Glory Boy – [Lucki]

History is filled with legendary duos. Just look at Shaq and Kobe, Jordan and Pippen, and the most recent addition to the list, Lucki and Lonewolf. Every time these two join forces, the result is going to be something special, and today, they maintain this win streak with the brand new music video for “Glory Boy” off of Lucki’s acclaimed project, Freewave 3. Kicking things off, this video takes to a video game selection screen, choosing which track Lonewolf wants to bless with some accompanying visuals. Needless to say, he selects “Glory Boy,” and from there, the visuals hit the ground running right away. Mesmeric scenes of Lucki’s towering figure in the Miami sun grace the screen one by one, and perhaps the best part of this video is how well it captures the hypnotic glory of one of my favorite beats this year, courtesy of Mulatto Beats. “Glory Boy” is an unbelievable song, and the high quantity yet even higher quality of visual effects are sure to live up to the track’s reputation. Be sure to click play on this one below and go stream the project if you haven’t already! Song Produced by Mulatto Beats

No Subliminals (Remix) – [FatCash Jizzle] feat. [Moneybagg Yo]

No Subliminals (Remix) – [FatCash Jizzle] feat. [Moneybagg Yo] Up and coming Memphis star FastCash Jizzle is currently creating his own wave. Riding off of the success of his recently released street single, ‘No Subliminals’ the young artist has clearly been putting in the work necessary to make it to the top. In celebration of his birthday on July 9th, the up-and-coming sensation connected with fellow Memphis star Moneybagg Yo for the remix of, ‘No Subliminals.’ His newfound success should be a surprise to no one, the man raps with the confidence and demeanor only a Memphis rapper can carry. Luckily, a music video for the remix was recently released as well. The Zach Hurth directed visual catches FastCash dripped in designer fabrics, dancing diamonds, and whipping in the latest foreign designed cars. Jizzle introduces himself and his FastCash crew with a fearless, unapologetic, money motivated string of verses. Major artists such such as Megan The Stallion, NLE Choppa, fellow Memphis-brethren Blockboy JB, Blac Youngsta, Big Boogie, and many notable faces make cameos throughout the visual, praising the new artist on his recent success. With much more on the way, it’s safe to say that FastCash Jizzle is up next. Watch …

Collect Calls – [KDL] x [Fat Nick]

Both KDL and Fat Nick have appeared on our pages plenty of times in the past, but this afternoon they are making their return with their brand new music video for “Collect Calls”. One of the first things I said to myself when watching this visual was, “This video director snapped”, so shout out to Mason Luckiewicz for making this one possible. A few seconds into the track that Will Snow production caught my ear, leading into a great effort from KDL with his part, and ultimately ending with a fantastic feature from Fat Nick. Hopefully we get to see these two work together again in the future, but for now press play below! Shout out to Jake Wilson for putting me on to this one.

A Conversation with HappyBirthdayCalvin • One Of Chicago’s Brightest Young Acts

HappyBirthdayCalvin is a kid out of Chicago who has been making some major noise in the music community, but especially here in the city, so of course I had to bring him through the office for a brand new interview for the site! HappyBirthdayCalvin will end up being one of the leaders in the Chicago music scene within the next few years, and I know that’s a bold statement for someone who just graduated high school, but trust me when I say he is a good person to the core but even more importantly he is musically inclined. Calvin’s record “No Friends” has been going crazy for a minute now, playing on radios all over the country, and not to mention that he just got Chicago legend G-Herbo on the remix of the track. Learn a thing or two about Calvin by reading this brand new interview below and don’t forget to stream his record below while you read, & also keep an eye out for his upcoming music releases! Follow Calvin on Twitter here!   — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. Calvin: …

Taylor Bennett Speaks on The American Reject, the Cover Art, TBE + more!

Taylor Bennett has been one of the biggest pieces in the puzzle that makes up Chicago’s music community. He has been rapping and creating music for damn near a decade and has become not only one of Chicago’s best rappers, but more importantly one of the brightest business minds that the city has to offer. The growth of his company Taylor Bennett Entertainment has been amazing to watch to say the least: he has built up a still small yet unbelievably talented roster with Bianca Shaw who has blossomed into one of the best talents that the city has to offer, as well as Zxxk who is one of the most talented producers & creatives in the game. When we look back ten years from now, these two will be far along in their careers under the guidance of Taylor & TBE. Next week Taylor is releasing his forthcoming album The American Reject, and when I saw him tease the cover I knew I had to bring him by the Lyrical Lemonade office to pick his brain about the project, the cover and so much more. As we gear up for the project that appears to be Taylor’s biggest and most …

Believe The Hype – [Lucki]

Months removed from its initial release at this point, the rap world is still obsessing over Lucki’s unbelievable new project, Freewave 3, and for good reason. In my eyes, one of the central features of the tape that makes it so appealing is Lucki’s locked-in, effortlessly impressive ability to rap — and I mean rap. Lyrically, the Chicago native is without a doubt one of the most talented artists in the game right now, and the fact that he does it in such a nonchalant manner is the most incredible part. Lucki seemingly never breaks a sweat when he rhymes, and few songs on Freewave 3 show this as well as “Believe The Hype.” Just as the title entails, this song is a straightforward declaration that Lucki lives up to all the hype behind his name. It’s a bold claim, but he backs it up, and the brand new music video for the song supports this claim perfectly. Displaying easy-going scenes of Lucki and his naturally elegant nature, the simplicity at hand here is what matches so well with the song. Lucki isn’t the kind of artist that really needs to go over the top with his music videos, because truthfully, the music is …

Papaya! – [Malci]

The criminally overlooked Chicago emcee and producer Malci is here with his newest project Papaya!, released today. This arrives nearly two years after his last project DO YOU KNOW YOURSELF, my personal introduction to Malci and one of my favorite overall projects to come out of 2017. Now he’s back in 2019 with Papaya!, which is an exciting release, as it heads in a completely different creative direction than his previous project. Production-wise, this project features primarily synth-based, glitchy and atmospheric beats along with field recordings. It’s seventeen tracks, but doesn’t overstay its welcome in the slightest, clocking in around thirty-four minutes, following this many-short-songs album format that some of my other recent favorite albums have followed by artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Slauson Malone, and Lucki.  Papaya! ends up making for an extremely cohesive and engaging listen that only leaves the listener wanting more from Malci. There are some really interesting genre-bending soundscapes on here along with melodic and enjoyable production throughout. “The 40 Oz Endorsement” perfectly encapsulates the record, as it features otherworldly production underlying Malci talking about thrifting a nice outfit, beating three Final Fantasy games, and shouting about drinking 40s “because they work”. The track “Byzantine Way” …

Used 2 – [Lucki]

Between Freewave 3 and the slew of stellar singles that we’ve received over the past few months, 2019 has undoubtedly been Lucki’s year. Today, joining forces with fellow Chicagoan BRENTRAMBO, Lucki is back with a new single entitled “Used 2.” As one might expect from a collaboration between two of music’s most exciting talents to watch right now, “Used 2” certainly makes its mark, as the unconventional twang of the melodies makes perfect sense alongside Lucki’s brutally honest vocals. In such a way, this track is quite eclectic in its appeal, and even so, it seamlessly complements Lucki’s off-kilter charisma and charming effortlessness. Lyrically, he’s as locked in and vivid as ever, delivering dark-sided tales of drugs, love, and the ups and downs of life, while BRENTRAMBO supplies the song with a uniquely hypnotic instrumental. That said, “Used 2” is a fantastic listen, so check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

LL Presents: The Matty Wood$ Q&A

Matty Wood$ is a creative out of St. Louis who I have been covering here on our website for some years now, but when he was recently in Chicago I brought him to the Lyrical Lemonade office for our first conversation face to face, and in turn we now have a dope new Q&A for the fans! Not only is Matty a super talented artist who creates great music, he has the overall look & charisma of a superstar and he just might be one of the funniest rappers I have ever met, and I am sure those traits will help him down the road. Most importantly, Matty has a great group of solid individuals around him in his 2200 crew that are going to keep him improving at all times, the sky is truly the limit for this young legend. Stream his latest album I’l Be Fine below while you check out the Q&A, and after you’re done be sure to follow Matty on Twitter here! — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself.   MW: You know who it is, Tony T, Matty …

Pressure – [Lucki]

It goes without saying that Freewave 3 is still one of the best projects released this year. Quite frankly, Lucki is one of the best lyricists alive, and to say that it’s always a gem when we receive new music from the Chicago native is an understatement. Today, hitting us with a gift as we head into the weekend, Lucki is back on our pages with a brand new loose release, “Pressure.” Using a sleek, slightly ominous melody, this offering attests to the fact that Lucki is a diamond of an artist, always thriving under pressure and performing his best when the stakes are high. In this song, he maintains a wide-eyed slew of lyrics and an effortlessly alluring cadence, pointing to ease with which it takes Lucki to impress. Freewave 3 sparked a well-deserved conversation about Lucki being a king of the underground right now, and with songs like these as proof, I don’t think there’s any more debate as to whether or not this is true. Stream Lucki’s brand new single at the link provided below!