Premiere: HAKEEM – [2219 Lee] ft. [Mali Smith] [Cash Cobain]

In accordance with the rise of social media as the predominant way for artists to promote their work, the snippet game has become crucial in building an audience. Post 20 seconds of an unreleased song – the most quotable part, the part when the beat drops, etc. – and if it’s captivating and brief enough, people will want to hear more. When done right, snippets create demand, which was exactly the case when this snippet from 2219 Lee, Mali Smith, and Cash Cobain caught my ear on Instagram. Hailing from New York, all three artists are part of a collective called MHPG SOUND, which is characterized by its “SOUND OR DROWN” slogan. The group has built out a style that’s buzzing around New York right now, especially seen in Cash Cobain’s recent growth with cosigns from Drake via IG live and Lil Yachty, to name a few. MHPG’s latest release, “HAKEEM,” is the group’s best work to date. Built on the simple-yet-effective foundation of an ominous melody and hard-nosed drill percussion, “HAKEEM” is the kind of straight-forward release, packed with signature New York charisma and quotable lyrics, that cements the excitement around such a promising collective of talent. With lines like “Cash Cobain …

Watch Tyler, The Creator’s interview with Nardwuar

Anybody who knows me personally knows that I love Tyler The Creator, anyone who knows me a little better knows that I am a huge fan of Nardwuar, so when they clashed for a brand new interview I was thrilled! This is the third time that these two have connected for an interview; this time around Nardwuar asked him about things such as The Fresh Prince, records that he samples, Just Beiber, Zayn Malik, staying at a twenty room castle in Italy, wigs, vinyl records, his project Bastard, being inspired by Twilight, restaurants he enjoys, The Style Council, Jaden Smith and more! Watch this entertaining new interview below.