Sense – [MAVI]

An artist that has become a favorite of our writers, and pretty much any music writer out there, is a genius by the name of MAVI. If at this point you haven’t fully immersed yourself in his debut album Let The Sun Talk at this point then you need to seriously question some things in your life. What I’m trying to say that it is a powerful album that really shows how talented artists can be at crafting verses that would make Shakespeare jealous. MAVI recently released a short video for one of his singles “Sense”, one of my favorites from a project full of insightful hits. This track includes a line that best sums up MAVI’s music: “What kind of songs you make? / I make the kind you gotta read baby.” Watch the video for “Sense” below and stream Let The Sun Talk on all platforms here! Directed by Revenxnt

Love, Of Money – [Mavi]

Mavi’s new album Let The Sun Talk proves that the twenty-year old Charolette-native has the world at his fingertips. Mavi raps through experience and nothing but experience, and not one bar is wasted throughout the entirety of his new project. He’s been through quite a bit, and has the self awareness to put his story into song in compelling fashion across a number of impressive tracks with what is undoubtedly one of the great albums of 2019. Mavi has a new set of visuals to accompany “Love, Of Money”, one of the many standouts from the project. It’s one of the dreamier tracks on the record, and Mavi displays his versatility as he floats over this hypnotizing instrumental, keeping a tight rhyme scheme despite his complacent cadence, which complements not only the production (done by Nate & Nova Blu), but also the sentiment of the track. The visuals here are comprised of just two shots, the first of which is a one-minute tracking shot that follows Mavi for the entirety of “Love, Of Money”. Mavi’s delivery is one of his strengths: his ability to convey emotion though his vocals is what makes him the real deal, and the visuals for this first part …

Let The Sun Talk – [Mavi]

Mavi’s new album, Let The Sun Talk, starts off with a thoughtful vocal sample explaining what it means to be “pro-black.” Once the rapping begins, he kicks things off with a line that reads, “the difference between a n***a like me and a hundred million is a couple years.” At this point, we’re just over two minutes into the project, and by all means, Mavi is just getting started. Strokes of personality like these — equal parts resolute, spiritual, and deeply ambitious — are what make the Charlotte native such an intriguing name to watch. At times, his youth shines through in his music, letting loose eclectic boasts or even candid declarations of future ambitions. Other times, he chooses to delve into symbol-driven lyrical mastery, too laid-back in delivery to cross the “lyrical miracle” threshold and yet, too meaningful to be passed off as just another quotable. In this sense, pace is what makes Mavi’s music so alluring, because even when listeners hope for just a little more or just a little less, he refuses to compromise, constantly moving at his own pace. This sense of control is what helps to characterize the left-of-center clarity in Let The Sun Talk. Meshing a colorful …

Sacrifices – [Mavi] [Navy Blue]

North Carolina native Mavi has to be one of my favorite artists right now. Orbiting the budding scene of just-left-of-center, soulful acts such as MIKE, Pink Siifu, Caleb Giles, Slauson Malone, and more, the rising talent has become a clear diamond in the ruff, consistently delivering verses that require a minimum of ten listens to totally understand. Even beyond his talents as a lyricist, though, Mavi knows how to keep a crowd, using the soul-stricken, almost weathered nature of his voice to perfect his storytelling proclamations. Today, in collaboration with the ever-talented Navy Blue, Mavi is back with a new single entitled “Sacrifices.” In the song’s opening seconds, Navy Blue lets out a triumphant “This a marathon sprint,” setting the tone for the song’s heart-ridden lyricism and foot-on-the-line sense of sincerity. Even in these general, oddly profound statements that Mavi and crew always seem to let out, there’s something further below the surface in the idea of such loyal, thoughtful artists making music without any air of compromise. In every way, they are their purest selves, just as “Sacifices” can attest. On the production side of things, the new single sounds as though it’s been marinating in soul all day …

Willpower Film – [Mavi]

Charlotte artist Mavi has become somewhat of a frequent flyer here at Lyrical Lemonade in recent months. Blessed with the talents of soul-stricken, reflective lyricism and an enchanting sense of character attached to his music, the buzzing talent has become one of my favorite artists out as of late, and today, he proves this prowess by taking things a step further than music with the ‘Willpower Film.” Taking on more the form of a short film as opposed to a regular music video, this visual offering takes fans deep into the emotive motivation behind the song. Mavi seamlessly communicates the constant ups and downs that he feels throughout his daily life, and as a result, even during what seems like more trivial scenes, this video takes on a profound meaning that delves far below the surface. Not only is Mavi’s music stellar, but with this offering, it can be confirmed that his entire creative vision is ahead of the curve. Charlotte has a special one on its hands, so be sure to show some love and click play on “Willpower Film” below! Director: Sean Breitkreutz

Squashmatch – [Mavi]

Honestly, when sitting down to write about the latest single from Mavi, “Squashmatch,” I questioned whether or not it was even worth saying anything about the song simply out of fear that my writing wouldn’t fully capture its prowess. Thankfully so, the budding talent decided to throw the lyrics of the song in the description on SoundCloud, and after reading through each line probably about four or five times at this point, I can confirm that Mavi has to be in consideration as one of rap’s premier upcoming lyricists right now. At face value, his technical skills are unmatched, but even deeper below the surface, Mavi is wise beyond his years in a way that you rarely ever see in an artist. I’m sure the Earl Sweatshirt comparisons get tiresome for Mavi, but honestly, It’s tough to remember the last time I felt this excited about someone’s lyricism other than, well, Earl. Mavi is a gem of an artist and the kind of storyteller who only comes around once in a generation, so I would recommend showing him some love. Fresh off the release of his recent two-pack, comprised of “alone” and “iwont/elevatorpitch,” Mavi has done it yet again, and …

alone, iwont/elevatorpitch – [Mavi]

Led by its weathered soul and self-aware allure, Mavi’s music is some of the most intriguing stuff out right now, both in a lyrical and a sonic sense. The rising talent has a knack for dancing all over off-kilter samples and industry instrumentals, just as we see in his latest two songs, “alone” and “iwont/elevatorpitch.” The first, “alone,” is definitely the more abstract of the two, using a feverish, sample-based instrumental to act as a lush, understated backing to Mavi’s dense rhymes and wound-down deliveries. Naturally, he empties a clip of clever lyricism directly into this eccentric instrumentation, and if not anything else, “alone” is the kind of the track that you can revisit 10,000 times and still find a new gem upon each and every listen. On the other hand, the second of the two, “iwont/elevatorpitch,” actually uses the same sample as both “Demons” by Lil Wayne and “Heavenly Father” by Isaiah Rashad. In general, when I’m already acclimated with a sample and used to hearing it in a song, it becomes difficult to reimagine this sample without losing some of its touch, but “iwont/elevatorpitch” certainly avoids this. Seemingly without breaking a sweet, Mavi’s lyricism hovers right above the …

Off the Market – [Mavi] [Greenss]

Music is a reflection of life, and life is a reflection of emotion. In my eyes, the music that will last is that which upholds each of these beliefs, just as we can see in the latest single, “Off the Market,” from an artist named Mavi. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Greenss, this soul-stricken offering provides a machine-like supply of clever lyricism, allowing Mavi to flex his wordplay muscle without ever getting lost in the instrumental along the way. Rather, the mix of impassioned cadences with lines that will have you rewinding the song every few seconds makes for a perfect concoction of excitement and technical skill, proving “Off the Market” to be the kind of song that you can revisit again and again, always finding something new upon each listen. Mavi is an insurmountably bright up-and-comer, so I would advise getting hip as early as possible. Peep “Off the Market” below and keep an eye out for more from Charlotte’s own!


Charlotte-based lyrical wizard, MAVI returns with his new offering, “BLOODBATH.” Produced by GRIMM DOZA, the pair of lyricist and producer come together beautifully for this lethal track. MAVI speaks directly to the listener going for two minutes straight utilizing his conversational style to transfix his audience. A grimy texture to his voice provides an authentic rind as he discusses his upbringing, resilience and aspirations. A ghostly set of keys plays in a loop setting the foundation for MAVI’s lyrical deconstruction that will have you running the track back several times to catch every metaphor. Hopefully this isn’t the last of MAVI”s offerings as he continues to level-up with each track that he releases. Check out the new song from MAVI below and make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.

ONE FOOT – [mavi]

The phrase, “all gas, no breaks” can easily be applied to Mavi and the music he creates. The Charlotte-based artist delivers a new song with “ONE FOOT” that highlights his undeniable skill. The song focuses on taking things one at a time, which is displayed in Mavi’s cadence that is reminiscent of Earl Sweatshirt. Using a conversational style that sounds more like the reading of a book, Mavi paints a picture for listeners. The new song utilizes a washed sounding set of production that doesn’t overstay its welcome, allowing Mavi’s storytelling ability to truly shine. You’re going to have to run this track back a few times to catch all the gems of knowledge Mavi drops during the three-minute track. Listen to the new song below and tell us how your rating the bars in the comment section!