Freewave 3 – [Lucki]

Chicago’s own Lucki has been teasing the release of his third edition of his Freewave series for a minute now, and just a few minutes ago he blessed his rapidly growing fan base with the project! The fans have been impatiently waiting this release for quite some time now, and Lucki didn’t hold back at all as he provided us with fifteen new records that will be in rotation for years to come. CHASETHEMONEY produced a good amount of this project and some of my personal favorite joints are the ones that he worked on, but believe me when I say that this project is sensational from top to bottom. The only feature on this tape comes from Earl Sweatshirt, which is awesome to see because Lucki fans know that Earl Sweatshirt has been one of his biggest inspirations for years now. Stream this brand new project via Spotify below and if you like what you hear be sure to share the music with a friend or loved one. From all of us here at Lyrical Lemonade, congratulations on this release Lucki!

Politics – [Lucki]

It’s a bit of a cliche to say that an artist is “levels ahead”, but in the case of Chicago artist Lucki, this is the only way to describe his otherworldly style and endlessly vivid lyricism. Truth be told, Lucki is a master at translating life into art, and no better song could exemplify this than his latest single, “Politics”. Released in anticipation of his forthcoming mixtape, Freewave 3 (for which the tracklist and cover art were recently released), this offering takes us further into the hazy world of Lucki, one bar at a time. His deliveries sound focused as ever while he admittedly wears his heart on his sleeve, offering up some incredibly personal rhymes that will be sure to captivate listeners from the first second to the last. I thoroughly believe that Freewave 3 will be one of the projects of the year, but don’t just take my word for it; stream “Politics” below and get ready! Cover Art by Lonewolf Produced by Oxy

Peach Dream – [Lucki]

  Just a few weeks removed from the release of his last single, “More Than Ever”, Lyrical Lemonade favorite Lucki is here today to keep his hot streak going with yet another new offering, this time titled “Peach Dream”. Produced by Cash Cobain, the latest from the Chicago native takes a more gentle, melodic sonic approach than “More Than Ever”, as the lullaby-esque sounds match up seamlessly with Lucki’s impassioned deliveries. Additionally, especially in comparison to a lot of Lucki’s past work, the vocals here seem noticeably clear, as they seem to embody less of a rhythmic slurring and more of a crisp punch. Needless to say, with Freewave 3 on the way, Lucki is clearly ready to impress in 2019, so don’t sleep. Show some love to Chicago’s own and stream “Peach Dream” on Spotify at the link provided below!

This High Forever – [Mikey PX]

Premiered via the No Jumper YouTube channel, Long Beach rapper Mikey PX is here on our pages today with a brand new video for his lo-fi banger, “This High Forever”. Featuring production from beatsmith Uli Cook Up, “High Forever” has turned into one of the more prominent tracks off his extended play Since You’re Here Now, thanks, in part, to its addictive nature as such a strong display on PX’s talents. When I hear the laid back instrumental and the soundscape of the track, there are a couple artists that come to mind; if you’re a fan of artist like Lucki and Unotheactivist, then Mikey PX’s alternative trap sounds will be right up your alley, sure to impress with sleek flows and hard-nosed personality. Video director Tony Trip captures the mood and aura of the song with vivid psychedelic and dreamlike visuals, and as a result, this release certainly kicks 2019 off on a high note for Mikey, especially taking into account his recent relocation to Las Vegas. Hopefully, this leads to more new music, videos, and a new project in the months to come. Watch Mikey PX’s “This High Forever” below!  

New Money – [Lucki]

It should come as no surprise that Lucki is one of the brightest talents in Chicago, or for that matter, in the country right now, and today, here to help solidify this prowess, the CHI-town representative is back with a brand new single, “New Money”. Dangling glassy melodies in front of a trunk-rattling set of drums, this single finds its strength in the combination of ethereal production, courtesy of Wiardon, and Lucki’s brutally honest lyrics. Talking about money, family, drugs, and more, Lucki keeps it as real as possible while considering the highs and lows of the new money that he’s been acquiring as of late, and the result is a reflective single that jumps out as an indication of just how great Lucki’s forthcoming releases will be. That said, the new Freewave tape is on the way, so get ready by indulging yourself in the incredible combination of Lucki and Texas producer Wiardon.


While Chicago has been known as a reputable city in hip-hop for numerous years now, this revered position has not arrived without the constant innovation and hard work of the artists that so faithfully represent the prowess of their home city. It is these artists that we have to credit for this respected reputation, and we here at Lyrical Lemonade try to honor this in every way possible by constantly bringing new Chicago acts into our headlines here on our website. That said, 2018 has been yet another fantastic year for Chicago music, so we went ahead and compiled a list of our “Top 50 Chicago Projects” of the year. This now marks the third year that we have been putting out this list, and we believe that it’s safe to say this year’s list might just be the most solid one from top to bottom that we’ve seen yet. Thank you to our terrific writing staff for all of the hard work they have put in this year, I will be linking their socials below so be sure to contact them about getting featured on the website in the future. Seamus Fay • Mike Del Ro • Sam Morrison • …

More Than Ever – [Lucki]

Motivation and improvement are the names of the game right now for Chicago-bred artist, Lucki. Throughout 2018, he’s been taking over headlines with several standout singles and the replay-worthy EP, Days Before II, and now, the budding star is here to take over our pages once again with his latest track, “More Than Ever”. Produced by CHASETHEMONEY, this song pairs two incredibly promising talents with one another to make for a remarkably focused offering. Lucki speeds over the glassy instrumentation with lines about his determination toward success as well as the lessons he is able to learn from pain (“I know she ain’t loyal, but she made me better”), and as a result, “More Than Ever” comes across as an anthem of reflection for 2018, recapping the highs and lows with one everlasting commonality: that these moments can help us become better. Be sure to stream this one on Spotify at the link below and get ready for 2019, as Lucki is sure to keep the hits coming!

My Way – [Lucki]

Lucki is, without a doubt, one of today’s most innovative creators, and few series of projects have embodied this creative ambition better than the Chicago native’s Freewave tapes. As noted in our recent interview with Lucki, Freewave 3 will be making its entrance into the world soon, and in order to garner anticipation as well as give fans a small taste of what to expect, Lucki is here to give us the project’s first single today entitled “My Way”. Produced by Cortdot, this song follows the eccentric sonic direction that we’ve come to expect from such an exciting artist, as he looks toward a gentle, atmospheric melody to soundtrack smooth, quick flows and hard-nosed lyrics. Lucki is certainly ready to end his prosperous 2018 on a high note, and “My Way” is proof. Stream this one below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Who You Really Kidding – [Lucki]

Lucki has been a favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade for damn near half a decade now, and yesterday a record of his titled “Who You Really Kidding” hit the internet & it’s not anything you want to miss out on. He joined forces with producers AR (who officially released this track via his Soundcloud page) and fellow LL favorite Plu2o Nash, it had a dark & ire vibe to it but we all know that Lucki excels over these types of beats, and this new joint was certainly no disappointment! Stream this brand new song below and if you like it be sure to check out our recent featured post about Lucki here!

Lucki: A Testament To Growth

// Photography courtesy of @reemlovette At the core of any great artist exists the innate ability to reinvent oneself. Adjacent to reinvention exists adaptability, and setting the basis for both exists the concept of identity. Whether it be musically or individually, this solid foundation is what leads us to support the artists we know and love. Chicago-bred talent, Lucki, has been developing his creative identity since the 2013 release of his debut mixtape, Alternative Trap, at age 16. Defined by a backbone of atmospheric production and otherworldly, slow-burning instrumentals, his legacy remains embedded in the air of Chicago’s prosperous rap scene, taking shape as a perpetual smoke that never seems to fully air out. The fact of the matter is that Lucki challenges the course of direction that a rapper is meant to move toward. His career has seen creative highs of reinvention and sonic innovation just as well as mental lows, management changes, personal challenges, drug problems, and every other obstacle that you can think of. Lucki is a fighter at heart, and while he’s still able to see the light of day even through all of the crossfire, it should come as no surprise that the Chicago representative …