Blanka Buds – [Lord Apex]

London is one of the most exciting music cities in the world right now, and among my favorite emcees out of the area is none other than Lord Apex. Lyrically, the budding talent never fails to deliver some dense, remarkably clever lines and even better stories, while sonically, he truly understands his strengths and complements them to the best of his ability and then some. Today, Apex is back on our pages with a brand new music video for “Blanka Buds” off of his recent project, Smoke Sessions, Vol. 2. In terms of sound, this song seemingly drifts in and out of reality, as the dreamy instrumental and low-fi style float right alongside Apex’s alluring vocals. Taking this sentiment to the next level, the music video follows in a similar fashion, using a slew of colorful animations to heighten Apex’s reality and create some hypnotic scenery in the process. As a result, fans receive a video that makes perfect sense with Lord Apex’s one-of-a-kind, otherworldly creative vision, and furthermore, “Blanka Buds” adds to a long history of standout visuals from the London native. Be sure to check out the new video below and let us know what you think in the …

Watch Lord Apex Perform “Vintage Garms” on COLORS

  I’ve been a big fan of West London native Lord Apex for some time now, and today, taking on a well-deserved opportunity, the rising talent is here with his own episode of COLORS during which he performs “Vintage Garms.” Taken off of his Smoke Sessions Vol. 2 mixtape, this song is the perfect release to bring to the esteemed COLORS studio, matching perfectly alongside the hypnotic, deep shade of green that provides a complementary aesthetic to the performance. Additionally, Apex’s rendition of the song is, as expected, hazy and soulful as can be. It’s a perfect example of the effortless charisma that Apex embodies, marking just one of many reasons why he’s one of London’s most promising emcees at the moment. That said, we here at Lyrical lemonade have been big fans of Apex for some time now, and it’s a wonderful sight to see him garnering the attention that he deserves. Watch Lord Apex take on COLORS below! Produced by Drae Tha Skimask

EM3 – [Lord Apex]

While grime music may be what most people are paying attention to out of London right now, the low-fi style has slowly crept up as one of the most popular in the city, birthing countless great artists including one of my personal favorites, Lord Apex. Today, the Lyrical Lemonade favorite is back on our pages to unveil his latest set of visuals for the gorgeous offering, “EM3”. Hazy as can be and filled with a soul-stricken sense of self, this dense release commands the attention of the listener by maintaining simplicity and making sure that Apex’s words are what takes the spotlight. His lyricism balances a line between intricacy and widespread relatability, allowing “EM3” to come through as a brilliant new release that I’m sure fans of all types will love. Playing to this function, the visuals here complement the aesthetic to an emphatic extent, and the result is a video that perfectly represents the magic coming out of London right now. That said, don’t sleep on one of London’s finest; check out “EM3” below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by TooNorth Directed By Henry Croston

Silverrr – [Lord Apex]

Less than a week after the release of his new S.O.I.L EP, UK artist Lord Apex is already back on our pages once again to keep the stocks rising with a brand new single entitled “Silverrr”. Produced by the widely-talented Grimm Doza, this track finds Apex dropping off an incredibly high-caliber of rhymes, so much so that it probably could have made the tape had it not taken a bit of a darker sonic direction. Contrasting the bright, sparkling energy of Apex’s new EP, “Silverrr” works in the shadows as a grittier, more aggressive look into the versatile artistry of the West London artist. His lyricism continues to ride out as remarkably dense in every way, and all things considered, this track reminds fans just how talented this budding star really is. Lord Apex is turning heads with every successive release, and it’s only a matter of time until you’re hearing his name everywhere. Listen to “Silverrr” at the link provided below and let us know what you think in the comments!

S.O.I.L. EP – [Lord Apex] [The Kount]

London is home to a seemingly endless supply of wonderful music right now, and amongst its finest acts is an artist by the name of Lord Apex. Today, proving himself as a promising musician, the rising talent is here to hit our pages with the S.O.I.L. EP alongside producer The Kount. Turning the clock back to the middle of summer, this sun-soaked offering transports listeners into a place of jazz-infused joy and simplistic, groove-filled anthems. Apex and The Kount bounce sounds and styles off of one another with a calculated chemistry, and in the meantime, are also able to draw pictures of sunny days in their home city with a keen eye for detail. That said, this is an incredibly solid project to add to the catalog for Apex, so be sure to show some love and check it out at the link below!

Sunny Daze – [Lord Apex]

After making his Lyrical Lemonade debut a few months ago with the stellar release, “High Stakes“, an artist by the name of Lord Apex is here today to join us once again with his latest, “Sunny Daze”. Set to appear on the UK native’s forthcoming EP, S.O.I.L., this relaxed offering is a perfect testament to the kind of artist that Lord Apex is. His style rides a line of the charismatic and laid back, simultaneously balancing the two in ways that make for anthemic, relaxed songs, one after another. “Sunny Daze” is no different, and in all of its sun-soaked, slow-burning glory, the song is impeccably brought to life with the hypnotic coloring and hand-focused concept of the music video. That being said, keep an eye out for S.O.I.L. due for release on September 7th and in the meantime, click play on “Sunny Daze” below! Produced by The Kount Directed by Broken Antenna DOP: Harry Wheeler Colour Grade: Jack McGinty

High Stakes – [Lord Apex]

The UK is home to a variety of diverse, impressive artists right now, and amidst the crowd of wonderful talent coming out of the area is an artist by the name of Lord Apex. Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with a brand new single entitled “High Stakes”, we receive a perfect introduction to this promising young act and the ample supply of eclectic style that he brings to the table. Produced by Delicasteez, the latest from the West London native is a relaxed reflection on the complicated world around Lord Apex. He ponders success and life over a background of offset drum beats and smooth keys, only to bless listeners with a lyrical performance that comes across as relatable in every sense of the word. By keeping it simple and sticking to authenticity, “High Stakes” is a very solid release to keep Lord Apex’s name buzzing, so be sure to give it a listen at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!