IDK WHAT TO TELL YOU – [Bktherula]

If you’ve paid any attention to the current music scene as it is right now, you should already understand the Bktherula has been tearing things up as of late. Although she hails from Atlanta, she is making some of the most intricate, impressive, and diverse music in the entire country, sounding reminiscent of nothing but herself and her own tailored style. Whether she goes from rapping hard-nosed bars on even more aggressive instrumentals or singing some soothing, somewhat melancholic notes on a variety of indie-inspired records, Bk can do it all, and she showed that with her latest project Love Black. Out of all the wonderful tracks on this project, one that truly stuck out to me was the project’s closer “IDK WHAT TO TELL YOU” which was actually co-produced by star Mac DeMarco, so when he adds his own little spice into things, you know it’s going to be magnificent. Luckily, she kept the fun going with her brand-new Breakneck Visuals-shot music video for the song, and it’s even better than I ever could have imagined. Opening up, she meets a lovely lady in the park for a picnic, and things only seem to continue to get better from …

Comb My Hair – [Pretty Boy Aaron] ft. [Tesia] [BRUHNICE]

Dallas-based artist Pretty Boy Aaron had been teasing his newest song on Twitter for months, and while a short snippet could only give away so much, the infectious disco-inspired guitar riff and poppy hook previewed in the video had loyal fans and new listeners alike urging Aaron to hurry up and drop “Comb My Hair”. This week, the songwriter decided to release the song in its entirety, and the full version only capitalizes on the song’s potential for addictive bubblegum fun. Aaron has made his ability to blend genres a consistent characteristic of his music. His 2017 project ’Stay Pretty’ mixed indie-rock guitar riffs, pop melodies, and rap verses to fully capture the breadth of his style. On some tracks from ‘Stay Pretty’, he goes full Mac Demarco (there’s actually a song called “Blac Demarco”), and on others, he’s spitting bars over grungy, boom-bap production (see “North”). “Comb My Hair” feels like a step forward for Aaron: it’s without a doubt his catchiest song to date and his most polished in terms of vocals and production. The track also escalates with a feature from Brooklyn-based artist Tesia, who lends her mesmerizing vocals on the song’s hook, entrancing a listener as …

Here Comes The Cowboy – [Mac Demarco]

Mac Demarco is someone I can always count on to drop a great project. He knows who he is as an artist, he knows what purpose he serves, and over the years he’s continued to hone in on his skills and grow. He doesn’t disappoint with Here Comes The Cowboy, the first album released on “Mac’s Record Label.” His last full-length record, This Old Dog, saw a more somber and reflective Mac, and this project is somewhat a continuation of that. The production on here tends to be pretty minimal, but the instrumentation is still well-arranged and enjoyable. Everything Mac does choose to implement on the production side of things works in his favor, like the understated synths backing the hook of “Heart To Heart” and the keyboard melody from “On The Square”. Mac’s sincerity in his songwriting is as present as ever. On Here Comes The Cowboy, we see him reflecting on how the past has affected him, but also optimistically looking forward to the future. He understands that certain parts of his life are no more, and he tends to appreciate that they happened rather than getting down about it. This is definitely a must-listen for any fan of Mac …

Raw Honey – [Drugdealer]

Late last month, Michael Collins, who leads the california-based outfit Drugdealer, saw it fit to deliver to us his new full-length record just in time for summer, Raw Honey, which will easily stay in rotation for the coming months. The record features Weyes Blood, who dropped a phenomenal record earlier this year, Harley and the Hummingbirds, and Dougie Poole. Mac Demarco, who happens to be releasing his highly-anticipated new album this Friday, helped with engineering. The production on here is colorful and uplifting, making for fun tracks that seem to strike a chord with many in a lyrical sense. The influences are apparent, but what he does with those influences is impressive, as he puts together a tracklist full of really enjoyable songs with good songwriting that coast along on top of lush instrumentation. Stand-outs include the Weyes Blood-assisted “Honey”, the upbeat and feel-good “Fools”, and “Lost in My Dream”. “Raw Honey” consists of some summer-essential gems that would be a crime to leave off your summer playlists, so check it out below and on all streaming services!        

Slow Deal – [Julian Skiboat]

San Antonio singer/songwriter Julian Skiboat releases a smooth mellow demo entitled “Slow Deal.” Most demos or reference tracks are unfinished and stripped-down ideas by artists. This is what makes “Slow Deal” so impressive, the fact that the song sounds exceptional as is. As a fan of Mac Demarco, the minimalistic style of his lush guitar riffs and lyrics is what stands out in Julian’s music. This has been a reoccurring theme in the recent demos Skiboat has dropped on his Soundcloud. Tracks such as “Coffee” and “You Know You” give off the same blissful laidback energy you receive on “Slow Deal.” It should be interesting to see what Julian decides to do with these demos moving forward. With most of his demos trending upward will he go back and revamp them for some sort of EP? Or are these just loosies he had in the vault and there’s new potential project material on the way. Only time can tell, stream Julian Skiboat’s new single “Slow Deal” below.

Pickles – [Mac Demarco]

Mac Demarco is one of the most creative artists in the entire world, and he recently dropped a brand new music video for “Pickles”, which was inspired by the stray cat living behind his garage. Yes I understand that sounds crazy, but you will see what I’m talking about once you dive into this one. Mac didn’t provide any lyrics to this one, he just plugged in a funky instrumental behind these shots to make for quite an interesting visual. Don’t waste any more time check this one out for yourself below!

One Another – [Mac Demarco]

Written and directed by former Mac Demarco bassist and current Walter TV front-man Pierce McGarry, the track has an upbeat/haunting sensibility with a music video to match. Watch Mac and the gang grow old and chill with death in his latest music video.

This Old Dog – [Mac Demarco]

This Old Dog starts out with the single, “My Old Man”, where Mac reflects on how over the years he has become more like his father than he would have liked, a song I’m certain a lot of people can relate to. The rest of the album continues that introspective tone, featuring a compilation of summer love songs and dreamy vapors of emotions accompanied by Demarco’s trademark mellow production. Mac actually plays every instrument on the album, along with handling the production and engineering making it an organic release of his creative mind. This album is special in it’s simplicity, sending the listener into a sort of nostalgia even if they haven’t experienced exactly what is going on in the narratives of the songs. This is definitely a slower album but sometimes a nice break from the fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st Century is exactly what we need, This Old Dog does just that. Stream it below!  

LL Presents: The Cameron Butler Q&A

I first came across Cameron Butler a few weeks ago in our submissions, and once I heard his material I knew he was talented. Cameron hails from The Bronx in New York, but he currently resides in North Carolina. I really like the music he has been dropping lately, and I hope you will too! Learn a thing or two about Cameron in the conversation below, then be sure to give him a follow on Twitter here!   EM: Before we get into the questions, give our readers a brief description of yourself CB: hmm, well to put it short i’m an artist and producer who doesn’t live within the bounds of anyone else’s preference. i just do my own thing and go with the flow, haha. — EM: When did you start creating music? CB: i started making music in 2010, but didn’t take it seriously until 2014. it was mainly me just honing my craft until i decided i could do it for real. — EM: Who are your top five biggest influences musically? CB: i have favorite artists but i know the minute i vocalize them, people are quick to be like “oh, yeah you do sound like ____” i know it’s inevitable …


Upcoming Chicago rapper Adot returns to our pages today with his brand new record titled “REFLECTION.” On this one you will find Adot hopping over one of Mac Demarco’s hit tracks, as he delivered some catchy bars with his addictive signature flow. Although he has released plenty of hot material over the past couple years, this new song just might be my favorite release from Adot yet, there’s just something about it. Don’t take my word for it though, take a listen to it below & decide for yourself! if u like Mac Demarco you'll fuck with this — Adot (@Adotxx) June 22, 2016 [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=00aabb&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]