Ultraviolet – [Lord Felix]

Assuming that the end goal is growth, the worst thing an artist can possibly do is stay stagnant. In order to develop, it takes experimentation, ambition, and work, but the result will be higher ceilings and further limits — even if that means balancing the wins and the losses along the way. One artist who lives and breathes the art of growth is Lord Felix, a Massachusetts-based talent and Lyrical Lemonade frequent flyer who most recently blessed us with his diverse, acclaimed project, In Bloom, Forever. Today, Felix is back with his first release since the project: a three-song EP entitled Ultraviolet. At face value, the reason that Ultraviolet works so well is that doesn’t try to maintain Felix’s high level of quality and it most certainly doesn’t act as an extension to In Bloom, Forever. Rather, Ultraviolet is its own entity, and one of increasingly great creative ambition. It’s unique, it’s a leap of faith, and it’s certainly not something much like anything we’ve heard from Felix so far. Furthermore, above all things, Ultraviolet is yet another declaration of growth from the Massachusetts talent, and while switching up one’s sound and trying something new doesn’t always work, I must say that Felix hit this one …

Tracphone – [Latrell James]

In all the time I’ve been listening to his music, I’ve always found great reverence in the way that Latrell James is able to turn life into song in such a seamless manner. Without losing any energy or meaning in the process, James always knows how to find the art in the world around him, just as listeners can see in his brand new single, “Trachpone.” Taking listeners on a journey through the success and progress that the rising talent has experienced so far, this offering smiles at the role that growth plays in our lives and professional careers, using it as a vehicle for the Boston native’s proudly future-minded lyricism. Backed by a lively instrumental and a colorful palette of cadences, “Tracphone” finds replay value in its ability to resonate, making this a must-listen for anyone out there working toward their dreams. That said, even while Latrell James chooses to focus on how far he’s come with this release, he certainly doesn’t shy away from the fact that to grow is to see both ups and downs. This honesty is sure to connect to a wide audience, so listen to “Tracphone” at the link below and let us know what you think …

In Bloom, Forever – [Lord Felix]

Brockton, MA native Lord Felix is certainly no stranger to our pages here at Lyrical Lemonade, appearing in headlines several times over the past year or so with his inimitably clear creative vision and undeniably impressive execution of this vision. Today, ending the long wait for his debut project and binding together the energy and emotion of all of his past releases, Felix is back on Lyrical Lemonade with the release of his first full-length offering, In Bloom, Forever. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this project for about two years at this point, and while that’s certainly an insane amount of time to build up anticipation for any body of work, I must say that Lord Felix delivered on his promises and then some. Presented with a rainbow-gradient cover photo, this project embodies its artistic direction by presenting a rainbow-like range of emotions, from sun-soaked, bright yellows all the way down to an ominous black that soundtracks Felix’s lowest moments. Likewise, the title, In Bloom, Forever, tracks the progress from one color to the next, taking note that however high or low he’s feeling on a given day, Felix is always blooming and growing, both as an artist and as an individual. From …

Weight Off – [Lord Felix]

Whenever he drops something new, Brockton, MA native Lord Felix is sure to take over headlines here at Lyrical Lemonade, and today, such is the case as fans receive a brand new performance of one of his first songs, “Weight Off”. Personally, this moment connects with me as “Weight Off” was the offering that put me onto Felix in the first place, and to see that the Massachusetts representative is still able to seamlessly tap into the song’s energy, even months and months removed from its release, is the sign of an artist pushing toward longevity. In addition, the live band aspect here adds to the magic of the song, as it receives a refreshing new flair which consequently highlights Felix’s adaptability as a performer. Needless to say, this video is certainly a promising note toward Felix’s future, so make sure you don’t sleep on this one. Show some love to Massachusetts’ own and check out Felix’s energetic new performance of “Weight Off” at the link provided below! (P.S. — We need to acknowledge the brilliance of the moment right around 2:05 when Felix goes all in. Chills.)

Nothing. – [Lord Felix]

Massachusetts native Lord Felix has been a frequent flyer here at Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, and today, he’s back on our pages to unleash the brand new visuals for his stellar single, “Nothing”. Set in the energetic atmosphere of a car ride with his friends, this video brings forth Felix at his most authentic, simply having a good time with those that he’s closest to. Needless to say, the visual companion for “Nothing.” follows right up with the track’s uplifting sound, and the result is further proof of why Lord Felix is one of Massachusetts’ finest at the moment — from the music to the screen. Be sure to click play on the video below and let us know what you think in the comments! Directed by Daymian Mejia Produced by Donato

Nothing. – [Lord Felix]

Lord Felix is a name that we’ve covered several times here on Lyrical Lemonade, and quite frankly, with each successive release, the Brockton, MA native has been providing ample reason as to why he’s about to be the next big thing out of his buzzing home state. Today, listeners are blessed with yet another reason in the form of Felix’s latest single, “Nothing.” Acting as the lead track off of his forthcoming project, this Donato-produced offering finds our hero in a dreaming of state of pure love and undiluted affection. It brings to fruition a beautiful depiction of running away with the one you love, and by embracing an energetic, rhythmic beat to fit the theme, we receive a cohesive, gorgeous offering that deserves to be kept on repeat for the weeks to come. That said, show Lord Felix some love en route to his new project and listen to “Nothing.” at the link below! Additional vocals from Notebook P Written by Lord Felix Recorded and mixed by Latrell James Mastered by Leo The Kind

Voice Memo #222 – [Lord Felix]

Brockton, MA native Lord Felix is certainly no stranger to our pages at this point, and today, he’s here to bless the site with a new release entitled “Voice Memo #222”. This loose offering is actually an addition to a continuous series that Felix has done of “voice memos”, compiled of demos and rare tracks for fans to track his growth as an artist. #222 takes this to another level, as the rising talent delivers an array of beautifully-written, emotional verses over melancholy production courtesy of MORALBANDIT. In this light, it’s an oasis of hopeful confusion and unsureness for the future. Felix can’t be bothered in this state, and sonically, he excels with relaxed deliveries to match the vibe perfectly. “Voice Memo #222” may be a quick loose release to maintain the series, but honestly, this is one of the best offerings from Lord Felix that we have heard to date. Check it out for yourself below and follow the MA native on Twitter here!

Hold It Down – [Lord Felix]

Lyrical Lemonade covers a plethora of rising young talents from all over the country every day, but one of these talents will always stand out to me as one of the most enjoyable artists to write about: Lord Felix. Hailing from Brockton, MA, this promising young talent has visited our pages multiple times in the past, and as I look back now, I can truly see that he has only improved his craft with each successive release. Honing in on his skills as an emotional storyteller as well as a polished lyricist, Felix is back today to bless our pages with a new single titled “Hold It Down”. In my humble opinion, this track is quite possibly his finest offering to date, especially in the way that the rich, weathered instrumental (courtesy of Yellow Synth) interacts so naturally with Felix’s raw vocals. He details life as it stands, taking a look at the world around him in a brutally honest light that not many other artists make so entertaining, and furthermore, blessing us with a uniquely compelling sound that has kept me clicking replay again and again. That being said, give “Hold It Down” a listen below and check out …

Scales – [Saint Lyor] ft. [James Guild] [Luke Bars] [Lord Felix]

Here on Lyrical Lemonade, we love putting the readers onto new talent and discoveries that they may not be familiar with. With that, it comes as no secret that Massachusetts is home to an abundance of promising talent right now, and within this flourishing scene are the standout names of Saint Lyor, James Guild, Luke Bars, and Lord Felix. Today, these four join our pages to showcase their chemistry with a new Leo The Kind-produced single titled “Scales”. Sonically, this track catches all four talents at their absolute primes. The mysterious sound clashes with unforgiving cadences and a dope showcase of lyrical prowess, offering an unapologetic account of life for these four and the experiences that they have gone through. All in all, “Scales” is a perfect introduction to the abilities and potential of not only Saint Lyor, but the guests that he brought on the mic for this one, as well. As Massachusetts’ queue of uncovered talent continues to grow, make sure you’re hip to the latest artists coming out of the state by listening to “Scales” below.

Ramble – [Lord Felix] ft. [James Guild]

Hailing from Brockton, Massachusetts, Lord Felix and James Guild are two artists with inimitable talents when it comes to bringing unapologetic energy at a consistent pace. Today, the two standout talents join our pages with their latest collaborative single, “Ramble”. Produced by Baihaqy, this single looks to raw drum hits and looming melodies to provide the perfect atmosphere for aggressively honest lyricism. Felix and Guild take this advantage with full heads of steam, and when delivering their respective verses, are able to attack the beat with introspective, ambitious bars in a highly entertaining manner. Add this to a dash of charisma and a knocking instrumental, and you have yourself a standout offering from the first second to the last. With that being said, Lord Felix and James Guild are two of Massachusetts’ most promising young talents right now, so be sure to show some love and listen to their latest single, “Ramble”, below.