Plad Fine$$e – [Plad Fine$$e]

Currently at the forefront of Boston’s budding rap scene, Plad Fine$$e is an artist filled to the brim with hits, just as he has exhibited in the past with bangers such as “Cheese”, “Yellow Flame”, and “Grab It”, to name a few. Today, he makes his return to our pages with the release of his high-anticipated, self-titled debut project. 9 tracks long and with two features from fellow Boston front-runners, Jefe Replay and Lil Rich of StupidGenius, this project is quite frankly a collection of absolute hits. The trunk-rattling production courtesy of producers including LoLoTheGod, 4oTo Roles, and Lil Rich sets the tone for this standout debut as a force to be reckoned with, and considering the relentless energy coming through each song, fans are destined to keep this one on repeat for the weeks to come. But don’t take my word for it, show some love and check out Plad Fine$$e’s debut full-length project below!

Yellow Flame – [Plad Fine$$e] [LoLoTheGod]

If there’s one track that best shows Boston native Plad Fine$$e lyrical prowess, it must be his latest single, “Yellow Flame” off of the young talent’s forthcoming self-titled debut. Produced by LoLoTheGod, this track finds its confrontational identity in tunnel-visioned melodies and rapid flows that make for an incredibly entertaining listen, and it doesn’t come to much surprise that Plad had to revisit this banger with a complementary visual release courtesy of Calvin Deal earlier today. By the way things are looking, Plad Fine$$e’s debut project will certainly keep the stocks rising for the rising talent, and using ominous scenery to illustrate his vivid lyricism, things are only looking up. Prepare yourself for what will surely be a standout mixtape by checking out “Yellow Flame” and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Yellow Flame – [Plad Fine$$e] x [LoLoTheGod]

Massachusetts is home to an abundance of gems right now, rich with rising talent that is more than ready to make its mark in the music world. Today, we have one of Boston’s most promising artists, Plad Fine$$e here with a new single from his forthcoming debut project titled “Yellow Flame”. The money-minded, business-only mindset that he brings forward with the track has slowly been cemented as the rising artist’s intoxicating approach to music, never ceasing to provide vivid imagery of what this mindset really means in his own life. To go along with hard-hitting production via Brockton producer LoLoTheGod, this single is a glimpse into the hit-filled project that we can expect from Plad later this year, and personally, I can’t wait for it. He has shown exponential growth with each release and there truly isn’t any stopping Plad’s wave right now. Click play below and embrace the future through the lens of Plad Fine$$e and LoLoTheGod.

Packula – [Big Leano]

Between touring alongside Cousin Stizz and gaining the reputation as an undoubted hit factory, Boston-bred artist Big Leano is here to let the world know that he has something to say. Dropping an 8-track mixtape Packula just yesterday, the rising talent is back on our pages with anthem after anthem of street wisdom and hustler’s mentality, complete with clever wordplay and charismatic deliveries to top things off. I can proudly say that I’ve kept this tape on repeat since its release, but featuring ambitious production from names including Qreamy Beats, LoLoTheGod, Twayne The Kidd, Tee-WaTT, and LDG Beats, who wouldn’t? Packula cements the fact that Big Leano is an entertainer by nature, ready to spread his wings and put on for Boston all over the world, and I won’t be surprised to watch his stock rise as this one continues to reach listeners everywhere. At face value, the tape is a collection of bangers that any listener can rock with, but further, it’s a captivating account of the life that the rising star has lived to tell the tale. Get hip to one of the most exciting artists out of Boston by clicking play below. Also, check out Packula on Spotify and Apple Music.

POWER – [Lord Felix] ft. [Marvelous Stefan]

You may not have ever heard of Brockton, MA as a musical powerhouse of any sort, but trust me when I say that it’s home to many of the dopest rising artists in the Massachusetts scene. Three of these artists are Lord Felix, Marvelous Stefan, and LoLoTheGod. Introducing themselves to those who don’t know, their newest collaboration track “POWER” is a perfect look into the immense talent of each one. The single begins with a highly-entertaining verse from Lord Felix, aggressive yet incredibly lyrical in its aggravated deliveries, and definitely one that had me clicking replay over and over. Following up, Marvelous Stefan comes through with a hard-hitting set of bars to end the track that points to clever wordplay to fuel its energy and intricate flows to find its identity along the way. With this being said, the unifying element of “POWER” comes from the production via LoLoTheGod. It’s gritty as hell and curiously dark, fitting seamlessly with the style of each artist on the song. If you’re looking for new talent to pay attention to, we’ve got it right here for you. Listen to “POWER” below.