LL Presents: The Henry AZ Q&A

I first found out about Henry AZ about a year or so ago because he was uploading multiple freestyles that were going viral on the internet, and then seemingly not too long after, he signed a record deal with the LEGEND Juicy J! Whenever a GOAT like Juicy shows that he believes a young upcoming artist has some talent + potential, as a hip-hop head, it’s only right that you pay closer attention. Now is the perfect time for you to get familiar with Henry AZ because he just released a brand new project titled Roommates that has some solid music + some big times features from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Freddie Gibbs, Famous Dex and more. Take some time out of your Friday to read this brand new Q&A with Henry AZ below + while you’re at it make sure to stream this new tape via Spotify, and if you like what you hear then make sure to follow him on Instagram here!   EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself.  Henry AZ: My real name is Henry Anzola and that’s really …

Good News – [Mac Miller]

The biggest news of the week was, no doubt, the announcement of a new, posthumous album from Mac Miller. With Circles described by Mac’s family as a companion album to Swimming, set to drop on January 17th, the Miller family has released the visually-assisted, lead single “Good News.” Much like the album announcement–or listening to anything from Mac for that matter– “Good News” is beautiful, but comes with a bittersweet, almost haunting feel. A cushioned, atmospheric backdrop, Mac’s natural approach, seamlessly weaving between crooning and rapping, sounds warm and honest; listening to him just sounds “right.” It’s incredible to hear him again, but still, between the visual–which feature a visualizer sandwiched between studio clips– and lines like “I’m running out of gas/hardly anything left hope I make it home from work,” the song has an inescapable shadow looming over it. It’s as beautiful as it is hard to listen to. With everything that comes with it, the incredible music, the incredible emotions, Circles will no doubt be one of the more complex, albeit important albums we grapple with.

A Conversation with DJ Premier: One Of The Best Yet

DJ Premier is a pioneer of hip-hop and an absolute living legend, he has accomplished an astonishing amount in his career and just about a month ago he released his latest masterpiece, a brand new Gang Starr album titled One Of The Best Yet. I grew up a huge fan of Gang Starr in my adolescent years as I am sure many of the people reading this did as well, so when I first head about this new album I was in complete shock, partially because their last album prior to this came out way back in 2003 and also because it has been nearly a decade since the passing of the legendary emcee Guru who made up of one half of the group. This was the first time in his career that DJ Premier had to piece together an album without Guru by his side helping him compose it, he had previously recorded verses that we anywhere from 10-20 years old and he somehow managed to craft it into a tremendous + memorable body of work. Needless to say, when I got the opportunity to interview one of my idols and someone who I have studied like DJ Premier, …

Staff Picks: Our Personal Favorite Projects of the 2010s

Nearing the end of any year — nevermind a decade — blogs get crowded with lists about the objective “best” projects of the year. Even Lyrical Lemonade has one. But looking toward the end of the 2010s, we decided that we’d try something a bit different. For just about all of our writers, the 2010s capture the period of growing up, per se. As such, the music to come from the past decade is what has shaped us into the people that we are. Taking this into consideration, we asked 5 writers to each list 3 albums from the 2010s that had the most personal impact on them. Not the “best” albums, or even necessarily the hits. Just 3 albums that spoke to them on a personal level. Below is the result. Enjoy, and feel free to share with us your own 3 picks on social media! – – – Brodie Harvey If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – Drake (2015) Of all artists on this list, it would be hard to argue that anybody had a better 10 years than Drake. This project, in particular, was wildly impactful on the decade as a whole. It came at a time …

Watch Cam’ron’s brand new interview with Hot 97

Cam’ron is a hip-hop legend who has accomplished more than most artists could ever dream of, so when he sits down for an interview to drop some gems, you simply have to give him your utmost attention. In his recent interview with Hot 97 he spoke on several subjects such as working with Universal Music Group, this being the fifteen-year anniversary of Purple Haze, the new project he has coming up, his free show in Brooklyn, getting his first record deal at nineteen + growing up in the limelight, growing up & going to highschool with Mase, Biggie wanting to sign him, his relationship with Dame Dash, his favorite + least favorite business moves, growing up on the same block as Big L, Bobby Shmurda, turning two walk-in closets into offices in Def Jam back in the day, Jay-Z, the Dipset brand, his friendship with Mac Miller and so much more. This was a great conversation that any hip-hop head will enjoy, check it out below!

Watch Wale’s brand new interview with Hot 97

Wale is one of my personal favorite artists of my lifetime, and I have been patiently waiting for his new album, and we are so close to the final product, so it only made sense that Wale stopped by Hot 97 to chop it up with Ebro, Laura & Peter about everything he has been up to. The four of them talked about topics such as the previously mentioned album, mental health, his new record with Rick Ross and Meek Mill, Top 50 lists, what he has learned from his time in the industry, how he coped with Mac Miller’s passing, white privilege, the last time he saw Nipsey Hussle, social media, anxiety and more. Take some time out of your Thursday to watch this new interview below!

Sunset Diner – [Kid Quill]

There is no doubt that the way most people consume music has changed drastically in recent years. Long gone are the days of driving around your city for months with the same five CDs playing back to front, getting to know every track in order by memory. Currently singles dominate as the overall importance of tracklisting seemed to have lost their importance to fans. So when I first heard Kid Quill’s new album, that is able to weave a cohesive story in 13 songs, the memories of that time period come racing to my head. Kid Quill’s most recent album Sunset Diner is by far the Indiana natives most ambitious to date. As mentioned in the paragraph above, it is an album that all centers around one central storyline that plays out throughout the project. Sunset Diner is the story of a night out with friends all revolving around this diner. The energy on this album is grandiose and leaves listeners with a larger than life feel, a similar feel to Coloring Book by Chance if that helps paint the picture. In all of his music, elements of his upbringing in Indianapolis have carried along with him as he’s progressed throughout his career. This evident on …

Watch Rapsody’s brand new interview with The Breakfast Club

Rapsody is one of the most skilled artists in the world and I have never been more confident about a statement, she is one of my favorite artists out so when I saw she stopped by The Breakfast Club for a brand new interview I was excited so hear the discussion. DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne asked Rapsody about quite a few topics such as her brand new album Eve, Queen Latifah being one of her biggest inspirations, Mac Miller helping jumpstart her career, her Grammy nomination, hip-hop moving the culture, the conscious rap stigma, her initial reaction to Jermaine Dupri’s comments about female rappers, some of her unreleased records in the vault, radio liking certain types of records, some of the features on her tape, legacy, Big KRIT, working with Kendrick Lamar, wanting to work with HOV, Jay-Z’s deal with the NFL and so much more. Don’t sleep on Rapsody, get to know her more in this brand new interview below!

Maggie’s Song – [David Miller]

From long summers in the basement making beats to singing, songwriting, and engineering, Chicago born and bred artist David Miller has recently debuted his own music. ‘Maggie’s Song,’ the first offering off of his project, ‘First Cut,’ EP is an eclectic, soft-sung that can be interpreted in several ways. At face value, the song is about David losing his mind over his girl. In reality, ‘Maggie’s Song,’ the young artist has lost his dog (Maggie), which explains the barking in the middle of the song. Miller’s storytelling ability is intricate, complete, and relatable. With other songs such as, ‘Drowning In Miami,’ David takes his listeners to a day in Miami in which he survived what he thought would be his last moments alive. Painting beautiful and vivid moments is seamless for the up and coming triple threat. Engineered with Aryay, Glowmo, and Danny Shyman, the project has elements of musicality that can be compared to Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. The young man has incredible potential, producing records for several members of Chicago collective Save Money, writing and releasing his own music, and more. With a new project in the works David Miller is a unique force …

HIGH – [DuEaux]

Sometimes when you first click on a new song or project, you’re not really sure what you’re getting into. But then there’s some, by just looking at the project art, or hearing the project name – that you know exactly what you’re about to hear. That’s the case with Wisconsin product DuEaux and their new masterpiece called, HIGH. The duo consists of two artists Isaiah Cronk and Jake Ness, who both bring their own flavor to the dish that works masterfully. They combine to create a soulful sound that resonates personally with some older Mac Miller projects – creating an aura of smoke-filled rooms, dimmed lights, and light melodic tunes. Their unique flows mixed with low BPM instrumentals and their wide vocal ranges make you feel afloat. Personally, I experience flashbacks to simpler times, and vibrant memories with friends in the High School days. From “She Don’t Love Me” to “AnxHIGHety,” I get nothing but positivity and radiant energy throughout the work’s entirety, which you can’t help but think was intentional. The Wisconsin-based DuEaux hit a homerun with this project, and with work like this, it’ll be exciting to see how their music grows and develops in the future. Stream HIGH below! [@IsaiahCronk]   …