S.O.T.L. – [Ludacris] x [Lil Wayne]

One positive thought from this whole quarantine situation is that people have been finding ways to be creative and to entertain people, and one of my favorite things that have been birthed from this is the Verzuz battles that have been taking place weekly on Instagram Live. We’ve watched some classic matchups so far in the series, one of my favorite being DJ Premier against RZA, but last week we got another great matchup in Ludacris vs Nelly. This was an awesome watch that had me entertained for some hours last Friday, but during a time where Nelly was having some network connection issues, Ludacris decided to fill up some of that idle time with an unreleased record with Lil Wayne & Timbaland, which he ran back at least five times. Many of the viewers in the chat were giving Ludacris some positive feedback about the track, and here we are a week later, as he has just released the track, officially titled “Silence Of The Lambs”. When you hear of a trio such as Ludacris, Lil Wayne, and Timbaland getting together, you know that it’s going to be special. I shouldn’t even have to tell you the damage that …

A Conversation with HighDefRazjah: Working with A$AP Ferg on ‘Value’, Being Featured in the ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Trailer, the Virginia Music Scene and More

“I always think back to those dark times in life when I planted the seed and now I’m starting to reap the benefits of it.” -HighDefRazjah When thinking about the evolution of music, it’s such a beautiful journey to follow. The many things that music can do and how it can completely change lives, is nothing less than astounding to be able to witness. Speaking directly in terms of Hip Hop, it has changed so many lives each and every day, and has made things possible for many people who may have lost hope. In the year 2020, it’s safe to say we do see our fair share of acts who come and go, but the idea that one can virtually blossom a musical career with nothing but an iPhone and a laptop is something that is to be appreciated at the end of the day. Coming out of Suffolk, Virginia, record producer HighDefRazjah is no stranger to knowing what it’s like to have nothing and turn it into something. Coming from a city that is not too familiar with breaking many acts, Razjah crafted his career from the ground up by himself. He did what he had to do …

Tory Lanez Hits A Major Nostalgic Nerve With ‘Chixtape 5’

“Everything is 2000s-inspired–Everything is inspired by the times when things were golden for us. I think all those pieces and everything that we’ve come out with has been all about nostalgia. I’m about to take you on a whole journey musically.” -Tory Lanez, via Billboard The concept of nostalgia– something that has been a huge conversation as of late. With all the talks about the new Disney Plus streaming service bringing back old shows and movies, this is something that we latch onto and that brings a sort of happiness and excitement. In Tory Lanez perspective, his highly popular Chixtape series has been nothing less than a nostalgic journey through the years of great music. The concept of making an entire project and taking classic R&B records, sampling and flipping them into a modern version seems like something that even Tory himself is “surprised that no one has thought of yet”. Sampling has been dominant in the music industry since it’s inception and without a doubt is one of the most popular production trends in music. Tory may not be the first to sample and reimagine songs, but he may be one of the best yet to make entire projects of the …

Lyrical Lemonade’s Top 7: Rappers in Cartoons

90’s babies we’re blessed with two of the best things in the world; rap music and cartoons. When the two colide it’s nothing less than perfect. Whether it’s a guest appearance or even a parody, shows like South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and many others have been putting celebrities in their shows for years. We’ve decide to give you guys our favorite 7 moments where rappers have appeared in an animated form; check out the list below!

LL Presents: The Ajani Jones Q&A + Cocoons EP

Ajani Jones is one of the most talented artists in Chicago, you just may not know of him yet. I first discovered Ajani’s music late last year when the homie Kiraly put me on to his project “Eternal Bliss”, and after running through the EP dozens of times I became a huge fan of what he was doing. He made an appearance on our “Top 50 Chicago Projects Of 2017” list a couple months back and for good reason too, as he possess an insane amount of potential & unmatched rapping abilities. A couple days back Ajani dropped a stellar new EP titled Cocoons, and mark my words when I say that when we look back on the year of 2018 of Chicago rap, this project will stand out in the bunch. I predict that he will become one of the faces of Chicago rap in a couple years and with his new team Closed Sessions backing him, the sky is truly the limit for Ajani. I am excited to see where he takes it from here but for now stream this brand new tape below, take a few minutes of your time learn a thing or two about him & …

LL Presents: The Luke Almighty Q&A

Luke Almighty is one of the best producers coming out of the city, you just don’t know it yet. Even I was unaware until a few months ago, but then I started realizing that every time I heard a song that he worked on, it was always a banger. He has been responsible for lacing artists such as Adot, Freako, Duffle Bag Buru, Pollari, Supa Bwe, Roo$ki, Monster Mike, Warhol and more with some of the best instrumentals that they have rapped on. Although you might not be familiar with the young creative just yet, I assure you that he is only a couple years away from being considered one of the best producers from Chicago. Take a few minutes of your time to learn a thing or two about him below, and be sure to keep up with his movement by giving him a follow here!     — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. LA: So I’m From Aurora, Illinois. Born and raised. Since I was young I was also really into Music. My parents always made sure I knew who I was listening …

Watch 2 Chainz new interview with The Breakfast Club

As 2 Chainz continues to hit each major platform to continue to support Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, he stopped by The Breakfast Club to chop it up with DJ Envy, Angela Yee & Charlamagne Tha God. The three of them spoke on plenty of interesting subjects such as why he has four cell phones, the pink trap house he made, getting caught up in the Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma beef, why Ludacris still owes him 15K, denying Donald Trump’s offer to perform at The White House, playing basketball with Kanye, quitting the street life to focus on music, being inspired by Lil Wayne and much more! Check out the brand new interview below.

LL Presents: The Charles Lauste Q&A

If you aren’t familiar with Charles Lauste just yet, trust me you will be soon. If you are in tune with what the Chicago native has been doing, then you surely know that he is one of the best producers out of the city, and not to mention a rising DJ. I predict that he will become one of the most influential figures in the Chicago music scene when it’s all said and done, and I was lucky enough to bring him in for our latest Q&A segment. Take a few minutes of your time to learn a thing or two about him below, and be sure to keep up with what he’s doing by giving him a follow here!     — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. CL: My name is Charles Lauste (pronounced lost) and I’m also Dj Chi when DJing. I’m 23 years old and belong to the Get Rich With Your Friends collective along with Femdot and others. — EM: Speak more about the Get Rich With Your Friends collective, who else is involved? CL: The core members include myself, Femdot, J-Hop (rapper: …

Vitamin D – [Ludacris] ft. [Ty Dolla $ign]

Ludacris and Ty Dolla $ign have just linked up to bring us their hot new visual for “Vitamin D,” which see’s the duo praciticing their new-found profession as doctors attending to several beautiful patients. I probably don’t have to get into too much detail about the significance of the title, but I can tell you that the Eif Rivera-directed cut is just as dirty as you’d expect with half-dressed girls, sex-inspired lyrics and lots, and lots of booties. Not only that, it really shouldn’t have surprised anyone that Ludacris also took the opportunity for the ultimate flex, in which he included multiple expensive chains and even a quick cameo of a boss-looking Lamborghini. With the latest rumors surfacing around a new Luda project in the works, we can only hope there are more smooth tracks coming our way very soon; but until then, feast your eyes on the “Vitamin D” visual below and let us know if you’re rocking with it in the comments. Courtesy of: Disturbing Tha Peace  Directed by: Eif Rivera 

Run The Check Up – [DJ Infamous] ft. [Jeezy] [Ludacris] & [Yo Gotti]

Atlanta’s DJ Infamous has just let loose a hot new visual with Jeezy, Ludacris and Yo Gotti for their track “Run The Check Up” that was released back in September. The Andy Metayer-directed visual see’s Infamous and the rest of the crew flexing in a neon-filled room while counting bands and popping multiple bottles of Effen Vodka. Both Jeezy and Luda come in with raw verses before Yo Gotti closes out the track talking about his old money, new money and gold chains. This is easily one of the most star-studded videos of 2016, don’t sleep and check out the new video from DJ Infamous below!