Can’t Wait To Find U – [Hayes]

Gracing our pages twice within the past few weeks, Atlanta native Hayes is becoming somewhat of a frequent flyer here at Lyrical Lemonade, and rightfully so. Boasting a notably honest sense of self, the budding talent keeps things authentic above anything else, constantly setting forth a genuine footprint of songwriting — and character progression — within each successive release. Today, maintaining his win streak with a bit of a curveball, Hayes is back with a new song entitled “Can’t Wait To Find U.” Contrasting his past two releases, “Can’t Wait To Find U” leaves things on a more upbeat note, packaging heart-led curiosity within a slew of lively rhythms and soul-stricken lines of melody. The lyrics, meanwhile, are among Hayes’ finest to date, and the guitar-plucking sonics are sure to play on this intersection of elements, allowing the song to move forward as one, cohesive unit from the first second to the last. With that said, while “Can’t Wait To Find U” may stray from what we’re used to hearing from Hayes thus far, it’s a reminder that his artistry reigns over far more than one sound, one emotion, and one story. Hayes is a talent built to last, and quite …

Hu$band – [Father]

After returning home from Atlanta recently, I have been listening to exclusively listening to music from the city. Luckily, one of my favorite and weirdest artists from the city recently dropped a new EP that stands out as one of his best pieces of work to date. Father has always been an artist to pave his own lane in terms of his sound, always evolving in ways he can use his unique voice to stand out. This project is an incredible example of just that ability. Hu$band is a quick 6-song EP that doesn’t waste a second, each track bringing out a different side of Father. He begins on a high note with “Joestar”, the intro is one of my favorite songs from his catalog in recent memory. “Hexes” features a wildly impressive feature from Meltycanon, Father’s go-to producer and wildly talented artist on his own. The creative duo pair well on the track, it’s safe to say more collaborations can be expected in the future. The EP closes out on an energetic level with “Family Function” alongside Zack Fox, the song released previously on SoundCloud but its re-release reminded me just how hard the song goes. The entire Awful Records …

4 The Betta – [Lucki]

Lucki had been gearing up for a 4th quarter push in 2019 and he has begun his rollout for his next forthcoming project, and the latest offering from the Chicago native comes in the form of “4 The Betta”. This is one of those records that any true Lucki fan is going to fall in love with just after the first listen; it’s a dark sounding & addicting listen that’s sprinkled with a number of witty & clever bars that Lucki spit so causally. Lucki has came a long way from being the kid from Chicago with aspirations to be an artist; he is now a mega-successful underground legend who is traveling the world off of his art, and I am super excited to see what his next body of work is going to sound like. Stream this brand new release via Soundcloud below!

Black Magic – [Cojo]

Cojo is a super dope emcee who I have been keeping my eye on for the past year or so, and his latest offering is a crispy new visual for “Black Magic”! When you listen to Cojo’s music the first thing that immediately stands out is his commitment to being one of the best lyricists out, this man does not let a single bar go to waste and I cannot let this go unnoticed! He is a true craftsman when it comes to putting words together, it’s like watching a master at work, so he needed the perfect director to help get this point across with a comparable video. Luckily he picked director Autre Fish as the man for the job because they came together + created some magic (no pun intended), this song + video package couldn’t get any better in my opinion. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this brand new visual below.

YBN Cordae – RNP (feat. Anderson .Paak)

The Anderson .Paak-assisted “RNP” is not only a standout from YBN Cordae’s breakout album The Lost Boy, it’s a musical highlight of 2019. The sharp and funky production, playful lyricism, and unmatched chemistry between Cordae and .Paak makes it a song that deserves all the praise it can get. Luckily, the track is back in the spotlight with some fantastic visuals to accompany it, and just like the song itself, they pull out all the stops for this one. It stars ‘Big Play’ Cordae and ‘Sweet Shot’ Anderson in all their glory, who, throughout the video, prove to be brothers on the street, and on the basketball court. The video follows the two on their quest to the 1975 summer classic championship not only on the court but off the court as well. This truly is quite the production. There are a number of different scenes throughout the video, with various different costumes, all of which are phenomenal. The story depicted here matches the sentiment of the song and really brings a whole new light to the track. It’s truly a blessing to see this video, starring .Paak and Cordae, come to life, due to the infectious and seamless nature of the track, …

Nascar Dashcar – [Lucki]

Lucki and Jake Osmun have had a great rapper/director relationship over the past half-decade or so, they have made some timeless visuals in the past + today they are back with their latest of the bunch for “Nascar Dashcar.” I don’t even need to explain the success that Lucki has had up to this point in 2019, it’s been arguably his best year yet + the scary part is he is still going to give us another full length before the year’s end. It’s been dope to watch Jake rebrand over the past few years and build up an amazing platform with No Future, he has been releasing nothing but stellar content + giving artists a place to showcase their abilities, and that’s something we highly respect here at LL. Watch this brand new music video below and go ahead and subscribe to Jake’s YouTube channel!

Been Down – [Hayes]

Having recently made his Lyrical Lemonade debut with “In My Head,” Atlanta native Hayes is best recognizable by the near-therapeutic nature of his music. Trudging through the most difficult of times, his honesty is what leads such a notable charge toward self-progression, and in the process, it’s the vividness of his lyrics that give them such an impactful sense of direction. Today, here to build on the prowess of his last single, the budding talent is back once again with “Been Down.” Kicking things off with the line “I’ve been down so bad, I can’t think straight,” “Been Down” is an admittance of imperfection, leaving nothing to spare in its declarations of Hayes’ roughest internal struggles. Steered by a sense of longing toward a love interest, he collects his thoughts under the guiding light of a simplistic, plucking instrumental, and along the way, he balances the turbulence inside with an intriguing account of how he tries to look put together on the outside, despite how he truly feels. This ability to paint emotion in such an unaltered manner is what makes Atlanta’s own so exciting. As I mentioned in my last writeup about him, there’s a certain healing power to …

On One Hand – [Lucki] [atu]

The art of collaboration is one of music’s most exciting elements. Whether it be two alike talents coming together for creativity’s sake or two entirely different artists coming together for any plethora of reasons, there’s always something to be gained from genuine collaboration, especially when the work stretches listeners’ ears in the process. Today, in a perfect display of such, Sonder producer atu is here to join forces with Chicago legend Lucki for a brand new loosie, “On One Hand.” Fueled by impassioned, slightly off-kilter melodies, “On One Hand” matches the sleek soul of atu’s production with Lucki’s brutally honest storytelling and mesmeric, muddied vocals. Speaking on demons, romance, and the ever-relevant temptations of money, Chicago’s own graces each note with a paranoid sense of emotion, and the result is a song that pushes Lucki’s sound down an R&B-induced road that fans really haven’t heard him explore in past releases. In usual Lucki fashion, however, the underground legend still makes sure to impress, leaving his lasting mark on such impeccable production from atu. Needless to say, while this collaboration may come as slightly unexpected, fans couldn’t have asked for a better pairing of unique sounds. Lucki and atu are the duo …

Watch Lucki’s brand new interview with Montreality

Montreality is a fantastic platform that offers a wide variety of interviews from plenty of talented creatives around the globe, and their latest interview features someone that LL fans are very familiar with, Chicago’s own Lucki! You will find the Chicago legend speaking over several subjects including his loyal fan base, loving SpongeBob as a kid, being in a transitioning period, being the king of the underground, considering his song “Lowlife” the realest shit he ever wrote, punk rap, the impact that Lil Uzi Vert had, XXXTentacion, love, why he doesn’t do psychedelics, Alternative Trap and he left us with some wise words dedicated to the youth! I have loved a lot of Montreality’s interview’s over the years but this one is by far my favorite, great job all around, check it out below!

Evolving with Chicago’s own D2X

A year ago, I spoke to D2X over the phone. The then 20-year-old rapper from Chicago’s south suburbs was just about to release his debut EP ‘Enjoy Life’. The EP, as its title might suggest, communicated a mindset that the rising artist had finally settled on: after backing out of college basketball offers, recording in a professional studio for the first time, and finding confidence in his skills as a rapper, D2X was finally ready to pursue that which truly made him happy. Now, on a mid-July afternoon, as the sunlight starts to barely creep in through the boarded-up window panes, D2X sits next to me on a couch in the lounge of the Lyrical Lemonade office. He’s joined by his right-hand producer Glohan Beats and friends/photographers John and Tove. A can of lemonade in hand, D2X starts to catch me up on what has changed since we last spoke. His viral track “Woop Woop” got played on Chicago’s legendary Power 92 radio station, and recently he’s headlined his first concert as part of Illanoize Radio’s Let’s Get Social series. Though these career highlights stand out in our conversation, what’s most apparent is how D2X’s demeanor feels almost exactly the same …