1763 – [Meaghan Maples]

There is an incredibly intimate feeling when listening to Meaghan Maples. The R&B singer-songwriter just released her seven-track album, 1763, and to put it simply, it’s incredible. From start to finish the album exudes raw emotion, intimacy, unbridled honesty, and Meaghan Maples’ warmly delicate voice that acts as the centerpiece of the 20-minute album. Personally described as an “artistic rebirth” by Meaghan Maples, the prolific singer-songwriter is backed by mostly groovy neo-soul production such as the project’s opener, “1763,” “Say So,” and “Mona Lisa.” Each song is able to be rhythmically stimulating while remaining undeniably poised. The album’s deeper cuts feature a more illustrious bed of production, accentuating Meaghan Maples’ awe-inspiring vocal chops and heartwarming words of unwavering love and commitment such as on “Someone” and “On Your Side.” Meaghan Maples’ 1763 is a collection of shimmering records composed by a truly remarkable singer and songwriter who is simply in a league of her own. Expect this showcasing to invoke outbursts of applause and several gasps of astonishment. Listen to 1763 from Meaghan Maples below.