Off the Market – [Mavi] [Greenss]

Music is a reflection of life, and life is a reflection of emotion. In my eyes, the music that will last is that which upholds each of these beliefs, just as we can see in the latest single, “Off the Market,” from an artist named Mavi. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Greenss, this soul-stricken offering provides a machine-like supply of clever lyricism, allowing Mavi to flex his wordplay muscle without ever getting lost in the instrumental along the way. Rather, the mix of impassioned cadences with lines that will have you rewinding the song every few seconds makes for a perfect concoction of excitement and technical skill, proving “Off the Market” to be the kind of song that you can revisit again and again, always finding something new upon each listen. Mavi is an insurmountably bright up-and-comer, so I would advise getting hip as early as possible. Peep “Off the Market” below and keep an eye out for more from Charlotte’s own!


Charlotte-based lyrical wizard, MAVI returns with his new offering, “BLOODBATH.” Produced by GRIMM DOZA, the pair of lyricist and producer come together beautifully for this lethal track. MAVI speaks directly to the listener going for two minutes straight utilizing his conversational style to transfix his audience. A grimy texture to his voice provides an authentic rind as he discusses his upbringing, resilience and aspirations. A ghostly set of keys plays in a loop setting the foundation for MAVI’s lyrical deconstruction that will have you running the track back several times to catch every metaphor. Hopefully this isn’t the last of MAVI”s offerings as he continues to level-up with each track that he releases. Check out the new song from MAVI below and make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.

ONE FOOT – [mavi]

The phrase, “all gas, no breaks” can easily be applied to Mavi and the music he creates. The Charlotte-based artist delivers a new song with “ONE FOOT” that highlights his undeniable skill. The song focuses on taking things one at a time, which is displayed in Mavi’s cadence that is reminiscent of Earl Sweatshirt. Using a conversational style that sounds more like the reading of a book, Mavi paints a picture for listeners. The new song utilizes a washed sounding set of production that doesn’t overstay its welcome, allowing Mavi’s storytelling ability to truly shine. You’re going to have to run this track back a few times to catch all the gems of knowledge Mavi drops during the three-minute track. Listen to the new song below and tell us how your rating the bars in the comment section!

Brother Jedidiah – [Action Bronson] ft. [Big Body Bes]

Action Bronson makes his return with an amazing new record featuring Big Body Bes titled “Brother Jedidiah,” which comes as the first offering from Alchemist & Budgies “The Good Book Vol. 2” project that was announced earlier today. The jazzy, gospel production was handled by none other than The Alchemist himself, who tapped Bronson and Bes to flow back and forth with their gritty, in-your-face style of rap that is a signature of their sound. Besides that, this new Alchemist project is really shaping up to be something legendary, as the double-CD offering will include 45 tracks and only 2000 collector copies for the public. It’s safe to say that the hype is real for this project, so with further ado, press play on the first single below and look out for “The Good Book Vol.2” on July 21st! Also, check out the massive feature list for the forthcoming LP: Mobb Deep, Royce 5′ 9, Westside Gunn & Conway, Mach Hommy, Meyhem Lauren, Durag Dynasty, Big Twins, Action Bronson, Big Body Bes, Your Old Droog, Evidence, Olivier The 2nd, Jeremiah Jae, Buddy, Emmavie, Chris O’Bannon, Joyce Wright, Jay Worthy, Traffic, Dreebo, Sulaiman, Nyku, Remy Banks, Chuck Inglish, Nasty Nigel & Joyce …

LL Presents: The Plainro Q&A

I first came across Plainro’s art while listening to a song by Ausar Bradley that he contributed on, and ever since then it seemed like I kept seeing his name attached to dope music. After getting somewhat familiar with his sound & production, I could cleary see (and hear) the potential that he had in both aspects. This was easily one of if not my favorite Q&A I have done so far, I enjoy Plainro’s personality + music & I believe you will too! So read the conversation below & then be sure to give Plainro a follow here & check out his music catalog here.     EM: Before we get started with the questions, give our readers that may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. PL: My name is Plainro, friends and family call me Ro – I’m from Chicago, I’m 26, I’m married, I love Jesus but hate religion, I have a daughter and I’ve been doing music 12 years.  I started right after Kanye dropped College Dropout (no, like literally February 11th, 2004 is when I first pirated a copy of FL Studio and started sampling.)  I’ve never been formally trained in anything audio …