Unique- [] [Valee] & [Plu2o Nash]

Out of all the various talents coming out of Chicago, there are always a few names that somehow manage to stick out to me time and time again. These artists are people who I just have to pay attention to so I tune in whenever they drop new content, because I know it’s going to be different than anything else in the industry. Some of these artists include, Valee, and the super-producer Plu2o Nash. All three of these talents have been grinding for some time now and have made their way into the spotlight in their own respective ways.’ gritty, eccentric persona gained him local recognition which eventually caught on like wildfire and led him to connect with some larger names in the industry, boosting his career like crazy. Valee’s absolutely uncharacteristic and out of the box flow mixed with his toned-down personality and minimalism made it obvious why he caught the attention of Rap fans all over. Finally, Plu2o Nash was creating the sound of the underground as a whole for years, working most notably with Lucki, but also getting placements for all sorts of artists, making him a staple in the Rap world. It’s not every …

Summertime 2016 – [Jae Luna]

An artist named Jae Luna made it onto our pages a couple of months ago and ever since then, I’ve been waiting for him to drop some new tracks so he could grab the attention of all the Lyrical Lemonade readers out there. Today, I’m so pleased to announce that the day has finally come. Jae Luna just recently released a track entitled, “Summertime 2016” this is bound to have you reminiscing on better times. The first time I stumbled on Jae, his vocals mesmerized me in a way that I never thought was possible. His silky smooth delivery is enough to put any mind at ease. When you pair that with some amazing production, its only a match made in heaven from there. This track somehow manages to captivate you from the moment the play button is pressed. Jae’s entire ambience just screams super star and I’m really excited for him to get the acknowledgment he deserves. “Summertime 2016” is truly a vibe in every sense of the word. The dope guitar strum and hard hitting beats pave the way for Jae to do his thing throughout this 3 and a half minute track. I really can’t stress how …

All Kinds of Things-[Jae Luna]

Jae Luna is an artist that everyone needs to know; And when I say that, I hope no one takes it likely. Just a couple of weeks ago, the singer/songwriter dropped a brand new track entitled “All Kinds of Things”. After hearing the offering, it was too good to just not do anything; so I decided to hop on the phone with Jae himself and hear a little bit about his story.  The 23 year old is originally from Orange County, California, which seems to be a hub for a lot of talented artists who we’ve featured on Lyrical Lemonade before. Growing up, Jae was classically trained yet listened to a lot of 90’s hip-hop because of his older brother and some alternative rock as well. From that moment, his musical taste and sound began to develop. Once he went to college in New York, thats when he first started producing after admittedly getting sick of just playing guitar. His goal was to make his sound different as it kept changing due to meeting new people and exploring new experiences. His classical roots never left him though and I think thats something you’ll be able to appreciate in his mixed …

Flame – [Luna Luna] ft. [Victor Internet]

Indie band Luna Luna are just weeks away from releasing their new EP, ‘Carousel’, and with that on the way, the Texas-based group continue to build hype with a new single titled “Flame”. This sultry, slow-burning track makes use of acoustic guitars, punchy percussion, and a feature from Chicago’s own Victor Internet to make for one of Luna Luna’s strongest songs yet. On “Flame”, Luna Luna capture the feeling of being enamored by someone without knowing where it will go. Incorporating dreamy guitar strums and echoey vocals, the track’s first half entrances a listener in the same way initially falling for someone might do. The track rises and then subsides, eventually leading to an outro that’s more stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and vocal hums, seeming to simulate the initial flame fading away. Victor’s vocals add a layer of vulnerability to the song, as his harmonies overlap with Luna Luna’s in a way that escalates the song at just the right moment. Listen to “Flame” below and keep an eye out for Luna Luna’s EP out October 4.

Time Machine – [Electric Tongues]

With rappers like Yella Beezy, Asian Doll, and G.U.N. leading the charge, the Dallas rap scene is starting to get some real attention, but there is more to the Dallas scene than just rap. Thanks in part to Luna Luna, Pretty Boy Aaron, and Boy Orange Films, I’ve been put on to the bubbling indie rock/pop scene in the Lone Star State as well. Here, the aforementioned video makers, Boy Orange Films, linked up with Electric Tongues to bring to life the catchy and charismatic effort, “Time Machine.” Rooted in pop and driven by synths, “Time Machine” has a light and easy feel, but there’s a dangerous potency to it; especially in regards to the intoxicatingly catchy hook. Boy Orange Films captures the essence of the track, as well as it’s glossy, fun ambiance with a creative video centered around a retro-twinged talent show. The root of any good “scene” is an authentic, collaborative community, and, brimming with a natural charm, “Time Machine” is just another example that Dallas is well on its way.

Foolery – [Loudy Luna]

Scrolling through my SoundCloud feed this morning, I was immediately taken back by the raw charisma and unforgiving deliveries of Ohio artist Loudy Luna. Fittingly, my introduction to the rising talent was with her new song, “Foolery” — a high-energy, menacing offering in which Luna maintains a tunnel-visioned approach, not letting anyone or anything intimidate her along her path. Produced by SHAWNYBOI, the menacing nature of this concept certainly shines throughout the song, as the production hammers home its point with mesmeric melodies that truly feel like the moments right before a thunderstorm, when the sky is at its darkest and the worst is yet to come. Needless to say, however, there’s something innately alluring about this kind of energy, as the sheer force of Luna’s deliveries give “Foolery” a fascinating sense of invincibility. Put simply, this self-assured release is a perfect look into the wild world of Loudy Luna, so be sure to pay attention. “Foolery” is undeniable. Produced by SHAWNYBOI

Still In The Hood – [$teven Cannon]

Just a few days ago Cincinnati, Ohio emcee $teven Cannon released a brand new music video for his record titled “Still In The Hood”. This song is off of $teven Cannon’s latest album Lowkey that dropped earlier this year and it was a standout for many of his fans so it’s great to see it get the proper visual that is deserved, shout out to Shooter And Company, Kendall Mathis & Lunar Thought for helping him piece this music video together. This release is just another positive note for $teven Cannon thus far in 2019 and I don’t expect him to slow down with the content, be expecting more from him but for now press play below! produced by Shoki Betas

Running – [Luna Luna] ft. [Pretty Boy Aaron]

Often times when I hear and enjoy new music, I immediately pair the music with some aspect of my life, seeing how it can act as a soundtrack to my everyday life. Heading into the warmth and energy of the spring and summer, this is exactly how I feel about Luna Luna’s brand new offering, “Running,” alongside Pretty Boy Aaron. Set to the tune of an electrifying, upbeat instrumental, this song is the perfect complement to long, lovely days and nights spent in the warmth of the sun. Riding right alongside the impassioned guitar riffs, the vocals seem to bounce off the production with a lively sense of excitement that I can’t quite put into words, and if not anything else, it just proves how perfect of a pairing Luna Luna and Pretty Boy Aaron truly are. That said, “Running” is the kind of song that you’ll understand once you hear it for yourself, so I encourage all of our readers to check this one out below! There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll have this one on repeat all summer long.

Pressure (Reimagined)-[pat junior] ft [Alex Faith]

Last month, I wrote about the impressive writer/rapper/producer pat junior from North Carolina. Since then, his 12 song playlist of his own work, For Summer/Fall 18’ has been well received by a lot of Hip-Hop fans. One of my favorite songs on that project was a track entitled Pressure. The production was unrivaled and pat’s flow was off the charts. Today, I woke up to the surprise that pat has dropped a reimagined version of his track Pressure featuring well known rapper Alex Faith. Both of these talented individuals are under Mike Luna’s management roster, so its really cool to see the two of them team up to put a new twist on an already impressive track. Alex’s addition adds a complimentary dynamic that just seems to work so seamlessly.  pat definitely came with some heat on this refreshing release. I’ve attached the Spotify link below so make sure to check out this new offering! 

Commitment – [Luna Luna]

I don’t want to tell them how to do their jobs but I think Luna Luna is selling themselves short on their Instagram. In their bio, they have dubbed themselves a, “modern indie band,” which is true, but doesn’t quite capture the full range of their new single, “Complications.” Although I was definitely a fan of their 2018 project, For Lovers Only, it’s synth-heavy, pop feel wasn’t quite in my wheelhouse. On “Commitment” however, the group ventures into a different lane, resulting in their best cut to date. With a cushioned instrumental and some insanely smooth vocals, The Dallas-based quintette comes with more of a soul, R&B vibe than what you might expect when you hear “indie band”. Combined with a little bit of a hip hop via a few sleek Spanish bars, I think Luna Luna has a unique sound that, while not necessarily in the same lane, rap fans could definitely get behind. Instantly one of my favorite songs of the year, I hope Luna Luna stays in this zone.