AUTOTONE – [Matty Wood$]

There’s a certain feeling when you listen to a project through its entirety, realizing just how good it is as you proceed throughout. That’s the exact feeling I got with AUTOTONE, the latest mastery from St. Louis native, Matty Wood$, a.k.a. the “Backwoods Bandit.” Starting from the top, Wood$ shows off his sound which has found a niche in the industry; harmonious layered autotune softly laid over masterful keys, winds and 808s. With “Here we go again” leading off, listeners get a taste of the melodic nature of his voice, and groovy keys match the tone to give a tremendous preview of the rest of the project. Songs like “Elektra,” and “The Ballad of Tony Tone, Pt. 2,” give glimpses into catchy one-liners-turned-hooks that can’t help but melt to their respective instrumentals. I promise you, “This the sound that money make, 20 thumbin’ through the cake,” won’t leave your head. Moving down the tracklist is a fantastic run of four songs that seemed to impress me more and more as the album proceeded. The hooks drew me in, and the layered beats and vocal tracks flawlessly mended on “Mean Choppa” and “Sticky Icky,” with a slower, reverb-heavy masterpiece in “Dirty.” …

Millions – [Matty Wood$] [chrisclay]

St. Louis rapper Matty Wood$ and Atlanta producer chrisclay are both back in our pages today with their new collaborative song and visual for their track “Millions” that released today. Wood$ is determined to be the pickiest smoker in the game right now, putting you down if you didn’t know to exactly what is going on with weed prices and “exotic” proclaiming “If it’s Za imma buy it, if its not 75 and up then I don’t want to try it,” which is a statement that will make your traditional old-head OG smoker have an aneurism, or the immensely relatable line “Make a bitch re-roll the ‘Wood I need it just how I like it,” which honestly relieved me because I feel trifling when I do that. About halfway through the track chrisclay switches the instrumental up, toying with the track’s pace bar-to-bar and occasionally incorporating a digitized melody that is punctuated by the off-kilter bells that are a staple now in both Atlanta and Detroit production. This song is off chrisclay’s Dr. Clay 2021 mixtape that released just last month and featured collaborations with many of underground music’s top names right now, as well as artists that will surely be new …

Hotspot – [Matty Wood$]

St. Louis leader Matty Wood$ hasn’t released music in a little minute, especially considering how much he usually drops, but that’s over as the other day he dropped a new song titled “Hotspot”. Within the first few seconds, I started nodding my head to the catchy instrumental, but once Matty jumped on the beat with his unique flow, I was already sold. This was an all-around great offering, hopefully, this is a sign of more music to come from Matty soon, I am banking on a project on the horizon. I am expecting big things for Matty for the rest of the year, I got to get him to slide back to the LL office soon for another interview, but until then, vibe to this new song below.

Couch Conversation With Matty Wood$

The midwest has been producing a ton of musical talent over the years, and I feel as if we do not get enough credit for it. Chicago, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Ohio, etc have all had amazing artists come out of their respective regions that have gone on to have massive success. When you think of St. Louis, typically, you think of two people, the legend Nelly and the young goat Smino. However, one artist that I have been watching grow steadily over the past few years is Matty Wood$. He started bubbling up a bit on Soundcloud some years ago, even when he was under his old moniker, but with hard work, determination, and good music, he has become a creative that many people are looking at to be the ‘next’ one out of STL. I personally believe he will have a ton of success in his future, he has both the musical talents + the personality to thrive in my opinion. Read & watch this new interview below, and if you don’t already, make sure you follow Matty on Twitter here!     — EM: How would you say your music has progressed since the last time we spoke? …

Watch Matty Wood$ new interview will Illanoize

Matty Wood$ is certainly no stranger to the Illanoize platform that is based out of Chicago, he did his first interview with them about a year ago, and he recently stopped by for his second appearance here in this new interview! The three great hosts asked him about things such as moving to Chicago from St. Louis, the release of his new project The Marvelous Misadventures Of Tony-T, what’s changed for him in the past year, how he has been handling the pandemic, the team that surrounds him, the creative process behind “Kelso”, possibly investing in cannabis in the future, how he came up with the cover art and more. Watch this brand new interview below!

The Marvelous Misadventures Of Tony-T – [Matty Wood$]

The midwest has been an underrated region of the country when it comes to producing musical talent if you ask me. States like Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin + even Kentucky have produced some dope artists over the last handful of years, and one of my favorite artists from St. Louis is Matty Wood$. Matty is certainly no stranger to our platform, we’ve featured his music releases countless times and even interviewed him once before, but today’s a huge day for him as he just released his new album “The Marvelous Misadventures Of Tony-T”. Matty has released some solid projects in the past and I’ve always thought of him as one of the midwest artists that could do some serious damage in the future, so coming into this one, I had some massive expectations. I don’t really know how else to say this, but, Matty has some fucking bangers on this project! Easily some of his best work to date is featured here, out of the ten songs, the two standouts to me were the hazy “Break Sum” as well as the hard-hitting joint called “Bryant Park”. Take some time out of your Friday to get familiar with Matty Wood$, I promise …

Fruit Gushers – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is a St. Louis treasure who has quickly become a favorite of mine & others here at Lyrical Lemonade, and today he is back with a brand new offering titled “Fruit Gushers”. Matty Wood$ is one of my favorite artists for several reasons, but one of the main ones being that you never know what you should expect from him, he has mastered many sounds + this new joint is certainly a left-field style from him. Matty gave us a mesh of rapping and singing on this one, rapping his ass off at points then seemingly effortlessly switching up to higher-pitched vocals at the drop of a dime. Matty Wood$ is a special artist and I think it won’t be long before the rest of the world catches on, do yourself a favor + peep this new release below. Produced by Parker Jazz

Hugos – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is one of the best artists out of the thriving St. Louis market, and tonight I am happy to bring our audience his brand new music video for “Hugos”. This record is off of Matty Wood$ latest EP titled “The Revenge of Tony T” that dropped about a month ago, and although I enjoyed each of the five tracks provided on the tape this song was definitely my favorite of the bunch, so it’s an awesome feeling to see it get the visual that it deserved. Matty Wood$ connected with Keaton Jones who directed this video and together they created something to be proud of, I am sure we will see these two creatives connect again in the future, but go ahead + check out their latest work below!

Beach Days EP – [Parker Jazz]

If you know anything about the rising phenom that is Matty Wood$ then you know a lot of his magic comes from his right hand man & super producer Parker Jazz, who is finding himself back on our lemon filled pages this morning with his brand new EP titled Beach Days. Parker Jazz explained to me that this project was inspired by his childhood days spent at Anna Maria Island in Florida, his goal was to capture that feeling of nostalgia and put it into a tape for his listeners to enjoy, and I believe it’s safe to say that he did just that. In these six records provided he blessed us with a cohesive tape that filled with beautiful melodies that’s perfect to play in the background as you go about your day or blast in your headphones! I highly suggest that you stream this EP via Soundcloud below!

Bankrolls + Venti Scone – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is one of the best artists out of the midwest but that’s well known by this point, he is a man who never stops working and tonight he is back on our website with not one, but two brand new music videos for “Bankrolls” + “Venti Scone”. The first of the releases was “Bankrolls” and this is a track that I have been bumping at max volume over the past few days at the LL office, it came packaged with a crisp & clean visual packed with scenes of Matty & DJ Stain. “Venti Scone” is the newer of the two records and it’s a song that I just listened to for the first couple of times right before writing this article, but I quickly found a liking to the bouncy production that was provided by the super talented Parker Jazz, and once Matty got ahold of the beat it was game over. Watch both of these brand new music videos below and see which one you like more!