various others are the first names that come to my mind, and it’s thanks to many of these spitters that I have the complex taste in music that I am proud of. I remember listening to the Flatbush Zombies religiously in high school, running back songs and albums like it was my job, and I couldn’t get enough of them. I wasn’t actually really into a lot of the things they would mention like psychedelics or anything else along those lines, but I just loved their dynamic, their confidence, and the fact that every member brought something special and different to the table. Erick the Architect made ludicrously composite instrumentals, Juice brought the personality and …

Our 50 Favorite Joey Bada$$ Songs

Every once in a blue moon, an artist will come by in hip-hop that bridges the ever-dividing gap between the new and the old – someone who embodies the best of both, and someone that everyone can agree on. Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew were just that when they first came out. Employing a 90s-influenced style and a classic aesthetic that inspired a generation of artists in New York and beyond, Pro Era had the technical skill and “pure hip-hop” lyricism that one would expect from a 90s act, while they also possessed a sense for style, sound, and group comradery that resonated with current-day listeners. It was an incredible marriage of innovation and influence that came from a crew of artists talented and wise beyond their years, spearheaded by none other than Joey Bada$$: an artist now with several undeniable classics to his name, all the way from pure-as-it-gets hip-hop tracks to high-flying, radio-ready anthems. Frankly, Joey Bada$$ has done it all, and his still-growing contributions to hip-hop – aesthetically, lyrically, sonically, and otherwise – are not to be underestimated. Not often do we get a talent of Joey’s caliber that fans of any age can get behind, …

New World Order – [Flatbush Zombies]

Fitting that the Flatbush Zombies would return from their brief hiatus on Halloween to deliver an ominous new single titled, “New World Order.” This is the first release of music from the Brooklyn based trio since the release of their highly acclaimed album, Vacation In Hell. The announcement of the new song came yesterday, fulfilling their promise today with its release at noon. The song delivers in true Flatbush Zombie fashion, ghostly vocals from Zombie Juice, devilish rhymes from Meechy Darko and pristine production from Erick Arc Elliot. The trio evenly distributes each of their respected verses during the three-minute track. Production lead by a haunting set of keys that is reminiscent of the Halloween theme song sets the spooky stage for each of the members. Check out Flatbush Zombies’ new song, “New World Order” below and tell us what you think about the track in the comment section!

Pull Up (Beastcoast Remix) – [Powers Pleasant]

You may remember us covering the heat-seeking joint from Powers Pleasant in Pull Up back in May when the visual dropped with Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Ferg. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the numbers on that track have climbed tremendously since then and today, the Pro Era rapper has rejoined Joey Bada$$ and some of the Beastcoast areas rap juggernauts for the remix including Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice & The Underachievers. Sticking to the self-produced beat from Pleasant, the likes of Meechy & Juice set the energy in the opening verses right away before both Issa and AK close out the final seconds with their always-impressive guest spots. Not only is this one of the hottest remixes I’ve heard in a minute, but this new version is also another example of the raw talent that lies within the Beastcoast that seems to attract more attention with each release. Having said that, be sure to let loose the Pull Up remix and after doing so, watch the visual with Joey & Ferg below as well!

Vacation – [Flatbush Zombies] feat. [Joey Bada$$]

Vacation In Hell is shaping up to be one of the hottest albums of 2018. Having already released singles “Headstone” and “U&I,” the boys from Brooklyn are back again today to deliver a creative new track with the help of fellow Beastcoast native, Joey Bada$$. Over a quintessentially hypnotic instrumental from group member Erick Arc Elliott, the Zombies and Joey take turns behind the mic. As expected, there are plenty of juicy lyrical tidbits throughout “Vacation,” yet it is Meechy Darko who steals the show with his line about wanting to spend 4/20 with Rihanna. In the promotional movie, he even goes so far to say that he’s going to “work his magic” to make sure that RiRi sees the video. Lin Manuel Miranda, Ice-T, and John Leguizamo make appearances, offering some rather hilarious advice to the three rappers about “running around the hills in an electric jeep,” perms, and the movie Spawn, respectively. Sorry Erick: if J. Cole says the “conscious dreads” gotta go, then so be it. Enjoy the comedic visuals for “Vacation” below, and stay tuned for the album drop at midnight. Words by Luke Hinz