Fast & Furious – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is a favorite here on the Lyrical Lemonade pages, and by way of a consistent, high-quality output and endlessly impressive style, it only makes sense that every new release from Wood$ is worthy of a headline. Today, we shed a spotlight on the St. Louis native’s latest offering, “Fast & Furious”. Produced by Luchii, this wavy new song allows Wood$ the opportunity to explain the tunnel vision that he employs on his way to future success. The budding talent is going “fast and furious” toward notoriety, and by blocking out all those who may get in the way of achieving his goals, Wood$ has found the winner’s mentality that will keep him on this promising path. That said, don’t sleep on Wood$ latest. Him and Luchii’s heavenly production are the perfect one-two punch, so stream “Fast & Furious” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Sayless – [Matty Wood$]

St. Louis native Matty Wood$ is a frequent flyer here on the Lyrical Lemonade pages, and today, in a fitting display of soul and technical skill, the budding talent is back with a brand new set of visuals for his stellar offering, “Sayless”. Illustrating Wood$ smooth, care-free cadences, this captivating set of visuals sheds a light on the therapeutic capabilities of the budding talent’s sound. His music brings you an indescribable feeling of relaxation, and matched with a St. Louis charm that listeners seem to love, Wood$ simply can’t miss. “Sayless” is a must-watch for all of our readers here on LL, so be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by Parker Jazz Shot by @TyrisFIlms Edited by @Doryymiller

Good Morning – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is what I would consider a top dog in the fresh new wave of talent that has been blossoming out of St. Louis, and a couple days back the St. Louis native blessed us with a beautiful new music video for “Good Morning”. I have been covering Matty for quite some time now and this song is by far one of my favorites from him, so when I saw that he teamed up with @TyrisFilms to direct this song I was more than excited. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have probably watched this visual about fifty times today, the record itself has such an addicting and soulful feel to it, match that with the truly stunning views in the video & we have a 10/10. I highly recommend that you check out this new music video below, Matty Wood$ has a ton of potential and this looks to be the start of another great year for him.  

I’ll Be Fine – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is one of the best rappers coming out of St. Louis and has been a favorite here for some time now, but he just took a great leap forward in his career with the release of his new album titled “I’ll Be Fine“. I have been listening to Matty Wood$ music for a couple years now and I thought I had a pretty firm idea of what his music is usually like, but he truly impressed me on this album because he used multiple different flows I have never heard from him before, leaving me stunned at often times literally having to check the track list to make sure it was him rapping. The instrumentals on this project paved the way for Matty to do his thing, so shout out to Parker Jazz, Slick, RichieKBeats, Sav, Breland, Luchii, and Mikzy for helping him out. The majority of the credit has to go to Matty though, he came through with a fantastic project and it’s only leaving me more excited for his future, check out this brand new tape below!

I’ll Be Fine – [Matty Wood$]

If there’s one area of the country that you should be directing your attention toward right now, it’s Saint Louis. Birthing an entirely new wave of music, this city is bringing its own, refreshing taste to the table right now, and needless to say, it has been a beautiful sight to watch for a music fan like myself. Helping to lead the charge out of his home city is an artist by the name of Matty Wood$. If you’ve been reading Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, you’ve probably heard Wood$’ name, but if not, today is the perfect day to get hip, as he just released his brand new, 17-song project, I’ll Be Fine. Denoted by the title, this tape is best seen as a form of self-assurance. Undoubtedly, Wood$ has been a talented hitmaker for some time now, but it’s with this project that he solidifies his stature and puts all of his chips on the table. One song after another, I’ll Be Fine is sun-soaked and charismatic, utilizing a soulful charm to keep listeners entertained throughout, and the result is one of the most exciting pieces of music to come out in recent months. Wood$ has plenty of potential …

Goodmorning – [Matty Wood$]

Hailing from St. Louis, Matty Wood$ is a Lyrical Lemonade favorite who never stops improving. With every new release we hear from the rising talent, he hones further into the deep-in-thought mind that his lyrics reflect, and today, this is apparent as ever as Wood$ drops his newest single, “Goodmorning”. Reflected by the title, this song feels like the beginning to an incredible day. It’s smooth and laid-back, choosing to take it slow and bask in the spotlight rather than trying to do too much at any one point. Wood$ rhymes fuse themselves into the mesmerizing effects of Alley Knock’s production, and as a result, fans receive one of the best singles that we’ve heard from the St. Louis representative to date. This track is a must-listen for all of our readers, so check it out below and follow Matty Wood$ on Twitter here!

ForeverFaded EP – [Matty Wood$]

If you check our pages frequently then the odds are you know about Matty Wood$ by now, who is finding himself back on our platform today with his brand new EP titled “ForeverFaded”. Matty caught my full attention from the very start of this tape with the intro “Rain”, where you will find him causally flexing over a dream like beat, and that trend continued as I would say a majority of his best material is featured on this tape. The producers that were on this one absolutely shined, so shout out to Thomas Artillery, ZakiToure, DZY, Jordvn and Tapehook for blessing him with all these great beats. Combine all of these excellent instrumentals with Matty Wood$ even better rhymes and we have a dope ass tape on our hands, don’t take my word for it though, check it out for yourself below!

Headfirst – [Matty Wood$]

Taking over headlines yet again with a follow up to his last single, “I’ll Be Fine“, Matty Wood$ is here today to bless the music world with a brand new song and video entitled “Headfirst”. Hailing from Saint Louis, this rising talent most impactfully makes his presence known with his emotional deliveries, and in doing so, his music rings true with passion and technical skill that no listener can pass right over. Wood$’s latest offering follows this sentiment perfectly, as each line carefully follows a thoughtful path of cadence which floats right on top of the soulful instrumental. That being said, Matty Wood$ clearly holds a refined artistry, so it only makes sense that his name is buzzing in the underground right now. Don’t sleep, stream the new song here and watch the video at the link provided below! Directed by Tyris Films Produced by Zaki Toure

I’ll Be Fine – [Matty Wood$]

St. Louis native Matty Wood$ is finding himself back on our lemon filled pages today with his brand new offering titled “I’ll Be Fine”, a tribute to Fredo. First things first, shout out to the producer Parker Jazz for creating arguably the best instrumental I have heard all week, the only thing that could make it better were the heartfelt bars from Matty as he vented about the passing of his homies. This isn’t anything you want to miss out on so be sure to click play below and elt me know what you think about it in the comments section!

Dead Man Walking – [Matty Wood$]

Matty Wood$ is a regular on our lemon filled pages, and today he is making his return with his new music video for “Dead Man Walking”. He connected with director Paul Midzy to make this one possible, and after the first watch through it’s safe to say that they did a fantastic job. Matty has been organically building a following for quite some time now, and it’s looking like things are starting to pay off for him Shot in St. Louis