Adonis – [Madijuwon]

Madijuwon is a producer who has created a handful of instrumentals that have left me shocked and in a daze, and just earlier today he released his latest effort titled “Adonis”. One thing that he does very well is package his releases in a creative manner that makes me (and others) eager to check it out, everything from the cover art, to the title to the music itself. I was sold on this beat initially and was loving it from the start, but the beat switch up with about forty seconds left was the cherry on top, it made an already great offering that much better.  Enough talking about this though, peep it for yourself below.

Roots – [Madijuwon]

A creative that goes by the name of Madijuwon is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his latest release titled “Roots”. Madijuwon is a super dope artist that hails from Lyon, France who I recently discovered while browsing through Soundcloud and man he is really a diamond in the rough. I loved everything about this record from the hypnotizing loops, to all of the additional sounds he added throughout the song to emphasize the feeling, to even to the eye grabbing cover art! I strongly suggest that you check out this new offering below and give Madijuwon a follow on Twitter here while you’re at it.