Five Excellent Beat Projects Pt. 2 – [Marcus D] x [Stan Forbee] x [Oilix] x [A N T I T H E S I S] x [Fujitsu]

Producers/beatmakers are often unfairly overlooked because of artists. Truth be told, producers are artists themselves, as every instrumental requires its own unique form of craftsmanship, and a precise vision to execute the idea. Without producers, your favorite hit single would simply not sound the same, yet alone exist! Comparable to the clientele work of an artisan or sculptor, when producers craft beats for artists, they must put themselves in another’s shoes to innovate. However, the music of production pioneers Nujabes and J. Dilla demonstrates that instrumentals are entirely separate and complete bodies of work. Applied rapping or vocals are not complements to production, but instead honorary elements that create an alternative version. Therefore, to an extent, the artist serves as a guest feature over the producer’s original creation. To effectively shed greater light to the creative brilliance of producers, I’ve chosen to start a monthly series titled “Five Excellent Beat Projects,” which will highlight five instrumental works that I consider exceptional. This is the second installment of the series. Marcus D – Kirin – Marcus D is a phenomenally talented producer hailing from Seattle, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. Marcus has collaborated with American hip hop legends, such as Del the …

With The Left – [MOSA]

This afternoon we have an artist that goes by the moniker of MOSA who is making his initial appearance on our pages with his brand new offering titled “With The Left”. I stumbled upon MOSA earlier this morning when I was digging for some music, and within a few minutes, he had gained a new fan in me, in large part thanks to his performance on this song here. There was something about the way that MOSA just glided over the beat that caught my attention and left a last impression on me, not to mention all of the punchline bars + clever flows he was spitting. After listening to this song, it led me to check out some of the rest of his catalog, and he is a multi-dimensional artist, to say the least. Get familiar with this man by pressing play below!

Hood Mimosa – [Beat Sampras] ft [O Billz] & [Sha Hustle]

Today we are more than happy to give you the newest single from producer Beat Sampras as he drops off, “Hood Mimosa.” The Toronto based producer calls upon fellow Toronto native Sha Hustle and Harlem based rapper O Billz. Sha and Billz ride out the unique beat perfectly as we watch the two make us their own mimosas in the Pique directed visual. The smooth beat and vocals blend perfectly on this one giving us an all around hit. Be sure to check out the hot new visual below and to let us know what you think in the comments!